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Live Feed Updates-August 5, 2017-Day 45

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 5, 2017-Day 45

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    5:07 AM BBT

    All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


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      8:04 AM BBT

      All HGs are still in bed/sleeping.


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        It's a Have Not free week this week.... well other than Elena... who is still a Have Not, due to her taking a chance with the Have Not Temptation Key and losing last week.


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          Mark told Elena that he would sleep in there with her ...
          She told him he doesn't have to

          Kevin tried to tell Cody and Jessica that Josh wasn't going to make them a Have Not this week anyway

          They didn't believe it.


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            11:04 AM BBT

            Christmas and Josh

            Christmas tells Josh that they need to talk before Veto....

            They try to decide what to say about "when" she told him about it ...

            Then decide just to tell the truth .. if asked.... about "when" she told him ...

            Josh - you should have seen how I outed Elena... it was epic

            Josh - he ( Paul ) was like I didn't see it before but now I see it ...

            Christmas- yeah .. but he keeps saying that ...

            She tells him that Paul wants her to use her Ring of Replacement temptation on Cody ( if he gets picked ) ...

            Then asks - do you want me to tell him ( Paul ) that you don't want me to use it ..

            Josh - I don't want you to ...

            Christmas says that it doesn't make sense to use it this week...

            Josh - I think we will need it further down the line..

            Christmas- I want to tell him ahead of time...
            Josh - yeah ...

            Josh continues to talk about how he thinks that Paul really sees what he sees in Elena...
            Christmas doesn't agree.. says something is up with all that...

            Christmas- I'm not saying they are working together but...
            Josh - they probably are ... but if they are would she be throwing his name out there.. hell no ...

            He goes on to say that he's doing what is best for his game...

            They talk about keeping the 3 people on the block...

            Christmas says that if Elena wins she will use it on herself...
            Then says that she can't... they would have to convince her not to use it ...

            ( yeah right )

            Josh - if Jess and Elena are up, I want Elena out. I will tell Paul "I've respected all your wishes, I've had your back"

            BB calls Christmas to the DR for the second time...

            So she goes and that convo ends.. she tells him they will talk later


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              Josh and Mark in the HoH room...

              Mark thanks Josh for letting him use his shower...

              Matt is there too

              Matt to Josh and Mark - let's not mess around out there today ..

              Josh tells Mark to "gun for the veto" ...

              Mark- you and me both ... if Jess wins.. that's the ****ing worst case scenario

              Paul there too .... in the bed... says - Josh, if I don't get picked can I host?

              Josh- Kevin already asked me...

              Paul- what a prick


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                11:52 AM BBT

                Nothing much going on

                Paul, Raven and Matt are camped out in the HoH room
                Christmas is showering up there

                Cody and Jessica are in their bedroom

                Mark in the kitchen making breakfast

                The others? ... they're somewhere ...

                ( I'm out for now, if anyone wants to jump in, any help is much appreciated )


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                  12:01 PM BBT

                  Josh walks in Cody and Jessica's room

                  Josh to Jessica- hey, I just wanted to say Good Luck today.

                  Josh walks out ...

                  ( I was still listening ... lol )

                  Cody gives Jessica a kiss.. then leaves...

                  BB calls Jessica to the DR

                  Josh drops by the kitchen, tells Jason that he can shower in the HoH bathroom, and then heads upstairs..

                  ( ok.. really out this time .. if anyone can jump in.. thanks in advance )


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                    12:17 PM BBT

                    Josh and Jessica

                    Josh- how do you feel?
                    Jessica- I feel like I have one chance to save myself in this game, and it's do or die right now... so no pressure... I go out there and give it everything I've got ..and what happens .. is what happens is what is meant to happen.

                    Josh- you are strong.... you have the opportunity

                    Josh tells her that had Cody not been safe, he would have put him on the block... wouldn't have made a coward move and backdoored him...

                    Josh tells her it's just a game..

                    Jessica tells him she knows.... but this game is about to separate her "from the person she cares the most about right now for a couple of months" and that's what she is fighting for right now

                    Josh - you have the opportunity

                    Jess - I know

                    Josh - so

                    Jessica - I don't want to see anyone who is on the block go home this week. I care about all of them.. so no matter what it's a loss for me this week

                    Josh- I hear you ...


                    Josh -it's just a game.. you are a smart girl and a strong girl.. woman. sorry


                    Josh- if I would have left.. when ... I was put up there.. I don't think America would have had the chance to see the good person I am... I regret everything that happened in between us. It makes me feel like ****... I'm 23 and I'm a human being... If I'm wrong, I'm not hard headed to admit it. I apologize...

