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Live Feed Updates-August 15, 2017-Day 55

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 15, 2017-Day 55

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    All HGs sleeping


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      Sorry the page was closed so I am continuing my post on this page ... 11:36 last night BBT Backyard Josh now talking to Cody and Mark saying that he spoke to Cody about it. Cody came to him like a man and said he disliked Josh. Josh knew from week 2. Josh telling Mark how he talked to Cody about what he feels about Mark flopping and being shady. Josh saying how Cody dosent want to talk to anyone and Josh continuing how he told Cody and everyone is on to his sh*t. It is really weird how Josh is talking about Cody like he is not even there.

      Now Mark blows up again on Josh. Saying why would I not want to get you out. Cody leaves (satisfied that he stired up more stuff between Josh/Mark) Cody tells Alex and Jason that Josh is in the backyard blowing up.

      Cody alone in kitchen smiling. Cam talking saying how these idiots cant keep to a plan for 2 seconds and how they just implode on themselves. Cody saying he dosent have to do any campaining. (I think Cody is hoping they will get rid of Elena if he continues to stir up Josh against Mark)

      In the backyard just about everyone is coming back inside now. I did not get to see how the confrontation stopped. Seems that most peeps were in backyard.

      11:45 Christmas talking to Elena by the washer/dryer saying what is this bullsh*t about Cody not campaining. He is in everyone's ear and then when he gets called out he (Cody) dosent want to say anything. Christmas is saying it is so cowardly that he got Jess to do all of the dirty work and then lies to everybody and wants them to keep him safe. Shady!

      Paul and Mark in red room talking about how Codys game is over ​​​​​​and is just starting stuff. Paul saying he would do it if he was on his way out.


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        11:50 BBT Alex says to Paul that Jason is a crybaby. He is talking about how bad the helmet is.

        Christmas/Jason/Alex/Jason sayin all the talk from Cody abput his kid is a lie. Cody apparently has said his kid is 3 and 5, or maybe the houseguests are just remembering wrong. Jason is saying that is why he did not want to tell the house because he cant remember what he told. He wants to stay out of it now and cant stand and fight because he,Cody, does not know what lies are going to come out.

        Jason and Alex in HOH talking about how the whole Cody/Josh/Mark thing happened.

        (ok after dark covered not sure if more stuff happened after midnight.)
        Last edited by Dragonflylover; 08-15-2017, 05:41 AM.


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          Listening to flashbacks from last night after midnight and Alex and Jason were talking and they are really sure this week is double eviction. She says it just might be that she could be in the HOH room two weeks in a row and that would really anger Mark ... Jason says he thought Mark would be gone and she say yeah she hopes Mark goes in DE. She also says she can't understand why BB won't let Josh go after Mark and we get fish and camera switches

          Paul and Kevin playing pool and Jason and Alex talking about Kevin still being weird. He is drifting away from Paul and coming to others. He is worried because Alex is getting closer to Paul and Jason and Paul are getting closer. He thought Paul was HIS (Kevin) boy but then he was getting closer to others and Kevin feels he needs to hedge his bets and get close to everyone else. Jason says he likes Paul and Alex does too

          Alex tell Jason she has never lied to him and will not but the closer they get to the end if he starts doubting then he needs to talk to her.

          Alex is explaining how final 3 works to Jason ... Jason says he will always pick her....she says they just blew up Mark and they have to be careful especially with Matt and Raven because they need to get people out and still get them to vote for them

          Jason questions taking Paul to final 5 and Alex says we have to have someone else take him out and Jason says he will do it and then Alex kind of backs off that

          The horn plays and Alex has to make hot dogs


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            A crawl across screen says that the feeds will be down longer than normal this week but it will be worth it.

            1:15 AM

            Paul is in bed and Elena is laying across him and he is playing with her hair. Also in the room is Kevin, Christmas and Jason ... Kevin of course doing all the talking. Others in bed or heading that way (Alex)


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              By 2:45 AM everyone is in bed without additional problems .. I didn't catch who ended up in Elena's bed ... Mark or Josh or if she stayed with Paul


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                It's 8:50 AM BBT and everyone still sleeping .. even early riser Cody


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                  **Thanks for the great flashbacks Dragonflylover and Sherik**

                  8:59 AM BBT

                  Everyone still sleeping away!


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                    10:37 AM BBT

                    Cody outside talking to the camera. He is talking about how everyone else in the house probably thinks this is a great season because of all the yelling. Cody says for everyone watching, it has to be a ****ty season because no one is taking risks.

                    Everyone else is inside.


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                      10:40 AM BBT

                      Cam switched away from Cody for a bit and now it's back on him. Cody is saying he cannot listen to Matt and Raven's laugh for one more day. Cody says everyone keeps trying to drag him into their conversations and won't just let him live in peace. He says he is really happy that Elena took the $5 grand from Alex and also gave her a punishment. He doesn't think the cams are on him because there is so much other stuff going on in the house. He says no one would want to watch him when he's eating a bowl of cereal. Cam switches to the inside.

                      Just chit chat.


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                        11:16 AM BBT

                        Cody and Elena are watching Paul and Kevin play pool. Cody puts out the scenario that you are at a bar and you go use the toilet. He asks do you wash your hands before you touch your dick or just after? Paul says after because his dick is probably the cleanest thing on his body. Cody says he always washes his hands before using the restroom here. Kevin says he will touch his dick with dirty hands all day long. BB says "Zing!"


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                          11:34 AM BBT

                          Josh and Christmas have been trying to whisper all morning and I can't ever catch what they are saying. Finally I hear her telling Josh that Jason won't tell her anything and that the only reason Jason even acknowledges her is because Alex likes her. That's all I could make out because Josh was running water and then Jason walked in.

                          **I need to step away for a bit. If anyone can help out, that would be great!**


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                            1:55 PM BBT

                            There is a big confrontation going on in the kitchen and I just came in but it's been going on awhile so if somebody can go back and get it I think it's worth it


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                              Everyone is confronting Cody

                              They are calling him out on everything they know about him

                              Cody just said that everything he has said is a lie and that's why he is going out the door

                              Kevin says tell them the truth so you don't walk out of here being hated

                              Cody doesn't care who hates him

                              Kevin is still trying to convince him not to go out like this

                              Cody says he doesn't regret anything

                              They are also trying to figure out who Cody is protecting

                              He says he isn't protecting anyone

                              Cody says he will be police and courteous


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