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Live Feed Updates-August 10, 2017-Day 50

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 10, 2017-Day 50

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    3:20 BBT

    Mark and Elena just turned in. After turning off the lights Mark went over to kiss Elena and cuddle a little (him, not so much her). He then went to his own bed.

    Everybody now in bed.


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      8:44 AM BBT

      Cody is (as usual) the only one up and is making breakfast

      Everyone else.......wait for it.......still sleeping! You're welcome!


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        9:31 AM BBT



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          10:40 AM BBT

          Everyone is up. Cody tells Jessica that it kind of pisses him off that Mark won't give him one shred of loyalty. Jessica says she knew Mark wouldn't. Cody wonders how many times Mark has to get **** on before he realizes he is at the bottom.

          Jessica says she doesn't want Cody trying to get votes for her to stay, because she thinks it would only end in a tie and she does not want Josh (as the tiebreaker) to send her home. Cody says if he is the only one (vote) then **** them all. Cody grumbles more his talk with Mark, then picks and flicks his nose for a bit. (Gak!)


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            10:44 AM BBT

            Paul, Christmas, Josh and Alex in the kitchen reminiscing about when they first entered the house and what their first impressions were of each other. They talk about the all girl and all guy alliance that people were starting at first. They are filling Paul in on how weird Meghan was.


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              11:02 AM BBT

              Jessica tells Cody that she is going to be driving by the CBS lot a lot because "Cody is in there". Mostly they just make moony eyes at each other.


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                11:03 AM BBT

                Kevin comes into the kitchen and privately motions for Paul to come in to another room. Of course the cam stays on the kitchen people and when it finally switches to Kevin and Paul, Paul says "I'd take it before he does". Kevin whispers please do. They leave the room and head back to the kitchen chatter. Meanwhile.....moony eyes.


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                  11:16 AM BBT

                  We are on Kitty Kam.


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                    1:34 PM BBT

                    Feeds are back.....

                    Paul trimming his mustache in the Rose bedroom closet door mirror.

                    Kevin vacuuming.

                    Jason, Matt, Jessica, Cody, Elena, Raven, Josh in the kitchen eating.


                    • #11
                      Christmas in the bathroom blow drying her hair.

                      Mark in the bathroom.

                      Elena in the bathroom looking for her shoes.


                      • #12
                        Kevin and Mark in Bedroom talking how they are voting. Kevin likes Jessica but says he is not voting against the house. Mark says the same, he says he had to vote against Dominique.

                        Kevin leaves.


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                          Mark and Elena in the SR. Mark tells Elena she is not going anywhere.

                          Elena says someone is going to vote to evict her and she feels like she needs to pack. Debating whether or not to pack.

                          Josh comes in SR to get vitamins.


                          • #14
                            Josh leaves and then Elena says something is weird.

                            Mark tries to tell her about a conversation yesterday and then Raven comes in.


                            • #15
                              Elena tells Raven she feels like she should be packing. Raven says Jessica is going home, don't be paranoid. Raven not packing.

                              Cody comes in SR so that convo ends.


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