                    He tells her that he hopes that is behind them

                    He says he's playing a game...

                    He says that he doesn't understand Cody ... but she's not Cody ...

                    Josh- but you stand by your man and no one is not going to respect you for doing that ...


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                      Josh- You okay?

                      Jessica- yeah I'm fine.. I've come to terms with everything.. whether it's my last week or not .. I will be fine.. I don't want to go out negativly .. no matter what happens today ... I'm good

                      Josh - good.... You have done great

                      Jess- thank you

                      Josh - you've been against me, but I can respect that. You came straightforward, didn't come from the back... you didn't bull**** me and I respect that

                      Jessica- well when you watch this back.. you will see that a lot of people that are sitting up in your HoH right now ... feel the same way that I felt.. but they are doing it with a lot sneakier manners...


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                        Jess- when you look back at that are going to realize and say ****

                        Josh - you want to go in the ASPR ..

                        Jess- I dunno

                        they go


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                          Bathroom 12:18 p.m. BBT

                          Josh asks Jessica how she is feeling and she tells him she has to win, but she is fine.
                          Josh tells her that he wasn’t going to backdoor Cody, and that if he hadn’t won yesterday he would have put him up and given him a chance to play.
                          Josh – that’s just the way I handle things and the way I am. It’s just a game.
                          Jessica tells him that she knows but this game has the power to separate her from someone she cares about for a couple of months and that’s what she’s fighting for. He tells her she has the opportunity to win today. She doesn’t want to see anyone who is currently on the block go home this week. I care about all of them so.
                          They sit in silence for a while and then Josh – It’s just a game, and you’re a smart girl, woman, sorry. If I would have left when I was put up there, nope, America wouldn’t have gotten to see the good person that I am. You got me? He goes on to tell her that he regrets everything that has happened between them. It makes him feel like sh*t. He tells her if he’s wrong he isn’t afraid to say it. He hopes it’s behind them, for him it is. He can’t speak for others, but for him it’s not a personal thing. It’s a game thing, and he is playing a game. He says that it’s different between him and Cody. Cody doesn’t like him and he can’t understand why. But again, it’s not between them and when she watches back she will see. Josh tells her to stand by her man and who’s not going to respect that.
                          Mark comes in to use the toilet and they all make small talk as he passes through.
                          Josh asks her is she is ok and she again says she is fine. She has come to terms with it all. Whether it’s her last week or whatever, she will be fine. She doesn’t want to go out…she wants to go out on a positive note. She doesn’t want to go out negatively so whatever happens today she’s good.
                          Josh continues to tell her that she has been great. She has been against him but he can respect that. She came straight forward and she didn’t bullsh*t him. You don’t come from the back or the sides. You made it real clear to me that you were gunning for me.
                          Jessica tells him when he watches this back he will realize that a lot of people who are sitting in the HOH room right now felt the same way that she felt (when she put him up). But they are sneaky.


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                            Couple of key conversations.

                            Josh talking to Jess in wave room. He told her that the line was drawn when she put him up and what Cody said to him. He knows she has a good heart. That what was between him, Cody, and Mark doesn't affect him with her. He knew she was going to put him up, but wanted to have the opportunity to talk with her. He wants to give that to her too. Wanted to do it before noms.

                            He tries to apologize to her over the pots and pans thing and she cuts him off and says that the whole house has been against the two of them and if it takes the whole house against two people that's pathetic.

                            She says she's not isolated because Mark and Elena talk to them and they are on the block because of that and she doesn't believe in this horse**** of not talking to who is nominated. He says that is his game and he is not going to talk to her about why. She cuts him off again about doing what the house wants. He says he's not doing what everybody else wants. He knows what is going on and who is gunning for him. Jess and Cody drew the line. Cody doesn't talk to him. He said things to Josh that were just personal. He knows that things have been said.

                            She goes back to Cody being against him because he took the golden apple on day 2 and then argued with Megan. He betrayed his team. He says that he walked in on his team and knew they were against him. Cody doesn't like him because of that. He says it's 45 days later. It was a game move for him.

                            She says it's not a game. What you do reveals your character and that is not a game. Then she stops and says she doesn't want to get riled up.

                            He says to clear her mind and do what she has to do. Then he asks for a hug. and she hugs him.

                            After she leaves, Josh talks to the camera and says Jess and Cody are playing way too personal against him. He is trying to make her comfortable without saying too much and they just come at him personal personal personal. All four of them (Jody and Marlena) wanted him out and he doesn't care which of them goes now.


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                              Sorry, we are all here. I'm gone.


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