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Live Feed Updates- July 30, 2017- Day 39

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  • Live Feed Updates- July 30, 2017- Day 39

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    5:41 AM BBT

    All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


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      10:29 AM BBT

      All Cams

      HGs still in bed/sleeping.


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        Just getting here.. Paul is having is "conversation" with Jessica..

        I'll catch us up


        • #5
          Going back just a bit...

          Paul has a plan to use the veto on Jessica... and put up Elena.. he "thinks" that then she would have to chose between Cody and Elena ..

          ( we know that's not true ) ..

          He thinks that's his leverage on Jessica ... to not use the Hex

          ( again we know that's not true )

          Jason tells Paul he's okay with that plan.. ( rather than taking him off )


          • #6
            Paul tells Jessica that nobody sees her as a target. ... no one dislikes her

            Paul - you're not my enemy... you're not my target. I have nothing against you..... have to get Cody is through you....


            • #7
              Paul asks her specifically about the Hex ...

              Paul to Jessica - you're protected and you have one person you can choose for safety?

              Jessica- No, I can pull everyone off


              • #8
                Jessica to Paul- so anyone who is on the block comes off? ... nobody will go home, Jason included? No replacement nominee?

                Jessica- no replacement nominees.... we go straight outside and play HoH.....


                • #9
                  Paul- So you do not have to be on the block to use this Hex?
                  Jessica- Nope


                  • #10
                    Paul to Jessica- if you use this Hex and it's a dud week.... you prevent 9 people from getting to jury


                    • #11
                      Jessica tells Paul that she has no one in the house to keep her safe.... aside from Cody

                      Jessica - I don't care what anyone says..... that's the truth


                      • #12
                        Jessica tells Paul that if people in this house want to evict Cody, they are going to have to do so on their own.

                        Jessica- I'm not having a hand in it


                        • #13
                          Jessica to Paul - they have themselves to blame for me using this Hex.... when Cody left the house, I still went up on the block


                          • #14
                            Jessica tells Paul that "just like him" she came to play a game...

                            Jessica- a game is somebody is going to get evicted... if that is me.. so be it


                            • #15
                              Jessica to Paul - I want to go to jury with Cody... if there is a chance I can make that happen, I'm going to exhaust all powers to do so


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