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Live Feed Updates-August 14, 2017-Day 54

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 14, 2017-Day 54

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    3:20 BBT

    All HGs in bed, asleep.


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      9:32 AM BBT

      Cody sitting in the kitchen by himself

      Christmas, Paul, Jason and Alex are in the HOH room talking about how Kevin is getting on their nerves and they do not trust him. If you ask him to keep his voice down even in the middle of the night he will not do it

      Christmas says he wants to be in charge and be informed of everything going on but he isn't careful about what he says and who might be around him but nobody trusts him not to run to another person with the info


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        OK part of that didn't make a lot of sense. The consensus is that Kevin cannot be trusted; deliberately speaks as loud as he can; is trying to be everyone's buddy / confident....

        Paul just says he is 100 percent this week will be double eviction and if not next week for sure. Paul says it is important that they keep their true and false stuff in order. He also says Matt and Raven are on cloud nine and believe the are totally safe and in a good position.

        BB... HGs it's time to get up for the day and there are fresh batteries in the storage room

        Paul says if he wins HOH he is not afraid to draw the line in the sand ... as soon as Cody is out the other two couples are fair game. Christmas thinks if Mark win HOH Christmas and Paul would go up


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          Josh is saying he knows Cody's plan is to divide everyone and tell everyone they are at the bottom and he is the one they need. He says that Cody says he isn't with Mark and Elena but he is and he is angry that he isn't being honest and Josh is going to call him out and tell him to stop campaigning because he is done and going to jury ... they keep telling Josh not to say anything until after POV


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            Matt has joined Paul, Christmas, Jason and Alex in the HOH

            Cody had been outside and Josh went out and started running back and forth right in front of him. After several passes Cody got up and went into the house. He is just wondering from room to room

            The HOH crew (minus Matt) were sharing their dislike of Raven and the fact they believe she is totally fake. Sometimes she has a southern accent and sometimes she doesn't.

            When Matt comes in it goes to Mark, Cody and Elena bashing. Matt said that he was told Paul is the manipulator and he is his foot soldier

            Paul says he thinks that is because they were high fiving each other whenever Matt lost one of the sound questions .. .Matt agrees that is probably why but he doesn't care if he (Cody) says that or not.


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              Cody cornered Jason when he went down to change batteries and is once again trying to sell Jason to convince Alex not to pick as veto replacement. Cody tells him Alex and and him will be on the block next week if they don't keep him ... he will throw himself on a sword (my words) to protect them if they keep him .. he is their only hope to make it farther in the game.


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                I can't begin to do honor to Cody's begging strategy .. he is promising his first born and he promises one of them will follow him next week into the jury house if they don't keep him. Alex is too good to do the safe play. If the vote out Matt and win HOH they will steamroll until the very end and nothing can stop them


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                  some one should get a screen shot of the wildness of Cody's eyes ... Jason tries to get away and Cody just keeps going (10:28 AM BBT(


                  • Lynette
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                    Tried to get a shot for you. My Print Screen acting up, sorry.

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                  Jason walks in the HOH laughing his butt off ... nobody has let him tell them what happened because they are talking about Mark and Kevin outside in the middle of the night playing pool and when Matt and Raven walked out Mark and Kevin stopped the game and went in


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                    11:56 AM BBT

                    Currently on KittyCam. Feeds went down about 11:20 AM BBT for Veto Ceremony.


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                      Feeds are back at 12:15 BBT


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                        From the talk it sounds like Matt used the Veto .. not sure on who but think Jason .. that was the plan anyway. Cody was nominated both Cody and Kevin are mad ... Keven is trying to act like he isn't but they saw his face

                        Alex fell over carrying her tent and stuff and Cody was in kitchen and ignored her ... Josh helped her up

                        There has not been definite conformation but it is accurate based on the conversations


                        • #14
                          Jason/Paul/Christmas in BR

                          Looks like Cody was the replacement for Jason. They are saying Kevin is not happy about Cody being the replacement. They talk a bit about Cody having a kid and death of his brother and they still aren't sure if it is real or not, but if it is real, it has no place here in this game.

                          Jason tells Paul that Cody told him that Paul is running things.

                          Kevin keeps coming in and interrupting wanting Jason to go outside and walk.

                          Alex is not feeling well.


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                            The HOH crew are trying to figure Kevin out .. he asked Jason if he was ok and still part of the group and Jason said yes but he spends too much time with Cody and he asked what people wanted him to do go punch Cody in the face.

                            Except for knowing who Matt took down Cody IS on the block


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