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Live Feed Updates-September 2, 2017-Day 73

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 2, 2017-Day 73

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    4:00 BBT

    Everybody sleeping


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      12:45 PM BBT

      I just got in and from I have been able to check out, not much has been happening. Christmas and Raven continue to bond. Christmas believe Alex wants Jason out because he blew up her game but she probably won't say it.

      I didn't catch anyone else conspiring but again I am not good at flashbacks ....

      They are all in the kitchen talking about the harm and consequences of smoking cigarettes (however pot is ok ... don't you smoke that too?)
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        Paul believes there is a conspiracy to NOT cure cancer because it is a billion dollar business .... THEY keep the stuff to themselves that actually cure cancer


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          Alex and Jason in wave room talking ... they need to play all out for Veto and Paul is behind this ... now wait that might look ****y Paul is absolutely no behind this and we need to chill. Jason's only fear is that because they are on the block the others might take advantage of it to get one of them out when originally that was not Christmas' plan but it might be now .... it would be hard not to consider it.


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            Paul, Christmas, Raven and Kevin in kitchen ... no game talk and not much including Kevin


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              Paul joined Alex and Jason ... Paul still acting paranoid ... none are really sure what is on her mind. Nothing will be clear until after POV

              Paul ... I never though she would actually ....

              ALex ... I thought she'd do Jason and Josh

              Paul ... she keeps saying she needs to get out strong male competitor .....he is still hoping her goal is Kevin

              Paul ... best scenario is Paul wins veto and pulls one of them off and that makes two of them safe ... Josh walks in and Jason says Josh is safe because he is in an alliance with Christmas and Josh says "I wish" and Jason says just joking and Josh says don't do that that can hurt someone's game

              Talk about how shady Kevin is and how he had the all fooled for the first half of the game


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                1:33 pm bbt



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                  Just stopping by on my way out. Veto players chosen. Everyone but Josh will play in the POV. I will be back later and hopefully I can help out.


