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Live Feed Updates-August 29, 2017-Day 69

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 29, 2017-Day 69

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    3:30 BBT

    All HGs are sleeping. Matt got up and went to the bathroom then went right back to bed (in the Rose Room rather than the Have Not room)


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      10:11 AM BBT

      A few lights are on but everyone is still hunkered down in their beds.


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        This is a huge topic of conversation today, so I am going to take this opportunity to flashback and get the "infamous" Jason conversation.

        3:29pm BBT

        Jason, Josh and Alex in downstairs bathroom talking about Kevin and the big blow up with Josh. Jason asks Alex if Josh hadn't just promised her that he wouldn't blow up on Kevin? They chuckle and Josh says he couldn't hold it in anymore.

        Josh tells Jason that Jason should have kept Josh upstairs because he (Josh) was a ticking time bomb. Jason tells Josh that he talked to Kevin and Kevin knows he is going home next because everyone always sends Christmas and Josh to do their dirty work (try to make others lose their cool). Paul joins them.

        Paul talks about how when the fight was going down, Kevin kept looking at Paul as if to say "don't say it mother ****er, don't say it" (that Kevin took the $25k)

        Jason says he told Kevin that he knew Kevin took the money because he wouldn't swear on his kids. Paul asks what Kevin's response was. Jason says Kevin asked him if he (j\Jason) wanted to know if it was true and Jason told him no. Kevin tells Jason that if he did take the money he would end up with $10 thousand less that second place and he never had to win a comp. Kevin asks if Jason doesn't think that's good gameplay?

        zJason says that Kevin told him that he know that he is the target because he knows that everyone sends Christmas and Josh to do the dirty work. Josh asks if Kevin thinks they are dogs? (woof!) Paul and Alex start denying they had anything to do with getting Josh riled up. Jason tells Kevin that people are just upset because he went against the house by not taking Raven off the block and putting Kevin up.

        Josh mutters to Paul and asks if he should do some damage control in case Kevin wins HOH? (lol) Paul acts as if that will never happen. Jason said Kevin just asked him on the way in if he should be gunning to win HOH and Jason told him "I guess, you better". Josh says NO! Jason says, "what did you want me to say? **** no, you tool?" Josh (who is visibly shaken) asks, "how do I fix this?" <snicker>

        Jason says that he is not going to ****ing win. Alex knocks on wood and then Jason does too. Paul says Kevin could win if it's a luck one.

        Jason: Then I'll make him lose his $40 thousand. If he puts me and Alex up or you and me up or some bull**** like that, I'll ****ing make him lose his brain. I'll call that mother ****er every name in the book.

        Alex laughs and lists off all the names Jason could call Kevin. Alex and Jason are laughing as she does this.

        Jason: I will **** your wife when I get out of here. (Alex, Jason and Paul laughing, Josh is looking completely horrified) I will tie up your daughters and make them ****ing watch you piece of crap. (Alex laughing, Jason slapping his knee with laughter, Paul laughing but putting his head in his hand, Josh seemingly can't look at any of them after that comment).

        Jason: Where's the line? Where's the line?

        Paul: The line is gone. You didn't even acknowledge the line.

        Jason: (still laughing) I was trying to think of the worst craziest thing you could say.

        Paul tells him that was it!

        Everyone is still laughing except Josh who is worried about fighting with Kevin.


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          10:47 AM BBT

          Most everyone is up and chit chatting.


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            Purr transcribed the Jason, Paul, Alex & Josh conversation that everyone's talking about above. I had no idea she was doing it but I just spent 40 minutes of my life getting this conversation word for word so I'm going to post mine too, LOL. They seem to be in sync.

            3:32 PM BBT 8/28/17 (Thanks for the flashback time Purr)
            (Jason, Josh, Alex & Paul in the bathroom area)

            Jason telling about talking to Kevin and says, "I left the f**king noms the same and everyone is f**king pissed about it." I said, so everybody's on edge.
            I said, "It has nothing to do with you. You're not the f**king target. Why don't you calm down".
            Josh says, "We need to do damage control (on Kevin) in case he wins HOH."
            Jason says, "Oh, he just said that on the way in, What do I need to do, win the HOH?" I said, "I guess, you better."
            Josh says, "NO!"
            Jason says, "What do you want me to say, f**k me, you tool" I was walking inside and he (Kevin) said, "I guess I better turn it up and win the HOH."
            Josh (looking at Paul) says, "How do I fix this?"
            Jason, "Well he ain't gonna f**kin' win guys". (Alex, Jason & Josh all knock on wood)
            Paul says, "It's a gamble". "Like if it's a luck one but..."
            Jason says, "Then I'll make him lose his $40,000 if he puts me & Alex up, me & you (looking at Paul) up or some bullsh*t like that."
            "I'll make him f**kin' lose his bread". "I'll call that motherf**ker every name in the book".
            Alex laughs and starts saying names to call him, "Liar, c**t, f**k, son of a b**ch" (those are the ones I could hear/understand)
            Everyone but Josh laughs.
            Jason says, "I'm gonna f**k your wife when I get out of here. I'm gonna tie all your daughters up and make 'em f**kin watch you piece of..."
            Jason, Alex & Paul laugh but Paul puts his hand on his head and Jason starts saying, "Wait, where's the line, where's the line?"
            Josh, "I'm Forrest Gumpin' it. You don't even know the line existed". (Josh is the only one not laughing during this whole conversation)
            Paul says, "The line is gone. You don't even acknowledge lines!" (In other words, saying Jason just crossed the line).
            Jason says, "I was trying to think of the worst, craziest thing to say and that was it."
            Paul says, "That was it, that was definitely it!"
            Alex, Paul & Jason saying something about, he had the Mountain Dew instead of Coke (in other words, I take it meaning he (Jason) is hyped up because Mountain Dew has more caffeine).
            Josh asks if he should have a conversation with him (Kevin).
            Alex says, "NO!"
            Jason & Paul both say they pretty much calmed/squashed it.
            Kevin walks in and both Jason & Alex get up and that's the end of it.
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              10:48 AM BBT

