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Live Feed Updates-August 17, 2017-Day 57

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 17, 2017-Day 57

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    3:30 BBT

    Everybody sleeping


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      3:36 AM BBT

      AND they are STILL sleeping. Thought I'd do Flashback but NOTHING happened last night -- ok a little happened just not exciting


      Cody encouraged Elena

      Christmas and Alex talked and both believe Kevin is one of the people Cody is protecting
      AND that Kevin constantly needs to know where Jason is.

      This may have been reported already -- Cody talking to Elena hoping he will get to see Jessica when he leaves ... Elena wants to see Jessica when she gets out OR Cody or both and Cody says the only person HE wants to see from this house is Jessica (Wonder if that sunk in with Elena ... he has no desire to see her once he leaves)

      Paul is determined to challenge Kevin and get a genuine reaction from him about where his head is. He has heard Kevin is throwing his name around and he doesn't take that lightly and if Kevin wants to play that game he is going to make him get mad (Kevin) (Paul needs to tread carefully because Kevin's hinky votes were done at Paul's urging)

      Cody is still hoping / praying (?) that he did enough to stay in the game and send Elena to jury ... well he hope what SHE did is enough for that to happen because he doesn't want to throw away the chance Jessica gave him. He has also decided (at least told Elena earlier) that he is going to blow up some people's game big time as he is leaving (I think the people he could really hurt like Paul and maybe Kevin have already been doing pre damage control ... everyone SHOULD just think sour grapes)

      Mark is still determined to win HOH and SAYS Matt and Raven / Elena would go up so everyone knows they can trust him and he is a man of his word.

      AND that brings us to bed time for the houseguests and everyone sleeping ... I will keep an eye on feeds but I am not sure when they will go down maybe not till tonight ???


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        8:40 AM BBT

        Cody awake and in the kitchen. Everyone else is sleeping.


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          9:37 AM BBT

          Looks like they are up

          Kevin helping Jason on with his costume in the bathroom

          Cody just getting into or out of shower

          ALex upstairs with her hot dogs

          Mark Elena and Paul in storage room ... actually the guys walk out when Elena walks in

          Jason, Rave, Paul, Matt and Josh now in the kitchen getting breakfast


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            Sorry I am at work right now and I can't put the sound on .. .tried and the F word is being tossed about relentlessly so I'll back out and hope someone else can cover


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              Feeds have been down for a long time .. don't know if this is what they were talking about or not


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                1:48 PM BBT

                Cody was eating

                Kevin, Paul, Josh, CHristmas, Matt, and I believe Raven in the bathroom getting ready .. no game talk at all

                Mark, Elena and Cody in kitchen and Cody just said 2 hrs to lock down


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                  If you missed tonight's show ... you can catch up HERE on the Home Page...

                  Season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur will appear on tomorrow night's "special" episode...

                  *** Due to this "special Friday episode" the live feeds will be down until Friday night around 9 PM BBT ( 12 AM ET )... so that sucks the "special" out of the "special episode".

                  But it is what it is ...

                  The Double Eviction night usually ends without a new Head of Household, leaving that competition to play out at some point after the show ends, and we normally find out who the new HoH is when the live feeds return. With the feeds not returning until Friday, we wont find out who the new HoH is, until the feeds return at that point, unless that is part of the "special episode", which it probably isn't.

                  And, even though we have to wait for it, the feeds will deliver the fallout of the new HoH, as the house guests will need to start doubling down pretty quickly if they want that $500,000 prize.

                  Julie tells us that a new temptation twist will be revealed on Sunday's episode...


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                    Cody answering questions on the Live Feeds...


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                      Cody reading questions from an iPad ..

                      Cody - Hi, I'm Cody and you just saw, I've been evicted for the 2nd time... I'm here to answer some questions for you live feeders...

                      Q= How are you feeling at this moment?

                      Cody laughs says - I got evicted.

                      Q - Eariler in the week, Alex put up Jason and Elena, did you feel like those were her targets?

                      Cody- no, I knew I was getting back doored...

                      Q - Once you were nominated after veto, what was your game plan?

                      Cody- Well.. I was planning on competing .. but I didn't get to compete .. so there was no game plan.

                      Q - Was there any house guest that you wanted to team up with after Jess left?

                      Cody - No, I didn't like any of them.

                      Q- You tried to talk Alex into keep you around, did you ever feel like you might be safe this week?

                      Cody- no ... because Alex turned into a beta... and she wanted to play the safe moves this week, so that wasn't going to happen.

                      Q - In your eviction speech, why did you chose to call out the house guests that you did?

                      Cody laughs says - because Alex and Jason, they screwed me this entire game... I tried to help them out .. so as far as them returning the favor, they never did ... so since they stripped me of $500,000.. I might as well make up a lie and try and strip them of $500,000. Plus, Jess hated Alex, so I might as well just do that for Jess.

                      Q - You said before the season started ( he stops reading and laughs ) if getting in a showmance makes me an outsider... then no way. Have your feelings about showmances changed since entering the house on Day 1?

