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Live Feed Updates-August 11, 2017-Day 51

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 11, 2017-Day 51

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    Check out the overnight happenings via our Amazing Lexie's LFUs HERE

    But fair's a lot of wash, rinse, repeat mind changing that might leave ya dizzy

    Currently at 3:11AM BBT all the HGs are tucked in/sleeping..


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      5:24 AM BBT

      No big surprise ... everyone is still asleep and probably will be for quite awhile.


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        There is movement in the house ... Cody making coffee


        • #5
          Thought I saw someone else but don't see them now ... Cody acting like he is hearing something also. Others still in bed and lights out


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            8:49 AM BBT

            Cody is eating .. be still my heart ... too much excitment


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              9:02 BBT

              Went to fish .. wake up call? Seems early.


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                9:15 AM BBT

                Cody and Josh in kitchen ... Cody at the sink and Josh dancing around looking at the camera and using counters briefly as drums ...

                Josh still whistling and dancing around. Cody left the room. Now Josh is hamming it up for the cameras

                Cody back in the kitchen and Josh coming close and moving away dancing

                BB just said "Josh" .. he is dancing with the broom

                Cody again left kitchen

                others still in bed


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                  Wakey Wakey houseguests

                  rise and shine

                  But not a HG is stirring but Josh still dancing around

                  Back to fish since nobody is getting up
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                    Josh in wave room smiling and thankful he made it half way. Doing shout outs to his family, He whispers a lot and I can't hear him


                    • #11
                      BBT 9:26

                      Paul, Kevin, Christmas and another girl in a red hoody thing who has never turned to the camera ... the language is such right now I can't keep watching while I am at work.


                      • #12
                        9:40 AM BBT

                        Mark and Elena finally got up ... they were sleeping in have not room. Cody is in there just sitting on his bed.
                        Mark got up first and walked out without saying anything to Cody
                        Elena got up, kept her head down and said nothing to Cody.

                        Everyone else is in the kitchen socializing and just chattering.
                        Some random talk about time for comp
                        but mainly just general stuff


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                          10:30 AM

                          WE are on PUPPIES


                          • #14
                            11:40 AM BBT

                            Back but nobody is saying anything about why the feeds were down.

                            Mark, Josh, Paul Kevin talking about Josh being attracted to Elena and would be interested if Mark wasn't but he wouldn't do that to a friend



                            • #15
                              Alex/Paul/Matt/Raven/Jason in HOH room 12:13 p.m. BBT. Talk is who to put up on the block when time comes. They all agree that Mark thinks he is fooling them by separating from Elena but he is sleeping in the HN room with her and he's not one. The safety competition hasn't happened yet so they decide that they don't need to go any further until afterwards. Matt has agreed to go on the block as a pawn or to be a HN if needed. Matt says being a HN will not affect his game play. Paul thinks if they make them both HNs again this year (Mark and Elena) it will make it harder for them to compete because they will be so low energy.


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