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Live Feed Updates-August 27, 2017-Day 67

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 27, 2017-Day 67

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  • #2
    Everybody is sleeping after the tensions last night.


    • #3
      Kevin and Jason have been doing their daily "walk the yard"
      Kevin inquiring about what was going on the HoH room last night
      Jason just telling him/complaining about Alex ...
      Jason telling Kevin that he didn't want Alex to say that she threw the HoH to him, he could have stayed up there, she wanted to jump down, she was cold, etc.
      Kevin tells Jason that the "game' only goes so far and that he ( Jason ) can't//shouldn't be "made a fool of"
      Jason tells him he took care of it with Alex

      Josh and Paul talked
      Paul telling Josh that he and Christmas will try to throw the HoH to him ( Josh ).. and now they just have to convince Alex to do the same...

      Paul told Jason that when Alex/Jason are on the block, Kevin will start campaigning for Jason... against Alex.... and they will keep Alex, get rid of Jason and blame it on Kevin


      • #4
        Kevin talks about how no one would have ever figured that Christmas and Josh would team up together

        Kevin calls them ( Christmas/Josh) a" precarious tag team"


        • #5
          Kevin asked Jason if Christmas and Josh knew that Raven thought he ( Kevin ) was "the plan" ..

          Jason - no ... I didn't say nothing to nobody


          • #6
            Kevin questioning/wondering why Raven and Matt would go to Jason ... who he calls "his right hand man" and try to flip him ( Jason ) to target him ( Kevin )


            • #7
              Kevin talks about how Matt was yelling at, questioning Jason and Alex when it came down to the 2 of them during the endurance comp

              Kevin says he asked Josh why he ( Matt ) was doing it and Josh told him to "just stay out of it"


              • #8
                Jason to Kevin - they ( Raven/Matt ) think they can predetermine what I do cause I'm stupid.....or think I'm dumber than they thought by putting up you ( wanting Jason to put Kevin up )


                • #9
                  Jason to Kevin - they ( Raven/Matt ) can sit beside each other...
                  Kevin- just put them where they belong and they can get the **** out of here....


                  • #10
                    Jason tells Kevin that "the pawn thing" ( him going up ) was nothing but a chance for him ( Kevin ) to show appreciation for the trust your comrades have ( in him )


                    • #11
                      Kevin tells Jason that because they are down to only 5 people voting..... you don't know what could happen ...

                      Kevin - Josh and Christmas haven't been talking to me


                      Raven to Paul - Jason literally hugged me ( after nominations ) and said... don't worry ... I'll pull you off...

                      Raven- if he doesn't, America is gonna get a ****ing show


                      • #12
                        Paul checks in with Alex, asks if Jason isn't using the veto
                        Alex tells him no.. ( not using it ) and to just act surprised when he doesn't ( for Matt/Raven's benefit )
                        Paul asks if Jason doesn't care if they "act surprised"
                        Alex tells him no ..


                        • #13
                          Paul working his angle to get Alex to throw the comp to Josh ...

                          Paul to Alex- I'd feel comfortable throwing it ( HoH ) to Christmas or Josh. ...
                          He tells her that Kevin goes and then the following week they all compete...

                          Alex- I'm down


                          • #14
                            12:50 BBT
                            BB called lockdown in the HoH.

                            Now we are on animals.


                            • #15
                              Have Nots

                              The first two to drop in the HoH comp are Have Nots. That means Kevin and Matt are Have Nots for the week. The Have Not temptation with the key is still in play.

                              They try to talk one of them in to trying for it so that they have some excitement for the day.


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