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Live Feed Updates-August 19, 2017-Day 59

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 19, 2017-Day 59

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    4:30 BBT

    Matt up in the kitchen eating cereal. Christmas in the kitchen too trying to build a "trap". She is looking for hair to put in it. I think it is supposed to look like a "trap to whoever comes in to the kitchen in the morning.


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      Went back. Josh, Paul, Kevin saw a rat in the kitchen late last night. They were trying to find it and Paul built the trap with a large pot. Christmas made a fake rat with hair from brushes to put in the trap.


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        Let me QUICKLY catch us up from last night....


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          Mark used the "Save a Friend" on Paul....


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            1:55 AM BBT - Paul talked F5 with Matt, Raven, Josh, Christmas ....

            When Paul joins Christmas and Josh in the HoH room...

            As they talk ... they decide that they want Matt out before Kevin ... so that would make the F5..... Paul, Christmas, Josh, Raven and Kevin

            Paul, tells Christmas and Josh that he'd like for them to be the F3..

            Paul - let's lock it down ...


            • #7
              2:10 AM BBT

              Paul, Christmas and Josh all agree that Mark goes this week ....

              They talk about how Mark used the "Save a Friend" on Paul ... because he knew Paul would be safe this week, with Christmas as HoH ...


              • #8
                Paul tells Christmas and Josh that he will make a "fake F2" deal with Kevin

                They talk about how Jason has said repeatedly that he will take Alex to the F2... so that's why they need to get Jason out sooner than later...


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                  2:50 AM BBT

                  Josh tells Christmas that Kevin won the $25,000 ...

                  Paul sorta/kinda confirms....


                  • #10
                    3:35 AM BBT - there's a new house guest...

                    A rat...


                    • #11
                      4:00 AM BBT - Josh and Paul work on a rat trap ...

                      After that the feeds were down for a bit, once back.. everyone settling that hadn't already, settled in for the night.


                      • #12
                        ** an update on "Bounty on your Head" temptation/curse

                        This one is a "curse" .. the house guest who receives this one has a "Bounty" on their head... and the HOH who sends the "Bounty on your head" recipient home..... wins $5000,


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                          Today - 8/19/17

                          10:56 AM BBT

                          Christmas tells Raven about the rat in the house last night
                          Raven says she thought she saw one in the back yard

                          10:58 AM BBT

                          Matt puts a plastic bag over Raven's head...

                          ( she quickly pulls it off ) ...

                          Christmas to Matt - sometimes your pranks really concern me...
                          Matt laughs says - like if she accidentally suffocated?

                          Christmas- do you really want to put a plastic bag over someone's head

                          BB - SHUT IT DOWN

                          Christmas to Matt- that was you.


                          • #14
                            That was a quick catch up from where I left off last night ... until now ....

                            Currently - - 11:34 AM BBT

                            It's quiet.....

                            As they wait for the time to pick veto players

                            ( I have a few things I have to take care of, so if anyone can jump in and update, if they do that before I get back, I'd appreciate the help )


                            • #15
                              at around noon BBT
                              Cams 1/2
                              Christmas and Raven whispering in the kitchen

                              they are talking about words to spell (sounds like they might be thinking that will be the type of comp coming up...probably Veto.. and are figuring out what words get the most points)

                              Cams 3/4
                              are on GBR where Kevin, Jason, Josh & Alex are laying/sleeping

                              here & there they talk about the newest HG ... the rat


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