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Live Feed Updates-August 13, 2017-Day 53

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 13, 2017-Day 53

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  • #2
    5:54 AM BBT

    All HGs are in bed/sleeping.

    Cams 3 & 4

    Alex in HOH bed says please turn off the air (A/C) (talking to BB crew). This panel will not stop shaking (talking about the headboard on the HOH bed). She repeats over and over... "Stop shaking!, stop shaking, GD it!, f**k!" She's got a pillow over her head and trying to fall asleep.

    Now it's quiet again.


    • #3
      7:43 AM BBT

      Cody up and sitting in the kitchen ... everyone else still asleep

      Rehash of yesterday: Elena and Alex promised not to stick each other with a booby prize in the POV comp

      Alex won $5000 and Elena took it from her and gave Alex a booby prize where she has to dress full gear like a camper and make hot dogs at different intervals and pass them out to all the house guests. She is so angry she almost wants to change the vote to evict Elena and Josh is 100 percent behind her. Later though he tells her not to mess up her game, just go with the plan and they can get Elena next week/

      Kevin is going around campaigning to keep Cody and is making most of the others suspicious ... everyone is being told not to listen to Kevin

      Jason got stuck with the X-Tremeatard and has to were it all the time and when BB says something XTREME he has to YELL ... I AM SO XTREME (he is doing it well)

      Christmas and Paul are tethered together as sky divers and I believe that is for two days. One in front and one in back. DR together bathroom one just outside the door. They are having a chance to talk but Paul is not happy with the situation even though Christmas seems fine with it .. she said she came to play

      Mean time Cody is being super sweet to almost everyone in the house .. his biggest regression was when Paul saw him playing chess by himself he asked Cody if he wanted a game and Cody turned him down. However he is cleaning the kitchen (spotless) helping with the cooking, being XTREMELY friendly with everyone. Told Elena she was right to take the money and then told Alex it was wrong for Elena to go back on her word especially with the HOH. He hangs out with everyone in the HOH, kitchen and outside. He has asked Kevin and Mark if there is anything they can do to keep him here and Kevin says he is working on it and Mark says not really. He is now working at pointing out what a terrible person Elena is and by his actions showing everyone he is a great guy

      Except for Kevin nobody is buying it and Kevin is only making things worse for himself.

      And now a new day starts with Cody once again alone in the kitchen while everyone else sleeps

      I have to run out so I can't stay and keep up


      • #4
        9:12 AM BBT

        Cody still the only one up .. they have twice called Jason up with their Xtreme announcements .. wonder if he had to do that all night? Cody now in the wave room throwing what looks like an apple against the wall and catching it


        • #5
          The lights are all on 10:17

          Mark and Elena talking in bathroom and she said that she ran into Alex and she just grunted at her when she asked her a question.
          (Cody is taking advantage of this falling out trying to convince Mark and Elena are on the bottom and hasn't come out and said it but wants them to join him .. Mark continues to say Paul has his back)

          Mark caught Elena in a lie about not hearing the calls going out last night to wake Alex to cook hotdogs when as soon as it was out of her mouth she said she heard it .. Mark called her on it and she totally denied saying she didn't hear it

          Brief switch to kitchen with Matt and Kevin, just general talk

          Cody joined Elena and Mark in the bathroom being all friendly and happy
          He tells them that 'they' have been working on the back yard since 6 AM
          He thinks maybe they will do the Outback thing earlier today instead of tonight

          Matt and Kevin talking in kitchen and Kevin tells Matt he hopes he has a good life a good marriage and lots of kids ... Matt says of course that is the only reason to get married (UH .. Raven can't have children) ..


          • #6
            Kevin joined the group in the bathroom. Confirmed that Jason was made to get up and shout his X treme banter all night; Alex had to cook hot dogs at 4:30 AM

            Now they are bumming that they can't be in the pool

            As Cody just said ... there is absolutely nothing going on


            • #7
              12:38 PM BBT

              I have been in and out and everytime I cam back it's the same people talking about the same things

              Alex upset with Elena breaking her promise'

              Paul and Christmas whispering about how shady Kevin is becoming ... he thinks Kevin is keeping something from them and it appears the deal Kevin tried to make with Cody to keep Paul safe he also told Christmas he made the deal to keep her safe

              Mark and Elena are getting paranoid as the group intends (but they still plan to vote Cody out)

              Everyone but Cody Mark Elena are in the HOH talking over each other.

