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Live Feed Updates-August 9, 2017-Day 49

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 9, 2017-Day 49

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  • #2
    3:30 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


    • #3
      at around 9:24AM BBT
      everyone still in bed/asleep except Cody
      He got up, went to SR and changed batteries, went to WC (and washed his hands after ) and then to kitchen & made coffee


      • #4
        9:45AM BBT

        Cams 1/2 on sleeping Hamsters

        Cams 3/4 Cody alone at kitchen counter waking himself up and having coffee


        • #5
          about 10:00AM Cody crawled back into bed with Jess

          and at 10:08AM we went to FISH (wakey wakey time!).. which is where we still are currently at 10:22AM BBT

          {{can't stay/wait unfortunately as I'm heading out to take youngest to his guitar lessons... if anyone's here to jump in when they come back, please do }}


          • #6
            11:30 AM BBT

            Jody/Alex in the kitchen eating.

            Paul/Kevin/Raven in GBR. Paul repeating the sounds they heard from BB the last few days and Raven repeats. Paul said if it comes down to Raven and Paul for HOH he would throw it to Raven.


            • #7
              11:40 AM BBT

              Raven going over her speech for eviction night in the HOH with Josh.


              • #8
                11:45 AM BBT

                Christmas telling Paul/Kevin about her friends and fighting. Paul says he would never start a fight.

                Jessica doing dishes, Cody eating. Alex and Jason sitting at the kitchen bar talking.


                • #9
                  11:50 AM BBT

                  Josh joins Paul/Kevin/Christmas. Christmas telling stories about dating.

                  Jody goes to Apple Room. No talking, Jessica rubbing Cody's arm. Cody swigging water from a big bottle.

                  BB calls out no napping. Can't see who may be napping.

                  Ah, BB calls out Mark and Elena. Says they must be awake from 10 am to 10 pm.

                  Paul now talking tattoos.

                  Jessica and Cody kiss.

                  Screechy trumpet noises are played. Jessica says that literally makes her nipples hard.


                  • #10
                    11:55 AM BBT

                    Jessica goes over the sounds they have heard so far. Says she can't wait to see what this Comp is.

                    Jessica tells Cody to stay focused and keep studying.

                    Paul singing the sounds in order as the appear.

                    Jason and Alex join Paul, Kevin, Christmas, Josh. Going over the sounds.


                    • #11
                      12:00 NOON

                      Jessica saying she won't be seeing Cody for 50 days. Cody says it will test their relationship.

                      Jessica says there are 12 people concentrated on breaking them up.

                      Jessica says she doesn't like how Cody responds to other people's behaviors.


                      • #12
                        12:05 PM BBT

                        Paul and Jason and Josh talk outside HOH. Paul says it would be good for them to spread out the HOH wins. Tells Jason to keep studying.

                        They go in HOH.

                        Jason thinks the last sound was a clarinet. Paul says all that is going to matter is to identify that sound.

                        Raven doing her hair and Paul tells her he plans to mess things up (number of sounds) and keep them feeling comfortable (Mark and Elena).


                        • #13
                          12:10 PM BBT

                          Alex and Christmas in the kitchen. Christmas says hard to remember sounds, she does better writing things down.

                          Jason comes through. Christmas says he is getting on her nerves. She says his wife must be an angel.

                          Alex and Christmas tell Jason to his face that his wife must be an angel.

                          Jason rides off on Christmas's scooter.


                          • #14
                            Sounds heard so far that Paul was singing...Baby, dog, jack, drum, motor, alarm, chug, horn.


                            • #15
                              12:15 PM BBT

                              Josh in HOH looking at cameras. Paul leaves HOH.

                              Christmas and Alex in the kitchen. Christmas talking about her tattoos.

                              Paul comes down stairs and overhears Christmas talking about tattoos with Alex and tells Alex to go to a mom and pop place if she wants to get a tattoo.

                              Cam goes back to Jody. Not talking game.

                              (I'm heading out.)


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