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Live Feed Updates-August 25, 2017-Day 65

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 25, 2017-Day 65

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    4:20 BBT

    Everybody sleeping.

    Nominations today


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      Went to flashbacks about 1 AM BBT and Kevin, Jason, Paul, Christmas and Alex are still in the HOH room ... looks like talking over each other and having a beer. (Jason got his room just after midnight -- typical of getting new HOH room)

      There was a lot of conversations all over between everyone about the two hinky votes. Jason has spilled the beans to Kevin and upset Alex who said only the two of them and Paul can know but when Paul asked her she said it wasn't her it was probably Raven ... (against Matt???) and he told her Jason told Kevin already it was them ... she says don't worry about it we will blame it on Christmas ... my questions is this ... HOW can they blame it on Christmas when she didn't have a vote? Inquiring minds want to know)

      It also turns out that Kevin was making deals with Alex because he didn't know that Raven had falled OR rather Alex didn't know and Jason played along. That is also why Matt couldn't understand the continued negotiations between the two of them

      At the moment here is the plan ... Kevin will be a have not along with Matt; Matt and Raven on the block with a backdoor plan for Kevin (Paul told Matt it would probably be the two of them (MAtt and Paul) going up as pawns because Matt has stressed over and over that RAVEN CAN NOT BE ON THE BLOCK .. EVER! And he thinks everyone else is good with that plan (NO!)

      Knowing plans change in a heartbeat don't take this one to the bank until nominations ... Josh is also afraid it could be him

      Kevin has SEMI threatened Paul reminding him that HE has done EVERYTHING Paul has asked him to do (hinky votes etc) Paul says he knows but they can't be obvious about their relationship ... and HE has his back.

      @ 1:12 AM the HOH crew is slamming on Matt ... it appears at one point in front of everyone Matt said (looking at Jason and Alex) "I guess I have two votes against me"
      nobody said anything about it ... talk turns to him leaving to get pizza

      Almost 2 AM BBT everyone starts leaving. Paul hangs back

      Paul and Jason ... tell em anything they want to hear about backdooring Kevin .. whoever wins veto takes the one off they want to keep and put up Kevin .. They want Matt to go home ... but he is going to take the safe route ... the plan is to put Kevin as pawn and get either Raven or Matt out ... Paul asks about the second vote and Jason says he thinks matt and raven had it planned out to cause problems and Raven voted him out instead of Mark ... he is making excuses about why Kevin thinks it is Alex that was second vote ... Kevin told Paul that it was Jason and Alex and they did it to blame it on Kevin .. who is super paranoid

      Jason says he just keeps putting a target on his back ... he has 40,000 right now and that is 3rd place (I don't know anything about money except the 25 thousand)

      Jason says Kevin has done NOTHING for anyone but himself. Even tonight he said the cans needed trash bags and he threw it to Jason to put it in.

      Paul says just convince Matt and Raven Kevin is his target ... and it will be either Matt or Raven or Matt and Paul on the block

      They are so upset with the arguing and yelling and leaving their stuff all over the house and taking other peoples stuff ... they make all this food and they walk away and leave it for others to clean up (Matt and Raven are the subject of this Paul and Jason convo.

      Paul says this way, surprising the one who is voted out, there will be no drama if they are not expecting either of them to leave ... they do have to take on off and put Kevin up as pawn ... they do believe if Raven is on the block and Matt wins POV he will use it on Raven.

      Lots more slamming of Kevin and then fish

      2:07 AM


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        FLASHBACK cont

        Paul and Jason still talking about all the crap Kevin is talking ... gangsters and cops ... if he was he wouldn't be discussing it

        Jason is concerned that things are getting dicey .. Paul tells him it was harder to do when he was alone and did it ... one loss and he was gone but now there are three and they can alternate and they need to keep their eye on the prize ... if they get over 'the hump' they have it made and one of them wins.

        Jason is concerned about Christmas and Josh and Paul says I can talk to her and move it away from you guys., but you have to stop worrying about what might happen. We deal with things as they come .. if you keep worrying about what ifs you will mess up. There will come a time when we MUST WIN and one of will

        (works calls so have to run)


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          10:50 AM BBT

          Paul, Raven and Matt are in the green apple lounge. Paul is laying it out that he thinks that Jason is going to backdoor Kevin. Paul tells them that Jason would probably put up Paul and Raven or Matt and Raven. Paul says that he trusts this plan, because if Jason (and Alex) get out one of those three (Paul, Matt & Raven) that Jason and Alex would have five other people pissed at them and only one of them (Alex) can play for HOH next week.


