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Live Feed Updates-August 18, 2017-Day 58

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 18, 2017-Day 58

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  • #2
    We have puppies and kittens until after the special Friday show later tonight.


    • #3
      6:14 PM BBT

      The LFs are NOT back up (but made you look! lol )

      But seriously they'll be back in less than 3 hours... 9pm PST and 12 midnight ET. Woo Hoo!


      • #4
        we're back


        • #5
          Christmas and Raven in the HoH room

          Alex and Jason on the sky bridge aka BB Campground as she packs up her tent ...


          • #6
            Christmas and Raven talking about the nomination ceremony

            Raven - you did a very good job

            Christmas is your new HoH


            • #7
              Confirmed that Matt is on the block...
              Pretty sure that Jason is there beside him ...

              Which means they are trying to back door Mark....


              • #8
                9:21 PM BBT

                Kevin- I don't understand that temptation ... I don't think it's good for us do you?
                Alex- no ... none of them are good for us ...


                • #9
                  Josh and Matt in the kitchen

                  Josh telling Matt that with him and Raven , he's always felt good ....

                  Josh - I trust you and I trust Raven.... we know we've got each other


                  • #10
                    Most all of them talking how tired they are ...

                    BB calls Jason out for napping ...

                    Kevin talking about how Elena would nap all day ...


                    • #11
                      Matt to Christmas- did Mark have some interesting things to say
                      Christmas- yeah .. but nothing that was like wow.... but when he does that .. he's always calculating ...


                      • #12
                        Matt to Christmas and Raven - Josh is much more observant than I originally thought ... I like Josh... he knows his ****

                        Christmas says he ( Josh ) finally stopped panicking and being paranoid


                        • #13
                          Josh to Kevin, Jason and Alex - doesn't the house feel peaceful?
                          Jason- so peaceful,....cause dumb ass Cody is gone


                          • #14
                            Matt asking if they ever figured out Ramses... was he working with Cody
                            Christmas- absolutely ... yes


                            • #15
                              Raven talks about how she'st he one that knocked Mark out of the HoH competition ...


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