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Live Feed Updates-August 12, 2017-Day 52

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 12, 2017-Day 52

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    5:10 BBT

    Matt got up and went to the bathroom, then went back to bed.

    Everybody else in bed.


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      I just checked in and everyone is in bed but Cody who was in the bathroom and cleaning up (himself) he was called to the DR and we went to fish.

      I will be gone a lot of the day but will try to post when I am in ... I haven't mastered flashbacks yet
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        7:53 AM BBT

        Cody and Jason are sitting in kitchen talking about nothing ... BB just announced Fresh batteries in the storage rooms and Cody immediately got up and headed that way.

        BB: HG It is time to get up for the day

        BB The lights must stay on during the day

        wake up music starts and then to fish
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          7:56 AM

          Christmas has joined Jason and Cody (who is back) in the kitchen .. she asked Jason for a hug

          They are talking about BB using a female to shame them into getting out of bed
          Christmas thinks this is the first year they have had a curfew
          Cody thinks they have always got them up for certain situation like timing of comps

          BTW LAST NIGHT ... everyone was talking and Paul was telling some of the HG what to expect when they get out and that they should take advantage of the emotional support offered by BB
          They also talked among themselves about not shunning Cody ... in game play they want to beat him but he shouldn't have to sit in the bedroom looking at four walls so it was decided to include him but that wouldn't change their minds about voting him out


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            BB has called everyone by name to get up and get batteries

            Elena walked thru and Cody told her she looks like a movie star just waking up

            She of course giggles and thanks him


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              Kevin not happy about the early time

              He said wait until I tell Mark what time it is

              Cody says he went to bed about 7 and feels refreshed


              • #8
                Kevin went back to bed
                Josh gets up and puts on a hoody
                then crawls back under the covers


                • #9
                  OK ... now Cody and Jason and Christmas are talking about the number of bowel movements Cody has in a day


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                    Cody wondering when the table will get smaller
                    Christmas says when they get down to single digits
                    Cody says double within next couple weeks
                    Christmas says yeah next week or the one after
                    Cody says no it's going to be this week because Jessica took too long to use her hex
                    Jason says so they will send two people to the jury the same week
                    Cody says yes
                    Jason asks if they always send two the first week
                    Christmas say yes and no
                    Cody says again I am sure we will have a double this week


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                      OK now we are having a coffee conversation and that it isn't about the coffee it's about the conversation
                      Jason says yeah it puts people in conversations they don't want
                      In the house the first person who throws out an idea over coffee becomes the leader and everyone else the follower
                      You HAVE to be the one who comes up with an idea
                      It's all about time and perception and Christmas is yeah yeah yeah about everything Jason says


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                        Talking about the day Christmas got hurt. The door went down and Jason decided he was just going to go to bed and not say anything and then people would ask Where is Christmas and he would shrug and say he didn't know and Cody said yeah everyone would think she disappeared. BB tells them not to talk about production so they change the way they talk about it. Jason is being a good sport about this but he will probably be upset later because he thinks Christmas brings it up to him to make him feel guilty and do what she wants

                        Well BB decided we shouldn't hear the conversation so all cameras on sleeping HGs though you can still hear the conversation in the background but not make out the words


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                          My company is on the way so will cover more later if needed


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                            Cody did NOT get picked to play in the POV.

                            Mark and Paul are playing in the POV.

                            Mark and Paul did Rock, Paper, Scissors for Have Nots. Mark lost so he is a HN.

                            Alex pointed out to Paul that Mark did the same combination of RPS last time. Paul says he knows that is why he won.

                            Alex still thinks that Kevin is acting weird. They want Kevin gone before Christmas.


                            • #15
                              ( thanks to Lynette and Sherik for updating )

                              I'm only here for a moment... but wanted to catch you guys on on some of the game talk ...

                              Paul and Matt talk about whether they should throw the veto to Alex...

                              Matt- should we just all agree to throw it to Alex?
                              Paul- it's not a bad idea, but then we are making Alex do all the work...

                              Paul tells Matt and Raven that he might throw it ..

                              Paul - I don't want to be the one to pull anyone ( off )


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