              Kevin and Jason walking the backyard. Kevin is still upset/hurt by everyone targeting him. Jason says he is going to ask Alex what her problem is with Kevin. Kevin says why would she treat one of her team members like crap (team members being Jason, Kevin, Alex and Paul). Kevin says he has done nothing and all Alex would be able to come up with is stupid crap. Jason says if he doesn't get a straight answer then he wants to sit all of them down and hash it out.

              Jason wants Kevin to stay in the house because he is the only one Jason can talk to about something other than the game. Kevin agrees that it would be a good idea.

              Jason talks about how you have to just sit back and watch what other people are saying and who they all turns to and listens to in an instant(Paul). He says if you want to go against it, then you go against everyone. Jason says if they keep pushing against Kevin, then Jason will have to go against Kevin because he wants to win the $500,000. Jason says he wants to stop people going against Kevin because he wants Kevin to stay.

              Talk turns to Josh. They both like Josh. Kevin says the only one that Alex may be able to beat in the end is Josh. Kevin says but he would vote for Josh (not Alex). Kevin says today was the first day since he's been here that he didn't want to get up. He says it's a shame that people can make you feel that way. Jason says that the thing to remember is no one ever won this game by giving up or sulking. Kevin says he's not sulking. Jason gets called to the DR.


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                11:28 AM BBT

                Jason wakes Alex up. He asks her if everyone really hates Kevin? She says yes. He says so there's no way we can honor that final 4 deal. She says no. He says so I just should have put him up on the block. She says yep. Jason says he had the feeling that if he had put Kevin up as a pawn, they were all going to vote him out. Alex says it was a possibility but nothing was set in stone. Jason tells her he wishes she had filled him in on the plans. Alex says it's no big deal, they just get rid of Matt this week.

                Alex tells Jason that Thursday everyone is going to lay into Kevin and scare the **** out of him, freak him out.

                Jason tells Alex about his talk with Kevin earlier. He repeats the story about sitting down with the four of them and talking things out (but it's repeated in a way that makes it seem Jason was gruff with Kevin). Alex tells him that he can't say Alex and Paul's names.

                People keep walking through and they stop whispering. Jason says that he thought everyone was still just trying to scare Kevin (I guess to toe the line with them) not that they were ready to get rid of the guy. Alex says that Matt told her that Kevin was throwing Jason under the bus and then Raven said that Kevin manipulates Jason.

                Conversation continues down the nit pick everything Kevin has said and done path.

                Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


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                  12:45 PM BBT

                  My dogs were stolen so haven't been interested much in BB but they have been returned so now I am back

                  Unfortunately all the good stuff seems to be over. Jason just got snap chat glasses (?)
                  Matt and Raven have been at the pool ... he really isn't caring to keep any of the rules. Someone mentioned his shorts are wet and he has his mic in the pocket and he just shrugged\
                  They are now in the kitchen with Paul and Kevin and Alex .. having coffee and no game talk


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                    Glad you got your dogs back!!, how scary for you. Thanks for updating the Live Feeds too.

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                  One thing ... It has been decided if next comp is questions it will be thrown to Christmas ... if it is just semi physical it goes to Christmas if she can compete .. if it's real physical it goes to Josh .. plan is to send Kevin home. Jason is finally catching on to the fact Kevin has been lying and lazy and everyone wants him gone. Christmas also stated that she will not be able to walk without crutches now until the day the show ends ... she is bummed


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                    Alex and Christmas are now outside talking about Raven and Matt and the fact neither of them is making it clear to the other if what they have is just a BB thing or something that might continue outside the game AND if it continues will it be romance of just friends. Now just talking about their lives and how relationships must be defined for both of them


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                      Matt just poured milk on Raven's head and immediately to fish ... didnt sound like there was a fight or anything


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                        1:40 PM BBT

                        Paul, Christmas and Alex talking about the fact they think Matt is trying to tell Raven by his actions that they are done after the game ... they have not been on camera since feeds came back
                        Talk now about Kevin taking stuff while on Have Not like he is eating them but hiding them in Storage room ...


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                          BB is really censoring a lot of the stuff being talked about. Kevin and the 25k and fish; Matt and Raven - fish; personal stuff - fish

                          Anyway they are back .. talking about Kevin looking old because of too much sun
                          Kevin is moaning about not wanting to play anymore according to Paul


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                            Well sitting here listening between fish and I have yet to figure out why so many fish .... Jason doing the camera thing and that is the excitement of the moment

                            2:01 PM BBT


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