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Live Feed Updates-August 22, 2017-Day 62

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 22, 2017-Day 62

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    3:30 BBT

    All HGs in bed now. Paul was up talking to the live feeders about an hour ago about the other HGs that are only there to get more Instagram followers or just want attention or fame.


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      8:28 AM BBT

      I just checked in and Christmas is in the wave room on cameras 3 and 4 talking to the owl (the camera) talking about her time in the house, who she likes and why she is who she is. She said nobody in the house knows the real her but now that she is off meds they are getting to know her and when she gets her boots they will get to know her more. She really likes Alex and believes they are a lot a like in a lot of the things they do.

      She is now talking about Paul and him telling her that nobody would vote for a vet to win but 2nd place would be fine with him and she believes that because it would be the big goal he could accomplish this season. She said it wouldn't be a failure since he is a vet it would as much a win for him as 1st for her (or any of the newbies)

      So now we have fish and I am at work so I can only check in occasionally


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        9:34 AM BBT

        Matt up in bathroom washing hands ... all other feeds are dark. I have no idea what happened to Christmas

        Matt went into the bedroom and got stuff in the dark .. carried them out and laid them on a bench in living room

        Matt went into the storage room and now to kitchen (soooo exciting)

        He CHANGED his shirt IN the kitchen and put the one he slept in on the counter ooooooooooo

        He is taking a pack of pills .. vitamins?

        back to storage room for can of coffee

        Now got trash out and is making coffee ....

        time for me to work again


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          10:40 AM BBT

          Jason and Kevin walking in BY. They are wondering what the next comp. (I guess they were told the BY is being closed down soon)


          Raven and Paul in the SR. Raven whisper to Paul about how Kevin is obsessed with Jason.. Paul says they have to get rid of Kevin but they have to take the other leap first. He says once they do that, they will make it to the end.

          Most everyone has been outside exercising at some point but all are back in.

          Just chit chat going on now.


          • #6
            11:17 AM BBT

            Matt plotting with Raven in the HOH room to try and spread it around that Kevin and Jason are attached at the hip so they must be working together.

            Meantime, Alex and Jason are talking about taking Matt and Raven out.

            And a few minutes before that, Paul and Kevin were in the green apple lounge with Kevin questioning Paul if she (Alex?) was mad at him or saying bad things about him. Paul seems annoyed with Kevin.

            ♪♪ The wheels on the bus go round and round ♪♪


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              11:49 AM BBT

              All cams on green apple lounge where Kevin, Paul, Matt and Mark are talking about terrorist activities around the world (obviously the ones before they went into sequester). Christmas is back sans cast but is still non load bearing.


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                12:54 PM BBT

                Just got home and not much happening .. same as when I left

                Paul, Kevin, Josh, Jason and Mark in wave room. Paul talking personal experience not in the house.

                Matt and Raven in the kitchen

                NO GAME TALK

                Keeping an ear open and will let ya'll know if something happens ... FISH ...


                • #9
                  Most in kitchen with Raven making burgers for those who can eat them

                  Kevin congratulates Christmas on losing the boot ... what she has now is much lighter but she can't walk on it for 2 weeks

                  Christmas going to try to make LIGHT coffee

                  Christmas calling her scooter Pepe and she can't wait to break up with him

                  Paul and Alex talking about Kevin and how he is getting on their nerves. He has been talking forever about taking a shower and Paul said go take a shower already and he said it was a process and Paul told him no it's a shower


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                    2:45 PM BBT

                    This has been going for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time .... Raven laid her bracelet down to cook the burgers earlier and when she went to get it it was gone. Everyone was looking for it and going thru trash and couldn't find it. Christmas looked behind the coffee maker because she had made coffee and it wasn't there. Alex came to help and she also looked behind coffee maker and it wasn't there. Later Paul came to help and looked all over and then noticed the coffee part wasn't laying straight so he picked it up and found the bracelet. Raven thanked him then went alone with Matt and was freaking out.

                    Then she goes upstairs and freaks out to Paul and Christmas and during that time Paul told her someone hid his bowl again also and it wasn't where she said it would be.

