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Live Feed Updates-August 21, 2017-Day 61

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 21, 2017-Day 61

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    3:14 BBT

    Paul up in the HOH grooming his beard and talking to Christmas, who is in bed, about loyalty and last season with Victor. He says that she has to talk to Josh about stepping up and winning some stuff. He can't do it all. He felt guilty last year when Victor got clipped.

    He's also reiterating that Mark has to go because he was gunning for Paul and his two "closest" allies, Christmas and Josh. He says this is the perfect time to get him out, rather than someone else going this week and then a few weeks down the road they have to waste another week later.

    Christmas says something about Alex and Jason. Christmas says that she thinks Alex will take a shot at Paul. Paul asks if she has said anything. Christmas says no, just a feeling. Need to take out Jason.

    Talk about Kevin being weird and need to get him out.. Raven has been close in a few HoH comps.


    • #3
      Paul goes to bed.


      • #4
        9:06 AM BBT

        ALL house guests in kitchen chatting and eating .. don't know why they are up so early ... Raven told Paul not to look at the sun ... so maybe they are up early to see the eclipse


        • #5
          Paul wearing glasses that look like 3D glasses


          • #6
            They opened the back yard so they could see the eclipse

            they are using the glasses to look

            they say it's orange ... very pretty .. looks like an eyeball ... they will see 62 percent coverage
            Josh asks what it is and Kevin says that black line will cover 62 percent of the sun



            • #7
              Josh doesn't think it's a big deal ... he wants to see when it's half way covered

              NOW he thinks its cool watching in BB house

              Jason went out to watch

              Josh in kitchen

              Paul looking for his bandana ... he is not overly thrilled about it either .. anti climactic I think he said


              • #8
                Everyone is now outside watching ... doubt if there will be game talk...or ANY talk
                9:26 AM BBT


                • #9
                  10:04 AM BBT ... activity - still watching eclipse


                  • #10
                    12:13 PM BBT

                    Went to puppies ... probably POV time

                    Just before break, Christmas, Matt and Raven talking about Kevin needing to go on block SOON even if not the target.


                    • #11
                      1:16 PM BBT Feeds back

                      Jason used POV and Mark replaced him

                      Jason and Kevin walking and Kevin complaining it sounds like Josh ... because Josh made breakfast for Christmas and Jason said that is the common kiss a$$ move

                      Over to Josh, Christmas, Alex and Paul ... they are trashing Kevin and it also sounds like Mark. Christmas says Kevin told her that people talk to him and tell him things and people see but that doesn't mean he is in on it. He said he just sleeps here and doesn't know anything.


                      • #12
                        Over to Kevin and Jason .. Kevin thinks by not winning competitions he is good. People are worried about Alex because she is good and Jason doesn't want to talk about that ... they are heading out


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                          2:06 PM BBT

                          today has mostly been a day of putting out fires and trash talking whoever was not in the room

                          Without exception Kevin has worn thin on everyone's nerves ... he breaks into conversations, takes them over and makes everything about himself.

                          One team is having problems with Jason who freaked out about the rat and thought everyone was lying .. even Alex was upset with him about this one

                          Matt and Raven has been yelling all day .. just for the sake of yelling ... Raven doesn't seem to be able to talk in a normal voice

                          NOW Kevin out talking to Paul wanting to know what's going on. He says ... "So Mark wanted you out" and Paul says "Yeah and so did Cody"

                          Kevin is keeping his ears open

                          He want to know what is happening and Paul says it depends on what happens next and who is HOH next

                          Kevin says Jason was complaining about everyone in Have not room ... even Alex saying she plays 24 / 7 and Paul says but they are sure a team

                          Paul finishes eating and Kevin says "what are you going to do" and Paul says he thinks he will sleep awhile

                          Kevin making excuses why he hasn't won anything ... Paul says everyone has to start trying


                          • #14
                            2:25 PM BBT

                            EVERYONE is laying outside .... no game talk So I am out


                            • #15
                              ( thanks Sherik )

                              I'll catch us up .... as quickly as I can ..I literally just walked in the door from leaving at 6:30 this morning ... long day .... whew...


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