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Live Feed Updates- July 29, 2017- Day 38

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  • Live Feed Updates- July 29, 2017- Day 38

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    6:02 AM BBT

    Going on now. HGs still up studying...


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      6:04 AM BBT

      Still up and talking and/or studying...

      Christmas, Josh, Paul, Alex, Matt, Jason, Kevin & Elena.

      Paul gets called to the DR.


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        6:08 AM BBT

        Matt gets in bed with Raven. Cody & Jessica are sound asleep.

        Josh has left.

        Kevin & Jason head to bed but are still talking/studying for the Veto Competition.

        Cams 1 & 2

        Down to just Elena & Christmas studying in the Living Room now.


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          6:13 AM BBT

          Cams 1 & 2

          Christmas & Elena studying in the Living Room.

          Cams 3 & 4

          Josh & Alex studying in the Kitchen.

          Alex leaves.

          Josh talks about it being 6 in the morning and he's having Mac & Cheese.

          Opens the fridge and takes a drink directly from the gallon of water.

          Josh walks thought the Living Room and says, "Goodnight Ladies".

          Josh & Alex head to bed.

          Elena & Christmas are in the Bathroom area. Elena still studying and then starts to brush teeth.


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            6:19 AM BBT

            Cams 1 & 2

            Paul comes out of the DR and joins Christmas & Elena in the Bathroom area. They are all studying for the Veto Competition.

            BB: Elena, please put on your microphone.


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              Cams 3 & 4

              Josh, Kevin & Jason were talking random talk and then they finally say goodnight and now it's quiet in there. Finally going to sleep.


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                Paul, Christmas & Elena talking about Cody & Jessica now. Christmas says she thinks Jessica is better without Cody.


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                  6:30 AM BBT

                  Christmas, Elena & Paul finally head to bed.

                  And BOOM! We have a WEATHER UPDATE from Big Brother! Everyone back up heading to the Living Room (except Cody & Jessica & Mark).
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                      6: 40 AM BBT

                      All cameras on the HGs in the Living Room studying for the Veto Competition. Elena says they'll go over it two more times and then go to bed.

                      (Still up in the LR: Jason, Josh, Alex, Matt, Paul, Elena, Christmas)


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                        Alex, Matt & Jason head back to bed.


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                          Josh heads to bed.

                          Now, once again, we have just Paul, Elena & Christmas in the LR studying on Cams 3 & 4.


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                            6:47 AM BBT

                            Paul, Christmas & Elena heading to bed.

                            Elena wants to go ahead and change batteries for her mic before going to bed. Tries to get in the Storage Room but can't because the BB Crew is in there doing something (putting out fresh batteries) so her & Christmas stand outside the door talking and start studying again.


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                              BB Crew done. Now some of them are starting to go ahead and change their batteries so they won't have to get up later. Elena, Christmas, Alex & Kevin all exchange batteries. Everyone heading back to bed now.

                              As Elena and Christmas are getting into bed next to Matt and Raven, she tells Matt about the batteries so he gets up to exchange batteries.


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