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Live Feed Updates-July 31, 2017-Day 40

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 31, 2017-Day 40

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    Mark and Elena went to bed in the Have not room. Alex and Christmas got up to eat some pickles and Christmas went to the bathroom.

    They head back to bed.


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      Paul went downstairs and put Vaseline on the handle of the coffee scoop and then out the scoop back in the coffee container.


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        Everybody back in bed and sleeping


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          9:21 AM BBT

          Still sleeping! (you're welcome!)

          BB did say on the intercom that there are fresh batteries in the storage room. Not a single soul moved.


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            9:56 AM

            Jason and Kevin are are awake but in bed joking around about what Jason should say at the POV ceremony today. There is also discussion about who painter Jason's toenails (he doesn't know).


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              10:15 BBT

              Nothing much happening in the BB house right now.


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                Around 10:28 AM BBT Cody makes coffee. When he grabs the scoop (Paul put vaseline on it) Cody throws it into the sink and says "this a ****ing joke". He grabs a new can of coffee and throws the one with the greasy spoon in the trash.


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                  Paul and Jason talk about what Jason is going to say during his POV ceremony speech (something about Jessica being caught in the middle (?) ) and Paul says he is going to use that same line. They both talk about Mark and how much they and other HG's hate him. Paul talks about watching Cody on his HOH spy screen grabbing the slippery coffee scoop and how hilarious Paul thought it was.

                  ** I have cute puppies on my screen now. I assume it's ceremony time, but they still have a lot of people to get out of bed. **


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                    12:05 PM BBT

                    We are back and Jason is wearing the veto around his neck. Paul is a bit fired up again talking about Cody (I think) being a ****ing asshole. Cody must have said something during the ceremony because Paul and Jason are talking about how stupid it was to say that when you are up on the ****ing block (maybe Jessica said something). Jessica did quote something from "Miss Congeniality". Jessica and Cody are whispering about competing in HOH and the temptation comp.

                    Christmas and Paul are whispering. Christmas tells him she is starting to separate herself from Alex. She also says she wants to talk to Paul later today.

                    Jessica is unpacking her suitcase. She tells Cody she waited to do this after veto intentionally.


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                      12:19 PM BBT

                      Jessica tells Cody that Matt and Raven did something (I'll let you figure out what it was) at the same time as Cody and Jessica. She said they started after and finished before. Cody says good for them. Jessica says she can't believe Cody didn't notice and he says he was a little focused at the time.


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                        12:29 PM BBT

                        Jessica tells Cody that as big of a showman Paul is, he would appreciate showmanship. Cody says Paul doesn't like it when the attention isn't on Paul. Jessica says she would bet a kidney that what Jason said was something Paul told him to say. Cody says Jason is no cowboy, Jessica is more of a cowboy than he is. Jessica says she does not appreciate what Jason said one bit. She says you can't tell me how much you love me and then talk **** about my boyfriend in the same sentence. Cody thinks the more he doesn't react, the crazier it drives them.

                        I have an appt in 20 minutes, so I am out!


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                          Waveroom 12:48 p.m. BBT

                          Raven asked to talk to Cody and Jessica in the wave room. She explains that she was talking to Kevin and Jason and then felt the veto, we weren’t talking about anything else. I was just talking about how heavy it is, he was talking about being a steelworker and how they cut it out.

                          Cody – can I ask you a question (to Raven).

                          Raven – yes

                          Cody wants to know why she doesn’t want him in jury. She tells him she loves him but everyone wants him out of the house. He says then she is just going with the house. She says yes. He tells her that he has always been good to her. She tells him that she loves him and can’t wait until they are outside the house so they can hang out. She is sorry for Jessica, she loves her but that’s just the way it is. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone. It was innocent.

                          Raven turns to Jessica and tells her it was nothing. It wasn’t against her. Jessica tells her she has nothing to say at this point. Raven tells them she loves them, Jessica is caught in the middle. Cody says she’s not caught in the middle, we are a team, she would never go against me. She isn’t a dum dum. I’m the only person who is true to her. Cody thinks everyone is doing personal attacks to break them up.