                      Cody- I actually thought that showmances were dumb, so I was never going to get into a showmance .. but then you all saw Jess, and I would have been dumb not to.

                      Q - How do you think being in a showmance with Jessica effected your game this season?

                      Cody- ummmmm.... it made it better for me.

                      Q - Do you think being in the jury house, while Jessica is in the outside world will impact the future of your relationship?

                      Cody - it will only make it better.

                      Q - Now that you are out of the house, who is the biggest target left in the game?

                      Cody - Paul.

                      Q- Who do you want to see go far in the game?

                      Cody - Nobody.

                      Q - Who do you think is running the house?

                      Cody- Paul.

                      Q - Would you do anything different if you could do it all over again?

                      Cody- No.

                      Q - Final question, any last words for your fans out there?

                      Cody- I didn't know I had fans out there. It kinda blows my mind that anybody would be a fan of me. I appreciate it. I hope there are some Marine fans out there... that are liking the show and high fiving each other, because I got Jess. That's about it.


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                        8:00 PM BBT

                        Elena's turn ...


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                          Elena- Hi, I'm Elena and as you just saw I was evicted from the Big Brother House BOO!!!

                          Elena- BUT .. good news for you, I'm here to answer some questions for you live feeders.. .

                          Q - How are you feeling at this moment?

                          Elena- I'm feeling like my lipstick could use a touch up. And, I haven't been able to get to the point, where I'm processing any other feelings yet... ummm... it's weird being outside of the house .. I miss my mom... I'm going to be spending my birthday alone.. well with Cody ... so ALONE .. in the jury house ... on Saturday.. so that's strange.. I hope they have alcohol.. send prayers...

                          Q - Tell us what happened, why do you think you are here right now?

                          Elena- Alright, y'all ready for some realness? Sips tea... ummm ... I think this season of Big Brother players are wussy's because they wouldn't let me say the other word... it's just easier to have a big target, rather than playing the game and actually trying to get out, people that they wanted to get out, like Jason telling Mark in the storage room earlier today that if there was a double tonight, he was going to go after Paul... weird do I look like Paul? No... it was just easier to have a target and the whole house be on-board.. it was easy to have Mark and Elena be a target. So, that's why I think I'm here, which is a bummer. But, such is life.

                          Q - Where you surprised by the way the votes went tonight?

                          Elena- no, not at all.. actually weird.. Had a dream last night that tonight was going to be my last night in the BB house... I also had a pretty good idea that tonight was going to be a double eviction ... so I knew Cody was going to be sent home.. as tempting as it was to send me out .. he was a bigger target... but when Double came. I figured me and Mark would be on the block... and it would come down to the veto and apparently I suck at puzzles...

                          Q - Who do you think betrayed you?

                          Elena- I don't think that anyone necessarily did. think that Matt and Raven are floaters ... they just go wherever the power is ... if it served them to share anything that I shared with them.. they did. I think Paul is playing the house ... literally ever single person and it didn't bother me so much because it is Big Brother ... but it went from sly .. to super sketchy ... I get it, most of your game Paul, is a social game, so you're going to play a social game.. you're going to talk to everybody, you're going to talk game to everybody .. but when it started being sketchy ..that's when I started really making more observations of him and that's been happening the last couple of weeks. I think that he started saying things behind my back that weren't true... and sketch .. so I don't appreciate that. Mark is the only one that's had my back the whole time.

                          Q - Looking back, were you worried when Alex won HoH?

                          Elena- Yes, I knew Cody was the target, however, with Alex as HoH, if the plan goes wrong, if Cody wins a veto, I knew I would be the easiest target .. next to Mark. I didn't want either of us to go home.. but look where I am. But, it did hit me later on, that even if Cody did win the Veto, I was good because he would just pull me off the block.. "as a pawn" ... that didn't happened and I'm still outta the house ..

                          Q - Do you regret taking the $5,000?

                          Elena- No. Because regardless if I'd taken it or not, I would still be standing here talking to you beautiful people right now, because I was still the easier target than anyone else in the house. I am going to have more money, than the majority of people left in this house. Alex, was the person I was up against and I've been watching Big Brother long enough to know how to play the elimination veto, she won 2nd . I won 1st. She's not more entitled to $5,000 than me. If she didn't want to be punished, she should have taken Mark's Colorado trip and then I would have taken the $5,000 from him. And punished him with the hot dog thing, which by the way, I'm bummed I'm not getting any more hot dogs. That sucks. Moving forward, I would still do it ... yeah we kinda.. yeah we did make a deal.. but I knew she was talking bad about me... I knew she was talking about me behind my back.. putting a target on my back... and I knew that she was coming for me if she got HoH again.. or Jason.. or try to put a target on my back for whoever got HoH ... so why was I going to let the girl that was trying to get me out of the house have $5,000 THAT I EARNED. I'm not! Sorry about your bad luck, I bet she's eating hot dogs right now.

                          Q - What do you think about showmances?

