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Live Feed Updates-August 4, 2017-Day 44

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 4, 2017-Day 44

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    Everyone turned in around 2:00 BBT.


    • #3
      7:10 AM BBT

      All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


      • #4
        People started stirring around 8:15 AM

        Christmas and Josh in kitchen starting their


        • #5
          Josh and Christmas head into lounge at 8:18 AM (trying to get there, can't get off this conference call!)


          • #6
            Xmas - congrats on winning HoH

            Josh - whatever we talk about stays between me and you

            talking about who they trust, both trust Paul but Xmas wants to know what Josh wants to do not just what Paul says to do


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              Xmas saying she wants to make sure Josh is treated the same way, she asks for a bible but they don't have one in there

              Asking what Josh wants, bounce it off me, I'm not telling you what to do

              Josh tells her to stop worrying about that, he doesn't feel like that at all

              Josh - Jody are my obvious targets, if one of them go home I'll be happy, if they come off the block Elena is worrying the **** out of me because she's locked in with Jody/Mark, Paul, Maven

              Xmas - maybe

              Josh - so she's locked in with 7 people, she's a great liar and she's extremely persuasive and she can defend her case, did it to me in the storage room and I was shocked, she puts you in a predicament and says what would you do the house told me they were voting you out (replay of last night's storage room convo)


              • #8
                Josh - she's (Elena) a competitor and I want her out because when we get rid of Elena Jody are still targets

                Xmas - so you want to back door Elena?

                Josh (nods) - I want to back door Elena if I have the opportunity to, and I'm not going to tell Paul anything until the last minute, if Jess or Cody, one of them saves themselves then Elena is going up

                Josh - I'm only telling you, I'm not telling anyone else right now


                • #9
                  Josh - need to gun for the temptation

                  Xmas - I'm going to be watching to see if anyone throws it to her (Elena)


                  • #10
                    (I'm trying to get the important stuffs, they are doing pretty good at whispering and I can't turn it up too loud, I'm at the office today LOL)

                    Josh - that's another thing, as soon as your (Elena still) game starts getting questioned your disloyalty, you drop your showmance, turn on Cody

                    Xmas - yeah right before HoH she was saying if he wins the next HoH she'd say congratulations and then not really talk to him, I'm like really, your in a ****ing showmance and you're just like nope done?

                    Josh - I"m just going to say that I can't get over her voting me out because she was targeting against me, I can get over Jess and Cody but Elena?

                    Xmas - I don't know how hard she campaigned against you, but she did campaign for people to listen to Jessica


                    • #11
                      8:24 AM BB says good morning HG's it's time to get up for the day

                      Josh - she's shady, she doesn't benefit my game stay, she probably benefits other people's games but she doesn't benefit mine

                      Xmas - I agree 100%

                      Josh heads to kitchen to get breakfast/coffee

                      BB - wakey wakey HG's (lol)


                      • #12
                        Josh goes back to lounge, just rehashing more of the same with Xmas

                        (Went live and we're on cats, BB waking up HG's, I'm going to get some lunch, I'll be back in a bit)


                        • #13
                          9:45 AM BBT

                          Still on kitties, HG's doing their safety comp selections maybe?


                          • #14
                            10:12 BBT

                            We're back

                            Sounds like everyone in playing in the safety comp except the HoH

                            Nothing much going on at the moment

                            (I've got to step away, I just saw a news article informing me that my company is merging with someone much larger which is never good news for the little guy...but no one within our company has announced anything yet...I'm a bit in shock, going to calm myself, see if I can find someone that actually knows something, and I'll try to be back in a bit)


                            • #15
                              ( thank you NicChick for helping out... hope you found out good news )

                              Currently - 10:59 AM BBT

                              We're on Puppy Cam

                              ( been there for a few minutes or so )

                              *** about 30 minutes or so ago ...

                              Josh told Jessica that he would like to "have a conversation" with her ... if she wanted to

                              Jessica told him okay ..

                              ( but they never got the chance yet to have it, there were too many others around )


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