                          Raven says she respects his service to the country and Cody thinks they should respect them being in jury. They continue this conversation and it ends with Jessica saying that she doesn’t trust anyone in this house, they have all lied to her.

                          Jessica asks her to leave so they can talk and Raven obliges.

                          Cody says he is sorry he brought up Paul’s name and Jessica says Raven will never go against Paul, so don’t bring it up with her. Then she starts a litany of what she is mad about.

                          Cody – I like that you are the queen of controversy. Jessica – I don’t want to be.

                          Cody says that she takes them all on and he is proud to be her boyfriend.

                          Jessica says that she loves that Raven will run to Paul and he will squirm. I love it. Cody says and it’s all for naught because we will still be here.

                          Cody – I didn’t mean the queen of controversy, I meant the queen of confrontation.

                          She doesn’t like that either and says that there has been many times when she didn’t confront people.


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                            Jason enters wave room to talk to Jessica and Cody. 12:58 p.m.

                            Jason tells them that he was in the room and Raven was in there crying and he tells them the same story Raven just did.
                            Jessica says the whole house is conspiring against them behind their backs. Why won’t they just talk to them?
                            Cody – what have I ever done to you Jason?
                            Jason – I had you wrong and I’m sorry. I thought me and this guy (?) were going to gel and we’re just not.
                            Cody – I have been loyal to you from the start Jason.
                            Jason – that’s what I thought.
                            Cody – when have I ever gone against you? I’ve never even behind closed doors said anything against you so what’s up with that speech?
                            Jason tells him that since Cody returned it has all gone to ****. Cody tells him that outside of this house they are the closest (in personality).
                            Cody wants to know why he is going with the house now, they had a conversation where Jason was sure that others wanted him out of the house so why has he thrown away everything they talked about before.
                            Jason tells him he was 100% solid and then the whole house changed. (Jessica’s face tells me that she isn’t believing it).
                            Cody tells him that when he made a speech saying that he (Cody) was a piece of **** and throws it in his girlfriend’s face – there was no point in that. Jason do you think you are more solid with them now, because you are on the bottom of the totum pole with them.

                            (Jason isn’t good at this and stammers a lot.) Jason doesn’t trust anyone. He only trusts Kevin and Alex, no one else. He didn’t f*ck Cody. He doesn’t have teammates that he trusts.

                            Jessica is complaining about what Jason said about them and it was a personal attack. He wouldn’t have liked it if someone had said the same thing to his wife with him in the room.
                            Apparently Jason had said Cody’s personality sucked.
                            Cody tells him that he never said anything against Jason to anyone. Not anyone.

                            Meanwhile Alex is trying to soothe Raven in the green bedroom. Mark comes in and gives her hug and Raven goes over what was going on and what Jessica said to her. Raven – I talk to everyone in the house. I wasn’t doing anything. Mark tells her he is sorry.

                            Back in wave room and Cody is telling Jason that when he looks back at the tapes he is going to regret not teaming up with Cody because they would be stomping through this house. Jason asks why Alex’s is sketched out about Cody being back.
                            Jessica says it’s because Alex put her up on the block. Cody agrees.
                            Jason says he doesn’t know what is going on. He is the last one to be told anything. Outside he is the coolest guy in his group but inside the house he is treated like an idiot.
                            Cody tells him that from a fan perspective he would think he was a great competitor.

                            Alex comes in and asks to talk to Jason, he says he'll be right out but he continues. She comes back and Jessica says that there are now 10 people in this house so worried about 2 people.


                            • #15
                              Jason/Alex in storage room
                              Jason tells her that Cody took his speech personally. He goes over what he said to them. He loves Cody but when Cody told him that he is the fu*king cowboy and to kicked down the doors, he told him that he did. That’s what that speech was about.

                              Meanwhile Jessica goes into the red bedroom to talk to Raven. They go over what happened. Raven tells her that she wasn’t talking about her. Jessica doesn’t want Raven crying over this, it’s not important.


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