                          Elena- oh calamity ... I don't approve of them.. but I guess I got myself in one. It's real easy to not text a guy back in the real world when you're on your couch, with no pants on eating chicken ramen noodles and watching TV... but when you live with a guy that's perusing you ... you end up in a showmance


                          • #14
                            I tried to avoid it.. I tried to put some limits on it ... at the end of the day, me and Mark got along, I like the kid, I don't know that the BB hous is the most healthy environment ... for me to explore a relationship in .. but I guess I don't have to worry about that any more .. do I?

                            Q - How do you think being in a showmance with Mark effected your game this season?

                            Elena- really poorly! Mark, no matter how many times I told him to stay away from Cody, he would not stay away from Cody. He might like Cody, more than he likes me... and I think that me being associated with him really effected my game . and not in a good way .. but I don't necessarily regret it.. looking back there are a couple of things I'd change ... but I enjoyed my time with Mark this season, he's one of the few people in the house that I genuinely liked begin around most of the time.. and so .. it is what it is...

                            Q - Will you continue your relationship with Mark outside this house?

                            Elena- Man, did Mark send in this questions?? I feel like I'm being asked this for awhile now. I don't know .. I will answer like I always do . I am open to the things that the Lord has for me.... so if the Lord has Mark for me.. I guess I will... HOWEVER .. he lives in Buffalo and I live in Dallas, Texas, so this is not close.. not legalistically convenient ... but I did promise him that he could come visit me in Dallas that we would see what happens... ummm.. I will absolutely continue a friendship with him... no matter that happens... regardless if anything romantic stays between us ..

                            Q - How did you feel after Mark won the Veto tonight? Did you consider asking him to use it on you?

                            Elena- I was happy that Mark won the Veto, I could hear that he was doing well... so if I didn't win I wanted him to win.. just to have the satisfaction of having one of us win ... which is important. I knew if Matt or Raven won, which I knew that wouldn't happen because Matt will never win anything in the entirety of the game or possibly his life. I don't know if he throws things on purpose or I don't understand it .. but they would have left noms the same.. it would have come down to the votes.. I was kinda interested to see how the votes would have been had it been me and Mark up there... but I'm happy Mark on, he's on a roll, as he would tell you ... so I hope the roll continues and he just won and HoH .. so .. I would never consider asking him to use the veto on me.. he won it .. he deserved it ... deserves to stay in the house .. I couldn't stand any more of those people anyways... so bless up.

                            Q- Who do you want to see go far in the game?

                            Elena- Mark. I literally don't care about anyone else in the house ... Raven, sweet I love her, I love Matt, I don't think they deserve to win. Do y'all hate me for saying that? I think that Raven will have a lot of support for her disease and probably some Go Fund Me's have already been started and that is why I would want her to win .. but as far as game play goes.. yeah I'm rooting for Mark.
                            I would say Paul, but there is a question mark over his head for me right now. The only other person I like left in the house right now, is Jason. I like Kevin, but dude doesn't even know where he is. Like truly has no clue, so does he deserve to win? I don't think so. And, Jason is the reason I'm here, so I'm just going to swipe no to that.

                            Q - Who do you think is running the house?

                            Elena- Paul is running the house. Everybody knows it and everybody is okay with it. I was okay with it, as well, don't get me wrong. Guilty. Because it all comes down to where you fall on Paul's pecking order and I felt like I was pretty high up at the top. But, according to the fact that I just got evicted, I believe that I no longer am ( she laughs ) but yeah.. Paul is running the house, no one cares.... I guess Jason and maybe Alex are seeing that .. kudos to them since they were going to try to get him out on a double... I really wish they would have followed through on that plan. I honestly think that Cody ruined it for me, with that stupid speech tonight. His speech wasn't as stupid as mine.. so there's that.

                            Q- Who do you think will be joining you next jury house?

                            Elena- if it's not Mark, if he wins this HoH ... or wins the Veto.. I would guess Matt.


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                              Elena- selfishly I want Mark to come, just so I have someone in the house with me that I like... no that I dislike Cody, but not much of a talker... but at the same time I want Mark to win this whole thing, because I have a pretty good feeling that he will buy me something real nice. So, yeah probably Matt...but sorta hope Paul too... I like him.. would like to hang out with him and I think that he needs to be evicted.

                              Q - Would you do anything differently if you could do it all over again?

                              Elena- I'm not allowed to talk about violence.. so no I wouldn't .. so no..

                              Q - Any last words for your fans out there?

                              Elena- how much time do you guys have because I have a lot to say, no I'm just kidding...

                              ( not she's not )

                              Elena- I am really hopeful that my mom has figured out live feeds and is watching me right now, if she is . Hi Mom, please give my dog face kisses, please take care of her, make sure her belly isn't getting rashes from the yard. My fiends, Anna, all the Larry Joe Taylor girls, my cousin Megan, I miss all of you , thank you for your continued support and prayers... I'll be spending my birthday ....lit .. by myself.. eating ice cream.. bummed that I didn't make it...such is life... when you are target're a target.. don't have the votes... can't win comps...hope you guys love me as much as I think you should.I don't have a job, if you are hiring please let me know ...


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