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Live Feed Updates-August 31, 2017-Day 71

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 31, 2017-Day 71

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    All HGs sleeping


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      10:24 AM BBT

      One of the rooms have the lights on but can't see anyone in that bedroom ... other rooms lights are out. Haven't seen any movement yet


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        12:18 PM BBT

        HGs are in HOH LOCKDOWN .
        Lock down was called sometime after 11 AM ... brief glimpses of the HGs getting dressed and / or eating breakfast before we went to empty cages...nevermind there are puppies in the cage ... just couldn't see them till they came out of the crate .. <---- biggest news on BB today so far


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          1:22 PM BBT

          Lock down is over. Everyone is in the kitchen cleaning except Raven who is in the shower. They are throwing out old food

          Even Kevin is helping ... he rolled up one piece of foil and carried it to the trash can

          They believe if they do this with the few people who are left they should be able to keep it clean (Raven and Matt won't be cooking all the time)

          Matt now working out in the living room


          • #6
            Well I am off ... they are still cleaning and most all together so no game talk at all


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              1:46 PM BBT

              Jason and Kevin performing surgery on the vacuum cleaner. Kevin was vacuuming the GBR. It was picking up but nothing was going into the plastic container. Jason had Kevin get a knife in the kitchen and they have the vacuum apart and are trying to clean out the coil. Suction is working.


              • #8
                Paul was cleaning the dining table.

                Christmas doing dishes.

                Raven cooking.

                Matt is now having a feast at the table Paul just cleaned. His last supper you could say. Raven joins him to eat.


                • #9
                  Jason getting vacuum cleaner back together and he gets called to the DR.


                  • #10
                    Vacuum moved to SR. It is still not working properly. Jason said he can't get it to suck, so suction must be messed up.

                    Alex cleaned the kitchen bar counters and chairs and emptying the garbage.

                    Everyone working at cleaning except Raven and Matt.
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                    • #11
                      BB calls Matt to the DR.


                      • #12
                        Raven and Paul talk in GBR. Plan for HOH comp tonight is for Raven to drop after Kevin.

                        Paul goes in HN room where Kevin is and talks to him about dropping, but not before Raven.

                        Paul tells Kevin he has his back.

                        Paul leaves and Kevin says out loud 'He says he's got my back'.

                        Kevin yells for Jason to see if vacuum has been fixed yet. (It was taken out of SR by BB to get fixed.)


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                          2:12 PM BBT

                          One Cam zoomed in on Alex filing her nails. She had just put on deodorant and she is wearing that black sports bra that doesn't even cover half of her boobs.

                          Other Cam is on Christmas, Paul, and Jason joking around in the kitchen. Josh joins.

                          Paul still walking around wearing Trejo.


                          • #14
                            Cam moved from Alex to Kevin rubbing his eyes and twirling his hair and now staring off into space.


                            • #15
                              Paul and Alex whispering in GBR about HOH comp. Talking about both of them dropping after Kevin drops. Best case scenario is that Josh wins.


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