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Live Feed Updates-August 23, 2017-Day 63

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 23, 2017-Day 63

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    3:40 BBT

    All HGs sleeping.


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      12:40pm BBT

      Paul & Christmas in HOH room.

      Paul - Alex can't stand ****ing Raven.

      Paul - Tell Josh to tell Alex and Jason that they (Matt & Raven) are out to get Kevin. Mark also said that Matt & Raven are gunning for me, the floater.


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        Jason & Josh in the money room. They are saying "Good Morning" to the feeds and the "familia". They just got up.

        Josh - It's a good time, gonna be good vibes, hopefully no one is gonna say **** about me.


        • #5
          Christmas & Paul continue to game talk.

          Paul - I think Matt & Raven are really dumb as ****.
          Christmas - we really can't underestimate them.
          Paul - we may underestimate them, but we may be overestimating Jason & Alex.


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            12:50pm BBT

            Kevin, Josh, Matt, & Raven in the kitchen. General chit-chat.


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              Paul has moved to the money room and is talking to Jason about Matt & Raven. He continues to talk about how clueless them must be.

              Jason is complaining about Raven talking about all her surgeries.

              Paul - and doesn't she (Raven) call Alex "mom". Why is that?


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                Alex & Josh have joined Paul & Jason.

                Alex starts to unravel Jason's bed and Jason grabs a pillow to hit Alex with it.

                BB yells "Safety First".


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                  Paul complains about BB waking them up - why were they so insistent.

                  Alex - they weren't, they let us sleep in.
                  Kevin - yeah, they didn't wake us up until 10 ****ing o-clock.


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                    Christmas joins the Money room peeps (Paul, Jason, and Kevin).

                    Christmas - Elana took two of my ****ing good pants that are $90 each. I just let her borrow them.
                    Paul - are you sure that she took them.

                    Then they discuss getting the pants back from her since she's in the jury house.


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                      ( thanks pburnsie )

                      I'll try to catch us up quickly ...


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                        3:04 PM BBT

                        Finally home ... did some random flashbacks and today has nothing to offer that is new. Matt and Raven are talking about Alex, Kevin and Jason.

                        Alex and Jason and Kevin talking about Matt and Raven ... they can't believe how they are acting, as if they are totally safe. Kevin said all they have done is stay up in the HOH and spy on people and lay low

                        Paul said Mark asked him to work with him and keep him in the house and he said no.

                        Kevin is happy if Alex, Jason or him win. He is concerned about Alex and her acting so bossy and Kevin said yes I saw that and have talked to her about. He said he told her to cool it or people are going to hate her and want her out.


                        Jason said early in the game Elena and Christmas knew he was missing his family and asked him if he wanted to go home before jury or be the first to make it to jury because they'd help him which either way .. he didnt say his answer just that he was blown away they would ask him that.

                        Christmas has been having pain in her foot and doesn't understand why it hurts worse now than when the cast was on.


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                          Just going to start from about 5 minutes ago.. work forward and then maybe backwards...

                          Alex tells Jason and Paul that Kevin asked her "are we voting to keep Matt or not?

                          And, that Kevin told her that he will do whatever they say ...

                          Talk turns to Raven

                          Jason- everybody is afraid to make fun of Raven..... cause nobody wants to be the insensitive son of a bitch

                          Jason talks about how Raven's been using her "illness" to her benefit and how it's worked...

                          Kevin asks Jason if Raven used the words " terminally ill" with him...

                          Jason - yeah ... like a hundred times


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                            Sorry Lexie didn't see you ... I am sure you will do flashbacks better than me ... I am still learning it ... so I will now sit out


                            • #15
                              Alex tells Paul, Kevin and Jason that the only reason Raven is still there, is because she's not a threat to them... not because anyone feels bad for her


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