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            11:06 AM BBT

            Raven tells Matt she is picking out his clothes today. She shocks Christmas and Josh with all the clothes she pulls out of Matt's drawer that no one has ever seen before. (right??!)

            11:30 AM BBT

            Paul chatting with most of the HG's in the kitchen while Christmas and Josh are in the bedroom Jedi training on dates and events in the house.


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              I have tried to catch what is going on as I work and the best I have heard is a repeat when Paul talks to the camera about the reason he threw HOH is because he wants people to look at Jason and Alex as a real power couple so that will keep them from looking at him. He repeated his talk to Matt and Raven that a combo of the three of them will be going on the block as pawns and whoever wins POV comes down and they put Kevin up (who EVERYONE says is getting on their nerves .... he is shadowing Jason to the point nobody can get near him except of course Alex and Paul but they can't talk game)

              The PLAN however is not to backdoor / evict Kevin but to evict which ever of the two remain (Matt or Raven). They aren't arguing about it so guess they are willing.

              I read somewhere that Raven picked the apple from the tree and got can't play in HOH but I don't have confirmation of this especially since Paul just told Jason about 15 minutes ago that the tree was still red and BB was waiting for someone to pick an apple but hopefully nobody is that dumb.

              Kevin and Jason and Alex in HOH with KEVIN laying on the bed and the talk is about Jason's life outside of house

              Josh spoke with Matt and Raven and they are all made about Kevin not leaving Jason's side. Matt and Ravens say they are bored and ask Josh to think of something interesting to do while he is in the shower and he said he would

              1:03 PM BBT

              Matt and Raven dancing and kissing in storage ... (not sure which is easier to watch ... them or Kevin crowding the HOH)

              Christmas and Josh talking but having a hard time hearing ... talking about someone acting too chill
              Josh says Kevin is playing around with the apple tree like he might take it but Christmas said he doesn't know he has to go to DR first and he's just trying to make people nervous/ IF only one can take an apple I think this verifies Raven didn't take one unless she did it and didn't tell anyone and more than one person can do it ... now that is clear as mud

              Josh said Alex is dangerous because she is very good at the game and at lying ... they both like her .. Matt and Raven walked in so this game talk is over

              Paul is in DR

              I am out for dinner


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                1:43 PM BBT

                There is a lot of talk going on but it's all the same talk.
                EVERYONE knows the plan to put Matt and another person up and pretend to backdoor Kevin (I am not sure Kevin knows his part in the plan because Paul keeps telling him they can't discuss anything till after the noms)

                This is honestly all anybody is talking about ... Josh, Christmas and Paul, Paul and Kevin, Paul and Jason and Alex; Josh and Alex and Paul; Matt and Raven with anybody they run into but are not getting the tidbit about one of them going home.

                OH YEAH .. Matt is wearing something other than a muscle shirt. (Raven is picking his clothes)

                It just went to fish .. Jason was called to DR so MAYBE time for noms?

                Will try to do more later


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                  1:42pm BBT

                  Raven was walking away and Matt stuck his foot out to trip her up (just barely). But she got pissed off and they struggled. Then she stormed off quite upset (it appeared).


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                    Raven to Matt - do you want your ****ing Texas shirt to survive. You better let me go.....


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                      Paul - I feel a hate **** (sex) coming soon.
                      Josh laughs.


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                        Matt & Raven are made up and all kissy again.


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                          3:14 PM BBT

                          There just really isn't anything to report. They are all anxious for the storage room to open. There is no food and they are all hungry, so they are talking about food.

                          AND they are still repeating all the conversations about Matt and Raven going on the block (they Maven - don't know Raven for sure) Everyone is very excited to get her out.
                          Nobody is telling Kevin he will be a pawn, but it is time for him to start doing his part

                          Paul spent a lot of time explaining his new word gump or gumpy I think ... it is the opposite of "friendship"
                          Josh wants a friendship bracelet since he didn't get one

                          Now everyone sitting around waiting for food, too bored to even talk ... Alex tells Kevin .. I want them to do something I am so bored

                          ME TOO!


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                            OK one interesting thing did happen earlier .... Alex and Josh have been bonding. I didn't see the whole thing to know what lead up to it but they are joking around and Paul comes into the room and laughing Alex says "I have to tell the truth, I was the second vote for Mark" ... nobody says anything they just all laugh and Paul continues to laugh as he walks out.


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                              OH Yeah .. an other one, just shows how bored they are. Josh was laying in his bed and Paul went in and got into bed with him and cuddled. Josh turned and was shocked to see it was Paul. Paul asked if he thought he was Christmas and laughing Josh said yes
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