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Live Feed Updates-August 16, 2017-Day 56

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 16, 2017-Day 56

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    3:40 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      FLASHBACK --- Just going to do a summary of the 'house party' from where I left off. If someone want to flashback and do details please do

      After everyone went their own way or within their special groups there was a lot of discussion and rehashing the meltdown but there were no more attacks

      Jason was begging BB to have Alex make hotdogs because he was starving for a hot dog .. when he went into DR and came out Alex was making XTREME hotdogs. She asked BB if she was done with this on Thursday and they informed her NO she has to do a full week. Kevin said good because they were have nots.

      Long conversation between Mark and Elena (it spanned a very long time if someone want to get it) Bottom line they ended up back in bed together with Elena calling them "the new Jess and Cody" and Mark said "like that worked out real well" Mark did call her out for her flip flopping on him and she did admit that some of the things said were true. They both agree one of them needs to win the next HOH but I didn't hear them mention who they wanted out. .... It was Alex ... Mark said all their problems started when Elena LET Alex win the HOH

      Paul told Alex about Kevin winning the first $25,000 and says that is something they can use when the vote him out (Paul now seems gung ho to get Kevin out ... doesn't want people left on their own gravitating to Kevin) He tells Alex NOT to mention to Josh (who Kevin already told) or Jason that Paul told her about the 25,000.

      At one point Paul is making nice with Kevin and Kevin asks Paul what he thinks of Christmas .. or maybe it was the other way around ... but the other one said 'she's nice'

      Paul tells Jason that Kevin won the $25,000 and that Josh has known it all along but didn't know how to tell anyone.

      The new old alliance is now Kevin, Christmas, Alex, Jason, Paul and Josh. Kevin wants to call them something like the Special six but Josh doesn't agree he wants something that is cooler

      One thing I forgot earlier when Elena was fighting with the rest of the house .. Alex kept asking her what kind of car she drives and several people throw in that she isn't needing the money and Alex said SHE needs the money because SHE doesn't have a car because it broke down and again asks the deflecting Elena what kind of car she drives. Elena finally says 'an audi but' and Alex just says that's what she wanted to know.

      It is NOW 4:121 AM in the BB house and everyone is sleeping

      I will get what I can when I can today but I work and I am in an office (at a tv station and if there is swearing I can't keep the volume up so hopefully someone else can cover today too


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        6:26 AM BBT

        HGs still sleeping


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          7:51 AM BBT ... HGs still sleeping. IF they get their normal 10 AM wake up there probably wont be anything happening and it's about time for me to go to lunch. I'll post again when something happens ... or anybody who wants to can post also.


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            8:42 AM BBT

            Cody got up and then Elena got up
            She went to use the potty but I think Cody is in there so she is staring into the mirror

            Cody now in kitchen making coffee

            Cody sitting on the stools

            Matt walked by and neither of them spoke

            Nothing now but the sounds of silence


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              Cody just said "Looking at a picture of Jessica and then got up and poured coffee

              now sitting back down drinking coffee and looking at the memory board

              Looks like Matt went back to bed

              Cody is either staring into the camera or looking at memory wall and the camera is secondary


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                8:56 BBT

                Christmas got up

                Cody says to the camera I can't stand when they talk to me

                He is a slurper YUK

                Trying to finish coffee .. so he said .. fast to avoid others

                Doesn't look like it too me ... sitting there drinking and burping and looking at the camera


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                  9:09 AM BBT

                  Cody "If I win HOH I will put up Paul and Alex"

                  Does he think plans changed because of yesterday?

                  Kevin walked thru .. .didn't hear what he said but think it was Good Morning pal

                  Cody on third cup of coffee


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                    Will try to catch us up a bit....

                    11:25 AM BBT
                    Lots of whispering this morning, mostly about figuring out the date and how many days they have been in the house (<whispers> not sure why they have to whisper about it).

                    ** Loads of FISH! as they are trying to get everyones behind out of bed & a few songs that peeps are singing**

                    11:33 AM BBT
                    Paul is whispering to Christmas in the bathroom. Paul is saying that "he" (whom I assume is Mark) thinks that Paul and Christmas talk to much. So when he comes in the room and ask if they have solved the world's problems, he is making fun of them. He also tells Josh and Matt (who have walked in) that when they laugh at things Paul says that aren't funny, that they are just laughing at him for no reason. Paul says "he" makes backhanded comments to Paul all the time. Paul says he came in and sat with them in the kitchen and never said a word, just listened to them. Paul says Mark got up and walked away after telling them it was day 56 in the house. Paul says Kev was deliberately trying to throw them off.

                    Paul says Mark said he would not waste an HOH putting up Christmas or Josh. He says he is not afraid of them. Mark says he is going to win HOH and people better be afraid of what he will do.

                    Jason walks in and Paul repeats his story.

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                    • BettyBoo
                      BettyBoo commented
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                      FYI think it was Kevin not Mark Paul was talking about????

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                    11:44 AM BBT

                    Jason and Kevin whispering in the kitchen. Kevin is saying that he hasn't even said hello to Cody today. Kevin says that guy (Cody) is a ****ing liar. He just wants Cody to get out of here and let everyone just move on.

                    11:50 AM BBT

                    BB sends everyone out to the BY to practice a shuffleboard game for a comp tomorrow night.


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                      12:38 PM BBT

                      Everyone is back inside. Elena and Cody are talking in the bedroom. Elena asks Cody if he is going to blow up their (Paul's side) spot and Cody nods yes and says **** them. Cody says he is also going to throw Alex and Jason in there too. Elena says she is excited and leaves the room.

                      Meanwhile, Jason, Josh, Kevin, Christmas and Paul are in the green apple lounge plotting their shuffleboard game strategies.

                      Ok, we are caught up.


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                        12:53 PM BBT

                        Matt & Alex are in the HOH trash talking about Mark. Matt says that Mark doesn't do anything (cook, clean) in the house and he is such a passive-agreesive little bitch.


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                          12:54 PM BBT

                          Paul is in the bedroom talking to Elena. He asks if everything is ok between her and Mark. Elena says that they are fine. She says she has no idea what Alex was saying to Mark yesterday that supposedly Elena said to Alex about Mark. Elena said she was to busy yelling at Josh to pay attention. She says she is also annoyed that everyone talks about Josh's stupidity but when she brings it up to him, everyone acts like Elena is the one who is nuts. She also says she knows that Elena is either going home next week or maybe even this week. She said she has heard that she is Alex's target.

                          Paul says he has no clue about any of that. Paul says the only thing he has heard is that Mark is coming after him (Paul). Elena says Mark hasn't said that to her. Paul says after tomorrow he and Elena need to really talk. Paul leaves.


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                            1:07 PM BBT

                            Paul, Alex, Christmas, Matt and Raven in the HOH talking about Mark. Paul is filling them all in on how Mark has been throwing all their names out there as if he may be targeting them.

                            Mark is in with Elena and she is repeating her conversation with Paul to him.

                            Back to the HOH, Paul is talking about Elena and Mark as if he ripped them a new one (maybe last night?). Matt tells Raven to quit cooking for that bitch. Raven asks who? Matt says Mark. Christmas chimes in about how Mark ate half of Raven's food but doesn't wash any dishes or clean. She talks about how Mark can't ever remember things he said or did with Cody, but any other time he can remember exact details.

                            Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

                            *I am out*


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