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Live Feed Updates-August 7, 2017-Day 47

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 7, 2017-Day 47

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    3:15 BBT

    The only hg up is Mark. He was at the washer/dryer then went in to eat. He's getting ready to go to bed.


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      Mark is sleeping in the Have Not room with Elena. They chat a little and then kiss.


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        10:05 AM BBT

        Kevin (birthday boy!) and Christmas whispering. Kevin says he wishes Jessica didn't have to go. He thinks she's really cool but he know everyone in the house hates her. Christmas tells Kevin about Elena and how Josh wants her out. Kevin says he will do whatever they (the house) wants. Talk turns to Raven and how Christmas thinks she's been holding back in the comps and that her accent is very circumstantial.


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          10:29 AM BB

          Cody and Jason are outside putting the awnings down. Jessica is putting on make-up in the bathroom.


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            10:30 AM BBT

            Cody joins Kevin and Jason on their morning walk. Kevin is trying to let Cody know that just because Jessica is going doesn't mean Cody is alone. Kevin says they (he and Jason, I guess) have his back. Cody says he only had a deal with the couples to have each other's backs. Cody says he never made a deal with Kevin or Jason that they broke. Kevin says that if Cody joins up with them, they could probably keep him safe for 5 weeks. Cody says he is not going to be real social with them, so that other's don't target Kevin and Jason and the others on "their" side because of Cody. Jessica comes out and Kevin tells her to look who is walking with them this morning.


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              10:35 AM BBT

              Kevin tells Cody that he and Jason had nothing against Cody and Jessica but they always kept to themselves. Kevin says they were so close together, he couldn't have slipped an envelope between them (lol).

              *During the walk, there was an actual handshake between them, so a deal has been struck*


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                10:45 AM

                Cody and Jessica talking. Jessica wants to see Cody take out Paul. Cody says he might put Kevin up next to Paul to be sure Paul is voted out. Jessica says Kevin is not safe enough. She says Mark, Matt, Elena and Raven would definitely keep Paul and you have no idea which way Josh would vote.


                • #9
                  Cosy and Jessica head inside. Kevin is trying to pump up Jason that it's a good idea that Kevin made a deal with Cody for them. Jason says it's ok but he feels hinky about it. Kevin keeps trying to convince Jason it's a good plan and they'll get rid of Cody, once the couples are out.

                  Cams switch to Christmas and Raven putting on make-up in the bathroom and Jessica and Cody in the kitchen being all "Jody".


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                    11:20 AM BBT

                    Matt, Raven, and Christmas are sitting in the bathroom. Raven is putting in her hair extensions. Jessica is outside sitting on the chaise lounge while Kevin and Jason are still walking laps.

                    Kitty Kam!


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                      12:23PM BBT
                      Feeds came back and I'm waiting to see what's what


                      • #12
                        Sounds like Mark did, in fact, use the Veto to take himself down and Josh put Raven up as replacement nom


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                          Raven & Matt in HOH bathroom
                          12:25PM BBT

                          Raven: did you see her face?

                          Matt: what's that?

                          Raven: did you see Jessica's face?

                          Matt says no he wasnt even looking

                          Raven: she wasn't happy about that

                          Matt: want to hear something fun?

                          He tells her that Cody was walking laps with Kevin & Jason this morning

                          Raven: no. I can't..

                          they say it's hilarious

                          Raven tells him he should join them the next time

                          they hug/kiss

                          Matt says he is excited to see what she (Raven) is gonna wear on Thursday.. says he probably won't even be able to handle it

                          a bit more kissing

                          Josh comes in and says he was so nervous

                          Raven: you owe me

                          Josh: why did that f'r win the Veto

                          Matt & Raven tell him it's okay...he's good.. it worked out okay

                          they say several people are not happy with Mark right now (I assume due to his using the Veto)

                          Josh says he wasnt comfortable and didnt like saying Raven's name

                          Raven talks about being excited to be able to give a speech and goes over some things she is probably gonna say

                          Matt saying that if Mark or Cody don't win HOH next week they need to plan to backdoor Cody
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                          • #14
                            Raven (to Josh): next time that bitch (Jess) asks you for Gatorade, tell her no

                            Josh chuckles

                            Raven tells him he's too nice

                            Josh says he's just not mean and Matt & Raven tell him no, he's too nice

                            Raven says Jess is vindictive to Josh and she hates it..she hates when people are like that

                            Josh leaves (apparently he left something cooking?)

                            Maven back to kissy kissy


                            • #15
                              12:36PM BBT Jody lounge in/around hot tub

                              talk about if she'd been called to the DR and she says no ... she says she doesnt think they'll ask her about her Veto speech

                              Jessica: everyone in the production office was like "is she allowed to say that? should we make her redo it?"

                              Cody: that's what they were discussing?

                              Jess: yeah


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