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Live Feed Updates-August 24, 2017-Day 64

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 24, 2017-Day 64

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    All HGs sleeping


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      4:21 AM BBT

      Raven in the bathroom squeezing pimples on her face. REAL CLOSE-UP view of her squeezing her face with tweezers!
      She put medication on it and now looks to be headed back to bed


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        Now all the rooms are dark and everyone is sleeping .... (This will probably be a slow day since they spend most of it getting ready for the live show but I'll have it on and if anything interesting happens I'll let everyone know ... mean time I may look back at last night and see if there is anything exciting)


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          FLASHBACK -- 5:15 - 6:15 BBT yesterday (I am not good at flashback setting so time is probable)

          Paul and Mark got into it about Cody ...

          Things started with Paul mentioning that Cody really messed up nominating Paul based on LAST YEARS GAME PLAY and having nothing to do with him in THIS game

          Raven again brought up the fact that early in the game Cody came on to her and she flat out turned him down and he told her that it was a good thing because she couldn't have kids and no babies no relationship

          Alex said that she want to confront him (ask him) why he was obsessed with her

          (Not now but earlier I think it was Jason to Keven but not sure, Jason said something about everyone saying how much they need money and Elena came from a well off family. Josh says he owns his own business and travels to NYC several times a year and Alex goes to Vietnam (SP) for several months at a time ..AND her dad is a member of a club that requires people to have 5 mil to join)

          Paul said he must have been oblivious because he didn't know any of these things. These conversations continue until the only ones left are Paul, Jason, Alex, Kevin and Mark ... Kevin leaves soon after the arguments over Cody start ... I didnt get the beginning but ...

          Paul says how bizarre it is that Mark continues to defend Cody and get upset with people in the house who don't like him

          Mark is upset that the people in the house continue to attack Cody when he has been gone for a week. They just keep picking and making things personal and won't let it go.

          Paul says he still doesn't understand why Mark is standing up for Cody and Mark says because it is crazy this is still going on and that everyone is wrong and Cody is a different person outside the house. Paul is getting mad and asks Mark if he thinks the way Cody treated people is OK and actually believes EVERYONE in the house misjudged Cody. That is just so bizarre

          Mark "Because it was just a game. We all have the way we play and that was Cody's game."

          Paul "So Cody going around and insulting everyone in the house is just game ... he is a sh*tty person."

          Mark "It's a game and he is gone WHY do you still care"

          Paul "BECAUSE he will be JUDGING everyone in this house at the end of the game ... He gets a vote

          Mark "You have your opinion and I have mine"

          (to be cont)


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            (Yesterday's flashback cont)

            Paul "SO you are insulting my judgment ... he is a bad person who judged my whole person on a f***ing game show"

            Mark "You always talked behind Cody's back"

            Paul "NO I said everything to HIS FACE!

            Mark "Oh you confronting him to his face about what he said to Josh?"

            Paul "I confronted him to his face for calling Josh fat and threatening him OUTSIDE the house"

            Mark "I don't know why we are arguing about him when he is out."

            Paul "I WILL stand up for myself"

            Mark "It is a GAME! He isn't that way in the real world"

            Paul "How can you say that when you don't know him in the real world? You have never seen him in the real world"

            Mark "I am tired of people shi***g on his name"

            Alex AND Paul "WHY are you DEFENDING HIM when he NEVER defended you and he sh*t on you and threw you under the bus?"

            Mark "You are being too hard on him"

            Jason and PAUL "He told us he wanted us all to HATE HIM and he said 'Don't trust Mark' ..

            Paul "He treated people bad and he is a horrible person (and words I won't say)"

            Mark "I see Cody's game and it wasn't personal. You guys don't see it was game play not personal. I can separate game from personal"

            (will cont)


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              Yesterday flashback cont:

              Alex: "Mark Elena did it to you too, she was just nicer about it"

              Mark: "I know she was nicer. I will apologize to all of you if I am wrong. But Cody served our country"

              Paul: "I respect everyone who served our country and I appreciate them but it doesn't give him or anyone else the right to be a jerk"

              Mark: "I can separate game from personal and you can't do that. It's all personal for you. You attacked him personally but Cody was never personal it was all game"

              Alex "It may be a little thing but I brought my own cereal and he took it ALL .. that was personal"

              Paul: "He called me every name in the book jerk, snake, dictator, etc and THAT was a personal attack"

              Mark: "Well I guess I am a bigger person that you because I can see it's game strategy and it was all just game. Josh and I fought and it wasn't personal and we made up .. .it was just game and I could see it was just game and not personal. You took everything Cody said as personal"

              Paul "This is so bizarre you sitting here defending him ... you were NOT there ... he said these and other PERSONAL things to my face."

              Mark: "People just react to things different"

              Jason: "I get what you are saying but I talked to Cody. I wanted to see if he valued you as a person and he made it personal with what he said about you. He didn't value you in the game and he didn't value you as a person.

              Mark "This is rediculous"

              Paul: "What is rediculous is it is so bizarre you still defend him, going against the WHOLE house. He never did that for you"

              Mark "It is a game"

              It circles a little more from there but Mark continues to be blind to anything Cody might have done but he does say again if it turns out Cody is the same in jury he will owe them all an apology. He thinks he sees things better then they do because his game is over and it doesn't matter anymore

              AND NOW we are up to today and all the house guests are still sleeping @ 6:28 AM Thursday


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                9:42 AM BBT

                Just got back and the HGs are back ... Paul, Josh and Jason in the kitchen .... not a conversation I want to repeat ... boys being boys .. IF you want to learn how to say the "F" word tune in to this time and place


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                  Paul and Jason now talking about nobody using dishes except Matt and Raven and they must do it to create dishes so it looks like they are always cleaning. Jason says he hasn't used a dish since he has been there and Paul says he has one bowl and one cup. Paul says he doesn't think she (Raven) knows how to cook because everything is very salty


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                    Example of convo

                    Josh "F... I have a f..... ant crawling on my f..... nut s..k"
                    Josh to Paul ... Did you f..... fart?
                    Paul NO I DID NOT

                    sooooo I will write more when there is something real to write about


                    • beckyd30
                      beckyd30 commented
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                      They moved into the wave room to continue more of the colorful adjective laced conversation about nothing really at all.

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                    Matt and Kevin in kitchen - why did Matt use a paper towel in the coffee machine before he put in the filter? Crazyness.
                    Kevin says he's not sleeping then they talk about the song this morning being Kayne West's from his newest album - said he sounded like he was talking not singing.

                    Kevin heads to the DR (for only the 2nd time without being called) to ask for something. (not sure what, but it didn't take long). He goes into the wave room leaving Matt in kitchen alone again.

                    Having trouble keeping up with this fast pace and not falling asleep. Will be back later to see what is happening.


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                        Just reading the updates. It's not summer unless I'm catching up on BBU. SusanDLG

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                        Thanks for your donation Dlgbb1!

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                        Better later than never! <<<<BBU>>>> Donate!!

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                      After 11 AM BBT

                      Alex in the kitchen
                      Everyone else in HOH except I don't see Mark
                      Alex now running to HOH so must be a lock down

                      Mark is still not there, everyone wondering if he is even awake yet

                      Camera 3 shows Mark sound asleep

                      Alex went down and told Mark he had to go upstairs...we was totally out of it and never heard the announcement


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                        1:01 PM BBT ... I do not believe what I just saw. Kevin brushed his teeth and then used his toothbrush to comb the sides of his hair


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                          Everyone up and getting dressed ... Raven ready to make tacos ... mostly in same rooms together so no game talk.
                          Josh helped Christmas move out of HOH house


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