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Live Feed Updates-August 1, 2017-Day 41

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 1, 2017-Day 41

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    3:25 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      this is an important flash back to watch if you want to know the start of the fight. At 12:44 pm yesterday Raven talks to Jody in wave room. Jessica saw Kevin , Jason , and Raven talking about her before veto in the mirror. Raven asks to talk to Jody because Jess is mad at her.Raven lies about it and says they were just talking about how to make the veto medal and not talking about Jess at all.
      Cody asks her with both hands around the coffee cup calmly what did he ever do to a raven. Raven says nothing I love you guys, will hang out outside of the house, I'm just not going against the house. Cody asks why don't you think for yourself. She says she doesn't want to put a target on her back. Lies more to Jessica telling her she wasn't talking about her was talking about how the veto was made. Jessica tells Raven to leave Jody alone.
      Raven goes into bedroom and tells Paul Jason what happened. Paul wants Raven to start fake crying and tell house Cody is bullying her. Tells Jason to go in and confirm Jody Ravens lie about making the medal for veto. Jason goes In talks to Jody. Cody asks why did they turn their back on them Jason says he went with the house and don't mesh. Jason then get summoned by Alex into storage room. Alex has been comforting Raven she's crying Jody attacked her she didn't do anything. Jason said the crying is all BS Paul made her do it to start stuff and get people against Cody. Jason said they really were talking about Jessica before veto and she saw it in the mirror. Raven is lying and fake crying. Then Alex starts dying of laugher .
      Raven fake cries to Josh and Mark and starts telling more lies about what happened. Paul tells Josh to go off on Jody and try and make the them crack and self evict . Then the chaos ensues.
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        9:00 AM BBT

        Still sleeping


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          9:13am BBT

          After all yesterday's drama, I guess BB is letting everyone sleep in this morning.


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            HGs didn’t get up until later. Kevin/Jason/Christmas/Jess/Cody in Backyard talking about what the date is. They discuss who might have August birthdays.
            Paul comes out and talks to Kevin and Jason about former HG and then how this hex will work.
            Kevin is doing laundry, and Jason/Kevin walking and working out in the backyard, but most of the HG are still sleeping. BB does another fish to wake up the hamsters. (11:18 a.m. BBT) Announcement that HG must be awake between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.
            12:59 p.m. BB announces a lockdown and all HG head outside to retrieve their items. The backyard reopens at 1:08 but no one is allowed to use the pool.

            Paul/Elena in BY 1:26 p.m. BBT Elena is talking to Paul because she is worried that Jess is telling things to others and implicating Elena by saying the some of the things that she told Elena in confidence are now coming out and she is upset. Paul denies that she ever said anything to Paul about Elena specifically but she did imply that it came from Elena.
            Raven joins and Mark comes over and sits down on the couch. Talk turns to the confrontation that happened yesterday.


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              Kitchen 1:36 p.m. BBT

              Josh and Alex are talking about Jess wanting to get out Alex out of the game and that it is a personal thing about Josh. Alex is mad that Jessica made it personal about her cat ears. More rehashing about the conversation from yesterday. Josh thinks they should have voted Jessica out and kept Dom.

              No game talk going on really and I have fast forwarded so I’m out.


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                I'll catch us up as much as I can ...


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                  2:10 PM BBT

                  Jessica to Cody- I promise you .. I"m alright ....


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                    Matt, Raven and Christmas ...

                    Raven- everyone knows she is going to use the Hex.
                    Matt- these next three days are completely irrelevant....
                    Matt - they have to know at this point that if we have our choice of who goes first.... it's Jessica

                    Matt- would Cody even want to be in this game ( if she's out ) ..
                    Christmas- We can't have him self evict though

                    Matt- I think they should know if it's up to us that Jessica is going home... ( next week, if they get a shot. over Cody )

                    Matt, Raven and Christmas watch Jessica and Elena on the spy screen ...

                    Elena and Jessica talk ....

                    Elena tells her that they are good and that she will let her know ... if something comes up that she's genuinely worried about
                    Elena to Jessica - I'l talk to you ..

                    Elena tells her that anything she does game just game...

                    Jessica- do what you gotta do

                    Elena- I love you
                    Jessica- I love you too

                    Paul, Mark, Elena, Alex, Jason and Josh talk about the next Temptation Competition...

                    Mark thinks they should have as many people play as they can ...

                    3:21 PM BBT

                    Matt, Elena and Raven

                    Matt to Elena - I know that you have expressed to Jessica that the situation has changed, they ( Cody/Jessica ) have a chance to go to jury together if she uses the Hex...

                    Elena- small chance

                    Matt - small chance... but I just want to make sure that she understands the ramifications, if that doesn't happen. Cody is no longer the target. Jess is going home.

                    Elena - I told her that

                    Matt - Has she thought about ... she's been protecting Cody ... making sure that he doesn't blow up ..

                    Paul comes in ...

                    Matt continues - has she ( Jess ) thought about the fact if she goes home, he is staying in this game with us, and he will be in jury with us... is that a good situation for him? ( Cody )

                    Elena- I literally told her that ..

                    Matt- there's a very good chance that he ( Cody ) could punch Josh in the face and go to jail ...


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                      Elena tells him that she's told Jessica that ...

                      Matt- does she understand? Is this a conversation that I should have with her ( Jess ) .. Not in a threatening way ... I would even have it with Jess and Cody

                      Elena- selfishly .. I like being around Jessica... her and I have fun when we do not talk about game..

                      Paul- that's the point that we already made to her ...

                      Elena says she's told her that .. over and over... that if they use the Hex.. Cody isn't the target anymore...

                      Elena- I've told her if you use it ... people will be mad and they will take you out .. out of spite....

                      Elena tells them that Jessica said she knows and doesn't care...


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                        3:51 PM BBT

                        Raven and Paul in the SR ..

                        Raven telling him that they saw Jessica and Elena talking.. so they came downstairs...

                        Raven- it was just really weird.. the conversation ( between Jess/Elena ) ended .. and Jessica was skipping away happy ..

                        Paul - I'll ask her ( Elena )

                        Raven- yeah .. and I didn't say anything .. if anyone asks...


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                          Paul to Elena - if at any point you want to find out that stupid **** she( Jessica ) was saying.... put both of us in a room. I'll call her out


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                            4:35 PM BBT

                            Jessica and Cody are talking about what they can name their babies....

                            Jessica- Cody and Carter...

                            Jessica - I want 3 boys and then a girl... later in life....

                            Kevin is telling a Kevin story ...


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                              4:51 PM BBT

                              HG are still on outside lockdown ... ( the seating arrangement hasn't changed ) ...

                              Talk is about rain/storms

                              Kevin to Jason - do cows get scared when it storms?


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