                    When she leaves Christmas and Paul are incredulous about how much she was freaking out and Paul is afraid she will blame him because he found it. Christmas says she knows he didn't do it because he was in the Rose room and then went to the kitchen and got his sandwich and went back to the rose room

                    Then Raven came back up and said she tried to put the bracelet behind the coffee maker and shove it back and the bracelet did not go under it, it was pushed behind it. She believes someone did it on purpose .. Kevin ... but he wasn't in the room .. after thinking about it she decides Alex was the only one alone in the kitchen so it had to be her. Paul says over and over he didn't do it and she says she trusts him and Christmas 100 percent .. she knows who did it but doesn't know why. Paul says again someone hid his bowl and he knows it wasn't her or Matt because they always tell him.

                    Then Kevin comes in so they start talking about Christmas's foot and new boot that she can remove and wash her foot and shave her legs.

                    Raven leaves and Christmas continues talking to Kevin about her cast / lack of .. don't see Paul so don't know if he left or not


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                      3:04 PM BBT

                      Now Paul is in wave room with Matt and Raven .... they are convinced now Kevin did it even though she can't 100 percent even remember Kevin being near the kitchen. She also mentions that Kevin knows slight of hand.

                      When she first went in and told everyone nobody did much and then she came back again really upset and everyone but Kevin looked or gave sympathy .. then when Paul got up to help look Kevin also got up,

                      OK the bracelet adventure continues but like everything else it is now in reruns


                      • #12
                        Poor Christmas ... all this time she is still stuck in the HOH with Kevin ... I didn't listen to this convo so if someone wants to go back it started after 2:45 BBT


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                          Currently ...

                          Christmas and Paul have been talking for a bit..

                          They've agreed they feel good with Alex...

                          Christmas- Alex is better all around.

                          Paul - but ... Jason has Kevin.... Alex has no one. ( well.. except him .. )

                          Christmas- you're right

                          Paul tells Christmas that he thinks Matt and Raven are bizarre.

                          Paul - they've done nothing this whole season.

                          Christmas- I think Zingbot got it right

                          Christmas tells Paul that she thinks that Raven is lying about little stuff

                          Paul- I think she is a compulsive liar.... and she believes her own lies

                          Paul to Christmas - I honestly wouldn't mind if Jason or Alex won ( HoH ) ... and took a shot at one of them (Matt/Raven)\
                          Christmas- I wouldn't be mad either

                          Paul on Raven - " I've choreographed this, I've choreographed this" ( songs )

                          Paul- you choreographed every ****ing song?

                          Christmas- she ( Raven ) has to be the center of attention ... no matter what ...

                          Christmas tells Paul that eariler in the game.. she asks Matt ' is this for real?" .. ( Him and Raven ) ....

                          Christmas- he said "never in the real world"


                          • #14
                            Picking up after the Raven's bracelet was found....

                            3:15 PM BBT - Paul talks with Matt and Raven ..... they talk about Raven winning HoH .... and targeting Jason ... but saying that Kevin is her target.... because she thinks he ( Kevin ) hid her bracelet from her ...

                            Raven says she could nominate Kevin/Alex ( she would be the "pawn" ) .... use the veto ( you know when they win it ) on Alex.. and put Jason on the block, get him out.

                            3:25 PM BBT - Jason tells Kevin he wants to send Matt home over Mark ... and that they just have to get Paul and Alex on-board

                            Jason to Kevin - - this isn't what Christmas wants...we'll have to keep it secret


                            After that convo ...

                            Jason tells Alex about his convo with Mark .... where Mark said if he won HoH .. he would put up Christmas and Josh ...
                            Alex tells him nope... not keeping Mark ...
                            Jason tells her to think about it .. not in terms of keeping Mark, rather than in getting out Matt...
                            He says he can't stand Matt and Raven ... and if they send Matt home this week... then they only have to beat Mark and Raven ...

                            Alex tells Jason that Mark knows that she is dangerous and that Paul is dangerous

                            Alex to Jason - the second he ( Mark ) wins, he's going to put us up, backdoor you

                            Jason tells Alex that he told Mark that he would have to get her and Paul on board...
                            Alex isn't happy ... says that Jason just revealed their F3 ...

                            Jason's worried now that Kevin will go tell Christmas about him ( Jason ) wanting to keep Mark over Matt...
                            Alex tells him to go tell Christmas himself, and say that he was just testing Kevin ... ( when he said that to him )


                            • #15
                              Currently -

                              Paul and Christmas have continued to talk

                              Paul talked about how Matt keeps bringing up his game last season ( and that's not setting too well with Paul ) ...

                              ( BB just called her to the DR )

                              Raven is telling Matt a story about a guy that ... she was "never going to go back to" ... he was texting her mom.. not her... etc...


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