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Live Feed Updates-August 20, 2017-Day 60

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 20, 2017-Day 60

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  • #2
    All HGs sleeping


    • #3
      9:27 AM BBT still sleeeping


      • #4
        10:50am BBT
        HGs are up and the back yard is open for business. Jason & Kevin lifting the window blinds. Raven and Matt are in the Kitchen. Matt getting his first bowl of cereal for the day.


        • #5
          Kevin & Jason join Matt & Raven. Jason is out of his "Xtreme Costume".


          • #6
            Josh is up brushing his teeth and that's the only "live" activity we see right now.

            Oops, there goes Christmas scooting through the kitchen with lightning speed.


            • #7
              11:10am BBT

              Everyone is up. They are talking about how much fun it was in last's night competition. Mark said he got all the way to the top and then when back down without getting slimed. Legs, knees, and shins are sore between all the players.


              • #8
                11:15am BBT

                Josh & Christmas in the backyard whispering; add the overhead plane and it was difficult to hear.

                Christmas - we have to get Jason out sooner rather than later.

                Then, Jason, Paul and Kevin join them in the backyard.

                Jason & Kevin decide to walk around the yard (Kevin continues to be Jason's sidekick).

                Alex and now Raven have come outside.

                General chit chat amongst them.


                • #9
                  Christmas to Josh - I can't believe that I have not walked out of this house yet.


                  • #10
                    11:23am BBT

                    All cams switch to Mark and Raven cooking in the kitchen. Matt, Paul and Alex are also there. No excitement at the moment.


                    • #11
                      10:19 AM BBT (clocks may be off)

                      Have been on fish quite awhile and now back

                      Josh doing laundry and shouting out to his family

                      Kevin goes in bathroom and Jason is there

                      Josh's inhaling snot is getting on my nerves and sounds nasty too

                      Josh wandering around bedroom and still sucking in snot YUK


                      • #12
                        Kevin and Jason in the kitchen ... looks like Jason making coffee

                        If Josh doesn't blow his nose I am going to throw up

                        Kevin went to get laundry to put in with Josh's


                        • #13
                          Jason, Kevin, Raven in kitchen

                          Matt walking out to join them .. happy to have the yard open

                          Looks like Matt just got up

                          Matt thinks it's cold in the house


                          • #14
                            What I have posted today ... forget it ... I was on flashback some how some way to earlier this morning. Must have pushed a wrong button


                            • #15
                              11:44 AM BBT

                              Raven and Josh are in kitchen and she asks if he is going for the key (to get off Have Not) and he says no. He says he can handle one week but not two

                              Paul, Mark, Alex, and Christmas talking about Mardi gras

                              They are telling Mark the best time to go

                              He is going for wrestleini


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