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Live Feed Updates-September 1, 2017-Day 72

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 1, 2017-Day 72

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    3:50 BBT

    Everybody is in bed asleep.


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      I doubt anyone will be surprised but Kevin is kissing butt big time with Christmas. Telling her like he did Paul and Jason that “they have been together since the beginning.” He promises Paul and Christmas that he will stay to himself in the bedroom and not cause any problems. He is also trying to blame Alex for all the unrest and people getting upset with each other. Christmas just tells him to keep on doing what he is doing and do NOT mention her or Paul to anyone. Kevin says he won’t because it seems maybe Jason isn’t going to be talking to him as much since he is sure he (Jason) and Alex have a better chance at final two than him (Jason) and Kevin

      It’s after midnight and everyone is tired wondering how long they have to wait for Christmas to get her HOH. They really want to go to bed.

      Paul warns people that as the group gets smaller there will be less to do and everyone will be getting completely bored. This is just a taste of what’s to come

      While waiting Alex and Paul talk about who should go next. He tells her they are close and next to go should be Kevin and then Raven. Alex is thinking there is going to be an off day eviction or a double eviction real soon to get the game done in time. Alex says it used to be over 70 episodes and now only about 42 (?)
      (Alex and Paul have a different order than Paul and Christmas which since Christmas is HOH seems to be the current plan .. they want Jason/Alex and then Kevin/Raven -- Paul really seems to be strong with Josh and Christmas but he has a toehold on the rest also)

      For a long long time nothing happening; Christmas is in the DR and has been there awhile. Raven is trying not to sleep. Alex scares Jason and the others talking non game stuff.

      Josh suddenly has an epiphany … “We are watched on BBAD live every night” (DUH) Paul says yeah and everyone hears all of Jason sex stories.
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        It’s almost 2 AM before Christmas is able to ask “Who wants to see my HOH room?” She gets a letter from her friend Lindsey and it says (bear with me on this)

        Hi Friend,

        Nugget and I made you a necklace as a token to help when things get a little tough. Aquamarine - 10 beads to signify 10 years of friendship gives you confidence and harmony; dream catcher to remind that no matter what life throws your way, you are still able to create the life of your dreams. Tiger eye gives you power, courage, passion, strength, and good fortune.

        We are so incredibly proud of you. You’re kicking so much booty with a literal boot tied to your leg. There is so much to tell you that I don’t even know where to start so here is a brief rundown. Sweet Gotti passed away on June 14th of stomach cancer. That is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do and I was missing you something fierce that day. He’s very proud of his Auntie X. Wedding planning is going full force. We put down a deposit on a venue the week of August 12th and I can’t wait to tell my bestie all about it over a bottle of bubbles. There is so much more, but I want to save it for when I get to see your sweet face again. We are sending so much love and positive energy from the Rockies.

        Namaste, my sweet friend,

        (Christmas says Gotti was her puppy)

        Everyone eventually makes there way to their beds.
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          9:18 AM BBT

          Christmas is up in the HOH room ... it comes on with her laughing ... she says What a good day .. it will be a good day, no sleep but who cares!


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            Christmas seems to be the only one up .. she is now downstairs scooting around the table. Mentioned the "TREE" and it being nominations today and is now looking at the memory wal


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              Alex still trying to sleep but Christmas talking to her ... yard is open .. Alex said they were calling them into the DR all night .. someone went in at 6 but didn't hear who. (I tried to do more flashbacks but didn't get anything except repeats of Cody and Jessica ... sometimes I can do it and sometimes I can't)

              Alex says BB will probably get them up pretty soon.


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                The girls are talking about not knowing where someone is (I think Kevin) .. Alex believes he got up awhile ago

                Jason is still in bed with blankets over his head and must not be bothered by the girls talking


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                  Christmas went in and woke up Josh ... It appears Raven and probably Paul are in the room .. .they are whispering so low I can't hear a word



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                    Christmas and Josh still having a conversation
                    A little about Josh shouldn't have acted so excited last night
                    Someone asking what Christmas would do .. doesn't sound like it was Kevin because it was someone asking if they would go after Kevin and it was a he ... probably Jason?
                    Christmas thinks because of Kevin Raven is going to get closer to Alex or Paul and She plans on getting closer to Alex
                    It SOUNDS LIKE Jason will be on the block but no idea who with .. .last night it was Alex but now I didn't hear

                    more FISH


                    • TTOTambz
                      TTOTambz commented
                      Editing a comment
                      It is going to be Jason & Alex. Christmas is explaining to Josh how she is going to position why Alex is on the block & will get close to her this week so she believes she (Alex) isn't a target.

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                    11:12 AM BBT

                    Jason and Kevin outside on their morning walking, they are questioning why the back yard is open when they should be having a comp today

                    Jason says "Maybe Paul is right and it will be that black box comp .. they just have to throw a few walls together with screws

                    Kevin: You sleep?
                    Jason: No, they kept calling everyone to the DR. Me, Alex and Paul about 6
                    Kevin: Alex again?
                    Jason: yeah
                    Kevin: Alex again ... after she'd already be in there an hour and a half?
                    Jason: Yeah
                    Kevin: Just asking about the track meet
                    Jason: Yeah
                    Kevin: I don't know how Josh to so far up the ladder
                    Jason: I know how. I know exactly how
                    Kevin: that was a month and a half ago ... since then?
                    Jason: Because he was the soldier that got the Codys and the Jessicas out and exposing Elena

                    Christmas and Alex come out and that convo ends

                    Now on fish


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                      Paul and Josh in kitchen making breakfast ... Paul is imitating Kevin asking if you want to walk the yawd

                      Talk about putting up two pawns ... ALex come in and says she volunteered because then Kevin would KNOW he was going

                      Paul ask if she talked to Christmas about it and she said yes

                      Raven and Christmas talking about Matt, Christmas reassuring her that he is having a good time by the pool

                      Breakfast menu changed ... scrambled eggs and avocado toast

                      Paul is now telling ALex that he told Kevin to shut up because he kept asking him what is going on he old him he is not the HOH and he doesn't know the answer

                      Alex laughing that the person with one foot won the relay race (it was thrown to her or someone was disqualified)


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                        10:47 AM BBT

                        Jason and Kevin still walking

                        Christmas laying on the lounger outside waiting for breakfast

                        Raven cooked

                        Josh and Paul making breakfast for four (not sure what four)


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                          10:56 AM PM

                          BBT just announced indoor lockdown


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                            1:48pm BBT

                            Kevin & Josh in money room.

                            Kevin - do you know who's going up?
                            Josh - nah, I don't know anything.

                            Christmas, Jason, Alex, Paul with Trejo in the Kitchen. General chitchat.


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