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                    Christmas and Josh in wave room 1:43 p.m. BBT
                    Flashing back.
                    Christmas asks if Josh has talked to Paul.
                    Josh – No. Christmas tells Josh that Paul talked to the others and told them the best thing would be to throw the POV to him.
                    Josh – you know what he is going to do right? He is going to take Tiger off.
                    Christmas isn’t sure and Josh reaffirms – yes he is.
                    Christmas tells him that they will put up Kevin. What’s wrong with that? As Josh pauses she asks “What is this. What’s happening?”
                    Josh – um. She asks again what happened. Josh is trying to gather his thoughts. Josh thinks that the best case scenario is that Raven wins. If she wins, we keep noms the same. We are forced to take the shot. I just pray that Paul has our backs 100%. He is working his angle for jury too. I walk in here (the wave room) and Jason says that he is hearing that I have an alliance with Christmas like it’s a joke. Josh tells her he denies and claims it is only a friendship with her just like others. Paul (homie) is talking about being worried about getting backdoored. He is working the angles.
                    Josh – I’m not kidding. Raven has to win. That way it doesn’t leave the blood on your hands or on my hands. Also Paul is working the angle with the votes. He (Paul) says I will vote for her.
                    Josh says that Paul says he can’t vote with “you guys” because if he votes with us that will link him with us. Alex doesn’t know that we are together but if I vote with you…
                    Christmas – you don’t like what’s happening?
                    Josh tells her that he is going to push back on that. It’s all to Paul’s benefit, his game and his jury votes. This is a team, it’s not a fu*king, we are playing BB.
                    Christmas is ok with the plan (for Josh to talk to Paul) and Josh tells her he is going to tell Paul that they want to split up Jason and Alex but it’s not going to go down the way Paul wants it to. Josh doesn’t like that Christmas is getting blood on her hands.
                    Christmas says if Paul wins POV and takes Alex down and Josh interrupts and says that he voted out Jillian and now Alex is using that against him and if Josh votes the way Paul wants him to and Alex wins HOH she will be gunning for him and she will put them both (Josh/Christmas) on the block and one of us will go. So the whole angle that Paul is working protects him, but does it protects the three of us. No. It protects Paul. I have had his back 100% but is he going to protect this team.
                    Christmas – Paul’s going to have to take the shot at Raven.
                    Josh – Paul is going to have to stop working every single corner. He has to choose. I just don’t think he is with us, he is protecting himself. That’s two jury votes that could go for you (Christmas) or for me. I get what he is doing, but I’ve slept on it and unh unh.
                    Josh continues with pointing out that Paul is putting doubts in Jason’s head that Josh is putting those thoughts in Christmas head. Josh is questioning why he would do that. Paul is angling for us to vote 3-1 so Jason thinks he voted to keep him. Josh keeps complaining about Paul putting doubts in others minds about what they are doing. They (Paul/Josh/Christmas) have to stay together.
                    Christmas agrees that the best case is Raven wins, second is that Paul wins. Then we talk about scenarios and if he pulls down Tiger then we have to have a conversation with Alex and point out that Paul is working the jury votes.
                    Josh – we can pull Alex in. (Since Paul is saying he will pull Alex in).
                    Christmas is trying to talk but Josh is stuck on getting his thoughts out and she is getting frustrated. She explains that she told Paul that they need to position it that Alex believes that they have to get rid of Jason because he is just too good of a player and he needed to leave but Alex couldn’t take that shot so Christmas had to as that will help Alex’s game. Alex will understand their position.
                    Josh says that Paul is always thinking 10 steps ahead, but he is thinking 10 steps ahead for his game.
                    Christmas tells him she knows but he needs to shut his mouth. Stop saying that.
                    Josh says this is the first time he has said it. Christmas says she’s heard it now, but if he keeps saying it others are going to hear.
                    Josh finally sits back and then says that Alex gave him a pecking order. Alex wants to see Kevin go first, then Raven and then Christmas and then the F4 is Josh/Jason/Paul and Alex.
                    Christmas wants to know if Alex just said that because Josh was there. Josh points out it was only Alex and him when she said it.
                    Josh – you are my number one. He doesn’t want to go to F2 with anyone but her. She replies that she doesn’t think she can make it that far. Josh reassures her that she will.
                    Christmas says that the game is making her more and more nervous and Josh replies that they are in a good position. They both feel good about their team and about Paul. Josh just got heated when he walked in and Jason said that. He is going to have a talk with Paul about it all. He keeps saying that they have to keep this talk “vault” and can’t say anything to Paul about what he has said.
                    Josh – I don’t care which one of us wins the veto, but I’m going to play it for one player.
                    If there is going to be blood they are all going to walk out of the house with blood on their hands.
                    Christmas says that Raven is going to go to bat for Josh when she gets in the jury house. Everyone will know what a great game he has played. Josh says he has both Christmas and Paul’s backs 100% and he will lose the $500,000 before he turns his back on them.


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                      Alex, Paul and Raven join the conversation so it ends.


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                        Paul is lying in bed and explains to Raven that she needs to win POV and then she can tell Jason that she isn't going to use it because he didn't use it on either her or Matt. When she leaves, Paul starts going over the dates.


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                          Alex and Christmas are talking about random things in the HOH and then they start talking about Raven. How she really doesn't want to win HOH because she doesn't know what to do and Alex says that she has no friends in the house. Alex says our cast is very savage, at least the girls are. We came here to win the game. That's why Kevin doesn't like me. Talk turns to what is really going on between Raven and Matt. They think Matt didn't get a real chance because she was too into him and she would hang on all the time. Alex says that he wanted to start hanging out but she wouldn't let him. Matt looked very distressed because she was too clingy, but they agree that they cared about each other.


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                            I'm have to leave now, but before I do one of the fish died and all of the HG have to troop up to the HOH to check it out.


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                              POV still hasn't been played.


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