              So there really is nothing new except Mark, Jason, Paul and Kevin are have nots ... Paul plans on using the key to try to get out of being a Have Not but hasn't done it yet


              • #8
                Mark and Elena have been talking... .

                Elena to Mark- I don't think we are their (Matt and Raven's) targets,... but they are very easily manipulated and follow the majority...they would do what the house wants

                Mark- It's not a house..... It's 4 vs 6...

                Elena- it's really 4 vs 4 .. because Christmas and Josh are just blobs...

                He wants her to try to clear the air with Alex

                Elena- I'm over her ( Alex ) but I do need someone to do my nails...


                • #9
                  Mark- I would rather see Paul go out the door than Alex....
                  Elena- I'm okay with it.... but he won't though... he won't have the votes
                  Mark- What if it was Paul vs Kevin...... and Matt and Raven were on our team?

                  Elena- are you going to backdoor Paul?
                  Mark- No... I would never backdoor Paul.... I'm going to put him on the block with Josh

                  Elena- my longevity in this game.. I know I'm not going to win or get 2nd...

                  Mark tells her that if they can secure Matt and Raven ( to be on their side ) ... they have a chance...


                  • #10
                    Mark so back to you thinking you can't get 1st or 2nd place...

                    Elena- it is a long shot...but me staying in this house for as long as I can .. is important... it's imperative to my career outside of this house.

                    Mark- right

                    Elena- I need all the platform I can get... so I can remain in the entertainment business....

                    Mark - right.... and that's keeping distance from me...

                    Elena- huh? ( as she yawns ) ...

                    Mark- so you're trying to tell me .. that's keeping more distance from me...

                    Elena - what?

                    Mark- right... I mean I don't know what you're trying to say from that...

                    Elena- I just need to stay in this house as long as possible.... and people that don't care.. bug me... they're like.. I made it to jury so .. meh....

                    Mark- right... but we need to team up with that person


                    • #11
                      Mark- because he is the one person that is actually a decent competitor, if he wants to be ( Matt ) ...

                      Mark - how can I help your longevity in this house ??

                      Elena- mmmm mmmmm .. how's being a Have Not? ...

                      Mark- I would tell you the worse part.. but you would not want to hear it ...

                      Elena- the cold showers?

                      Mark- it was something someone said upstairs and I wanted to throw them through the wall...

                      Elena- what?

                      Mark - if I tell you .. you'll get pissed..

                      Elena- oh what... Josh sleeping in this bed...

                      Mark tells her that Josh told him that he's sleeping with Elena... and he told him .. he didn't care where he slept...

                      Mark tells her that not being able to sleep with her.. is the worst part of being a Have Not ..

                      She remains silent...


                      • #12
                        Paul to Matt- ( use the veto ) pull Jason off,... Cody goes up ...

                        Paul tells Matt that Alex said she wants to leave Elena on the block... "so she will squirm"


                        • #13
                          Matt tells Paul that Mark told him that "he's worried about everybody that is in that group up there"


                          • #14
                            3:07 PM BBT

                            Back with Mark and Elena..

                            Mark to Elena- Paul needs to go...unless he really has a serious conversation with me before HoH....

                            Mark talking about how Paul "attacked" him for not defending Josh .. and how Paul tried to turn it around...

                            Mark- if he doesn't have a convo with me before HoH .. I will be very forward with him.. I will tell him outright .."go for that veto" ..

                            Elena- I like it

                            Mark- I'm going to make a deal with Alex and Jason, if I win HoH.. I can't get rid of Alex for my game..

                            Elena- why?

                            Mark- because she's not coming after me.... but I could make a deal with them for your sake.. .keep you safe for a week ..

                            Elena - two

                            Mark - okay two ... and she keeps her promises...


                            • #15
                              Elena asks if he really thinks that she wouldn't have taken the money from her ... ( in the veto comp )

                              Mark tells her yes... she keeps her promises.. and she would have taken his trip ...


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