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Live Feed Updates-August 2, 2017-Day 42

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 2, 2017-Day 42

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    3:45 BBT

    All HGs tucked in.


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      9:33am BBT

      All HGs still tucked in.


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        10;16 AM BBT

        Flat fish floating freestyle forever!

        (get out of bed ya weirdos!)


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          11:23 AM BBT

          The majority of HG's are up and in the kitchen area. Just general conversation going on but we are getting a lot of fish because Josh keeps singing and there are a few peeps still sleeping. Paul is talking about a movie but he can't remember the name so Cody says it's I Spit on Your Grave. I think it's the first time anyone other than Jessica has talked to Cody and vice versa. (that's nice!) In the kitchen we have Josh, Christmas, Kevin, Jason, Cody and Jessica.

          Conversation has really gotten heavy now talking about death and how it makes life worth living.


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            11:41 AM BBT

            Paul and Josh have been telling their near death stories. Paul was involved in a wreck and he hydroplaned and almost went off a cliff. Josh (punched?) a window, lost a lot of blood and kept losing consciousness. Jessica starts telling a story about an accident she was in but the cams switch to Matt waking Raven up and Jason whispering to Alex that Matt and Raven drive him nuts. (lol)


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              12:26 PM BBT

              Cody and Jessica are back in bed talking. Cody says that everything that has happened between them two has been chronicled. Jessica says she likes it that way. Cody wonders if maybe some sweet moments were captured between them that they didn't even realize looked that way. They talk about wanting to rewatch the show when they get out.

              Kevin, Paul, Jason and Alex are in the next bedroom chatting. They have two different conversations going on.


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                12:35 PM BBT Cam 4

                Cody asks Jessica how many couples have ever been on this show? Jessica replies a lot. She says there were three couples last season. Cody asks how many have stayed together and she says just Jeff & Jordan and Rachel & Brendon. (Holy smokes! You can really see in his eyes how smitten Cody is with her.)


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                  3:23 BBT

                  Skill hoh tomorrow. They got the practice version. Getting balls in holes. They each get 10 practice shots.


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                    Correction, There are no holes I see, just little blocks that can be rotated on a big flat platform and there are little cylindrical cages at the end that I think they are trying to hit the balls into. It looks like they are using croquet mallets.


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                      Everybody is out there to practice. The croquet mallets are actually the big oversized golf putters. I think Raven was the first to get it in the cage. (I missed some of them while I was eating dinner).

                      ETA-I went back a little, Cody and Mark both got shots in also.
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                        After they all take their practice shots, they have gone back in the house. Cody and Jessica alone in the bathroom. Everybody else was the kitchen, but Christmas, Raven, and Matt have gone upstairs to talk about how everybody did and how it might work tomorrow.


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                          ( I'm finally home... I'll try to catch us up a bit )


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                            Here's a look at the contraption that they were practicing on ...


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