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Live Feed Updates-August 30, 2017-Day 70

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 30, 2017-Day 70

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    Everybody is sleeping


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      FLASHBACK TO last night about 10

      Just before 10 PM Matt is bellyaching to Josh and Paul and saying it was a big act with Matt. He (Kevin) never threatened him. He just wanted to stir up trouble. Matt is standing there and tells Kevin again he is a liar.

      Alex is positive Kevin is falling apart because she hid his slop and kept telling him he was looking old due to sitting out in the sun too much, so she is really enjoying seeing him falling apart. (I don’t know that what she did/said led to this but it didn’t help Kevin’s ego any.)

      BB continues to go to fish every two minutes. Nobody is doing anything but I think they are taking precautions incase a fight does break out but it is a pain in the butt seeing as live feeders are being cheated … I think we have had more fish than feeds today

      Paul hurt himself lifting weights. One of them slid down and hit him in the nose. Christmas offers some pain meds but paranoid Paul is afraid they will cause bleeding in this brain.

      Matt has 100 percent decided to ignore being a have not and about 10 decides to eat a burger that Raven cooked for him. AND as they do every time Matt ignores the rules of being a have not BB says “Matt stop that” but he continues to eat.


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        Flashback cont:

        Not sure why but Christmas suddenly takes a pan of bacon Josh was cooking and throws it on the floor. He is stunned and want to know why and she says because he was bugging her and she doesn’t give warnings. Josh wants to know warnings about what. She says he wasn’t the one cooking and he was asking her too many questions and it was making her mad. (all he was asking is if she wanted something else to eat … one too many times)

        Paul is back from the DR. He has a big red mark and a small cut near his eyebrow. He is complaining about the possibility of having a concussion (he didn’t even need stitches … I think maybe Paul doesn’t like not being center of attention … kind of like Kevin)

        Switch to the about to be separated lovers and Raven is telling Matt that on Thursday night she will meet him at the door with his bad an a huge kiss. She wants him to open the door as wide as he can and look back at her and wink


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          flashback cont:

          It’s almost 11 and Jason and Paul are in the HOH .. Jason continues his complaining about not seeing who Kevin was until after the nominations. He says that Kevin has always told him not to be a fool and he is still telling him that.

          Paul says that Kevin had a good thing going with him, Jason, and Alex and he blew it when he decided to attack Alex to Paul. He really has little regards for women and thought he could split them up even though he could see how close they were. Kevin mistakenly decided he meant more to Jason than Alex did.

          Jason says he is pissed that Kevin keeps saying Alex is the puppet master and was behind all of his decisions. He says I am a man, I can think for myself and I made decisions that Alex didn’t like .. like NOT nominated Kevin because he was my friend.

          Josh come in and tell Paul about a conversation he had will Kevin. He says Kevin tried to say that he has never thrown Josh under the bus and never used his name bad. Paul asks Josh what about the fact he almost hit you with a glass? He says he used the same intimidation tactics on him as he tries with Kevin .. he told me I was being controlled and not making up my own mind about things. I told him NOBODY controls me I make my own decisions.

          Later Alex is HOH and talking about Kevin just being a really mean person. Jason tells her he things she will get America’s Favorite Player even though Kevin thinks Kevin has it in the back ?!? (Paul told them that he won last year but he was in final two so it went to Victor)

          Paul tells Jason not to be suckered by Kevin any more. He (Kevin) has been suggesting for weeks that Paul put Jason on the block.

          It’s after 11 BBT and nothing new is happening and I have some work to do. Will try to listen today and see if anything is working entering

          It is currently 4:42 AM BBT and all HGs are sleeping


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            9:18 AM BBT .... still sleeping


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              12:55 PM BBT

              Everyone is in the kitchen chatting and eating and Discussing past seasons. Didn't get here in time to figure which season they are talking about being the worst everf


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                Kevin in bathroom actually and not with the others. They (kitchen crew) talking about what a waste Megan was ... taking the place of someone who wanted to play. Josea told Paul to get Nicole out in this season and he didn't believe she could win ... but as we know she did

                Cody blew it this season talking about "trans" people and he came in PLAYING the game too hard to soon
                Josh said eating breakfast one day Cody was telling how to kill people and of course FISH


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                  OMG they came back .. someone mentioned Kevin's name and more FISH .... BB is getting crazy with the fish button


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                    Now talking about racist comments and Josh said that is a conversation he'd never be a part of
                    Jason said to rethink that because maybe he could change someone's mind
                    They just mentioned Jessica being called out by Julie about calling Alex a panda and Jess said yeah and Julie said you do know I am Asian right (I don't know how they know this)


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                      Kevin still hasn't joined in ... maybe because he can't take seeing them eat (They have all said they believe Kevin is cheating .. he drank gatorade yesterday and that isn't permittedd


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                        1:07 BBT no talk worth mentioning so will try to keep listening and see if any thing worthy of reporting happens


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                          2:43 PM BBT

                          Sorry I haven't been updating more but there is absolutely nothing to report.

                          Raven want Matt to let her keep at least one her shirts. Paul is a good guy and she knows he will work to keep her safe

                          Kevin is pretty much staying to himself but he did go to the kitchen and offered to help Jason clean up .. we went over and said he straightened up some containers ... The he said OK you have this so I am going to go ... apparently he only messed with the containers to get cookies and BB called him out and he threw them into the trash...Jason of course told everyone about it

                          For the past twenty minutes or more then are trying to figure out if anyone is coming back ... when will the show end ... will they let it run during football starting ... what will they do about Survivor? Will they let BB run into October ... will there be 4 finalists this year and so on and so on


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                            Just stopping by to check in as I have a few minutes tonight and the HGs are all at the kitchen table eating supper so no game talk going on at all.


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                              I failed to mention that Kevin is not at the table, however Matt is and enjoying his meal. (How many votes can he get?)


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