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Live Feed Updates-August 6, 2017-Day 46

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 6, 2017-Day 46

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  • #2
    6:10 AM BBT

    Cams 1 & 2

    Paul & Josh sleeping in the HOH bed.

    Cam 3

    Close-up of Mark sleeping in the Have Not Room.

    Cam 4

    Wide shot of HGs sleeping in the Have Not Room.

    (Makes it sound more interesting that way, right? )

    (No discussions here but thanks for pointing out it was the Have-Not Room that Mark is in, Efmtks.)
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      9:13 AM BBT

      All HGs are still in bed/sleeping.


      • #4
        10:34 BBT
        Josh is brushing his teeth
        Cody is in the backyard
        Matt is doing dishes
        Kevin is wandering around.
        Very little chatter


        • #5
          Kevin and Jason are doing laundry. Jess comes out. She and Cody starting kissing and talking about how they slept. Raven was talking in her sleep.

          Kevin and Jason go in. Matt is making coffee.

          Kevin is saying he will be doing towels today. Tells them to just keep bringing them out.


          • #6
            12:20 BBT

            Christmas and Alex in the bedroom swapping info on peoples movements last night. Christmas is talking about Elena still having a relationship with Jessica and Elena and Mark "fighting" during the day and then catching up and downloading info to each other at night.

            Christmas says she appreciates Pauls input, but Paul's not always right. Talk about Matt going up and using Josh's HoH room.

            Raven came in for a few minutes and that stopped. They're talking about not knowing what Cody will do if he wins HoH next week.

            Raven leaves and Josh comes in and starts talking about wanting Elena out.


            • #7
              They are talking about somebody protecting Elena and how she was taking backhanded shots at Josh up in HoH last night.

              Christmas tells Josh to talk to Jess and secure safety with her next week.

              They count votes, Christmas, Alex. Jason. Kevin, and Cody vote out Elena. It will cause chaos.


              • #8
                Kevin came in and crawled in bed. Then Jason came in so talked stopped. Josh wants to talk to Kevin later.

                They kind of broach the subject of changing this weeks target and Jason says if Josh wants to change the target, f- that. He's voting her (Jess) out. (I can't tell if he's really serious). They move on to talking about future weeks and leaving Cody for later to start getting out one of Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena.

                Christmas I think says, what if we get out Elena instead of Jessica, "just playing devils advocate.' Jason has left, but Kevin is still there laying with a shirt over his face. They talk about scenarios of getting people out.

                Christmas says that Paul is always talking about "wanting to get Elena out", but he is also always protecting her. They want to talk to Paul.


                • #9
                  They know where Jessica stands, but Elena can be a powr player and influence the rest of the house.

                  Talk about jury and influencing, being 50/50 on Jessica vs. Elena.

                  (They're going around, so I am going to check out the convo in the HOH.)


                  • #10
                    Josh is up in the HoH talking to Jason. Jason doesn't want to stir ****. If he wants to do then wait until the last minute. Tells Josh they are equal targets, but Cody is stronger with Jessica there.

                    Josh talks about Elena being so smart and she is not really with the Josh/Jason/Alex/Kevin group. Matt/Raven won't do anything, they're too scared.


                    • #11
                      skip ahead a little.

                      Christmas up in the HoH talking to Josh about Elena. Saying that Elena has Paul in her pocket. Josh says now, "Paul, either you are with me or against me.". Saying that Elena was throwing Paul's name out to be the pawn yesterday.


                      • #12
                        Christmas now telling about Paul flipping from one side to the other and how he goes with whichever side gives him what he wants, but he is always talking privately with Elena.

                        Christmas tells him this is top secret, but Kevin is not with Paul, he is working for them to be safe.

                        Tells Josh that this is his HoH room, not Elena's.

                        Christmas offering to be the conduit to talk with Jessica about feeling her out and what does he want if they do this.

                        Matt and Raven come up and he asks them for a few minutes to talk with Christmas. After they leave, they complain about how the two of them always do that, just walk in, even though it's Josh's HoH room. He said he asked them to leave to prove a point. They see Raven's fakeness.

                        Talk about Paul. Christmas tells Josh to stop showing how close he is to Christmas around Paul. He needs to stroke Paul's ego.


                        • #13
                          While that was going on, Jason went down to talk with Alex. Jason says they don't have to vote how Josh wants them to.

                          Jason calls Josh an airhead and says Christmas is crazier than a sh*t house rat.

                          *I have to take off, if anyone could take over that would be great.


                          • #14
                            Currently - ( well about 5 minutes ago )

                            Josh talked to Matt and Raven

                            Josh asking which one would want to go up ( as the replacement nominee )

                            Raven tells him that they don't care, either one will

                            Josh tells Raven that he wants them ( Matt/Raven ) to decide...

                            Matt joins them...

                            They both tell Josh, that they don't care which one of them goes up

                            Raven - well, personally... I'd like to "vote" out Jessica

                            Josh tells them again that they can decide....

                            They tell him that they will talk to Mark and then decide which one will go up

                            Josh- thank you guys


                            • #15
                              1:47 PM BBT

                              Matt and Raven

                              Raven- personally, if he ( Mark ) uses it .. it would be better for our game.. if we win HoH .. we could be like " sorry Mark, you made one of us go up" ..... and then put him on the block

                              Matt- if he wants to make that worse, I'm fine letting him....

                              Matt- if Elena wins HoH .. she's putting Josh up .. if Mark wins HoH .. he's putting Josh up .. so even if one of us went up .. we would be okay

                              Matt tells her that he loves Alex and Jason ... BUT .. what if the F5 .. were him, her, Paul, Christmas and Josh

                              Matt - one of us is winning $500,000


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