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Live Feed Updates-August 28, 2017-Day 68

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 28, 2017-Day 68

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    3:30 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      8:53 AM BBT

      Still sleeping away!


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        9:24 AM BBT

        Matt and Raven are up. Everyone else is....wait for it.....sleeping.


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          10:01 AM BBT

          Matt is outside. Jason and Raven are in the kitchen and they are discussing how much Alex dislikes Kevin and wants him out of the house.


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            10:05 AM BBT

            Jason and Raven talk about Kevin being older and he was raised different from everyone else in the house. Jason says he really wants to say something to Kevin and that he tries to beat around the bush but Kevin doesn't pick up on it. Jason says everyone else has won a comp or been on the block except Kevin. He says he has told Kevin that he needs to do something. They both agree that they like Kevin but they feel Kevin is going to lose his ****.

            Jason says he feels like Kevin wants everyone to carry him to the end with Kevin doing nothing and then he will hoist the winning check over his head as the winner.


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              10:19 AM BBT

              Kevin is up and is getting ready to go out and exercise with Jason. Kevin is shaving first.


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                10:31 AM BBT

                Kevin and Jason head outside to exercise. Kevin tells Jason that last night he went into the water closet to sneak something to eat (he's a have-not) and when he came out Josh and Christmas were there so Kevin ran his hands under the water. Kevin said that Josh called him out for not using soap and Kevin was irritated because he couldn't tell Josh that he hadn't gone in there to actually use the toilet. Kevin doesn't understand why people can't mind their own ****ing business. (lol)


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                  10:35 AM BBT

                  Kevin is still bellyaching about Josh. He says that everyone is trying to play their own game. He says Jason is playing an athletic game, Kevin is trying to play a social game and Josh accidentally knocked a ****ing ball in a hole. Talk turns to Raven. Kevin and Jason say Raven is going to lose her mind today (after POC ceremony). Kevin finds it weird that Raven waited until after Cody was gone to tell everyone that 3 or 4 days after being in the house Cody told Raven that he didn't want to be with her because she can't have children.

                  They talk about the POV comp. Kevin says that Josh goes in there and rips out people's stuff looking for a card and then everyone wants to blame Kevin for it. Jason said that Alex came up to him and asked him if he threw Raven's hair around. Jason said that really pissed him off. Kevin says Alex accused him of throwing stuff in her corner. Jason says there's a little part of him that just wants to tell Alex to relax, that it's (her attitude) is getting ****ing old. Kevin says he didn't touch anyone's personal stuff, he just looked in general areas.

                  Matt and Raven have come out. (think they are doing laundry).


                  Then a beautiful Husky is on cam at the animal shelter!!


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                    11:56 AM BBT

                    Still on the animal shelter!


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                      11:59 AM BBT

                      We are back. Raven is crying and pissed. Jason is seeking refuge in the SR. Raven is outside now with Matt. She is screaming that Jason should not have sat there with her this morning having a nice conversation with her and throwing Kevin under the bus if Jason wasn't going to use the POV on her. She says she is going to go all out for HOH and get Jason out. Matt and Paul are trying to calm her down.

                      Jason is telling Alex that even though everyone is talking about counterfeit Kevin, he talks to Kev every day. Jason says he never talks to Matt and Raven and they don't talk to him.

                      Paul is muttering about how terrible it was for Jason to do this to Matt and Raven.


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                        12:09 PM BBT

                        Jason comes out of the SR. Kevin tells him that Raven is raging outside with the others. Matt and Raven come in and Matt asks Jason why he was hiding out for 5 minutes in the storage room. Jason says he was getting his butt chewed by Alex in there. Matt calls BS. Raven starts screaming at Jason. She tells him he shouldn't have lied to them. He should have told them this was all part of the game not that Jason was going to take Raven down. Jason says he doesn't ever remember telling her he would take her down. Raven says in his nomination speech when he put them up, that Jason said the house had an agenda (which they did and it was to backdoor Kevin). Jason is trying to defend his actions but Matt is jumping in to the fight now. Kevin is standing there (he is always standing by when there is trouble to step in if needed) so they aren't really saying anything about Kevin being the "house agenda".

                        Matt asks Jason why he didn't just say Matt and Raven this is just part of the game? Jason says Matt's right, he should have. Raven keeps yelling that what Jason did was ****ty (over and over). Matt comes back into the room (he had walked away for a moment) and he collects Raven and pats Jason on the back and says you're a bitch. You admitted that you're a bitch.


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                            12:13 PM BBT

                            Matt has ushered Raven back to the bathroom. Jason is still trying to make amends. Matt tells Jason that he should have been upfront with them when he put them on the block. Matt says that instead, Jason wanted to be a little bitch and then go hide in the storage room, again like a little bitch. Jason says he said they had t play it out in veto. Matt and Raven says he didn't say that (sounds familiar to me that he did). Matt says all of national TV saw it. Jason has been talking **** about Kevin all week, (yes, Kevin is still there) then Matt and Raven take turns repeating "all week" and Matt says he can't believe that Jason didn't have the balls and hid in the storage room for 15 minutes. Matt says even Cody wouldn't do that. Matt said he would've never expected a cowboy to be a ***** like that. Jason says he wasn't hiding, Matt says that he was. Jason said he asked them if they had any questions and Matt asks him what Jason wanted him to do? Ask him if he was a lying bitch on national TV? Jason says yes.

                            Matt says that this is a game and he has no problem with Jason's decision but for him to go hide like a little punk bitch......

                            Paul has come out still wearing his floatie.....

                            Raven is still screeching from the bathroom....

                            Matt walks back towards Jason saying that he was hiding from a 105 lb little girl (his voice is getting high and screechy too) Jason says he was hiding....yes you were....I had to take the box back to the storage room....don't hide from a 105lb girl for 20 minutes....(yes, we have gone from 5 to 15 and now 20 minutes).

                            Matt says that is Mark and Cody bitch ****. Paul (with his floatie) has walked in and out of the sliding glass door. Josh comes out of the bathroom (holy shnikey! how many people are back there?!). Raven taking up the "you're so ****ty because you threw Kevin under the bus all week" mantra.


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                              12:40 PM BBT

                              Matt & Jason going at it again. Matt asked Jason if he voted for him when Mark was evicted. Jason stuttered. Then Matt started yelling at him. Jason finally tells him that he voted for Matt. Claims he doesn't know who the other vote was. Says he thought it was Raven.


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