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Live Feed Updates-September 3, 2017-Day 74

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 3, 2017-Day 74

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    4:40 BBT

    Everybody sleeping


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      The HGs have been up for about an hour and a half, except for Josh. They've been eating and then they all went out to the backyard to exercise or lay around. Raven joined the backyard crew kind of late.

      Christmas told Raven that she had picked up her stuff in the HoH room and put it in a drawer. Raven went up to the HoH and Christmas and Alex were complaining about Raven taking her stuff up to the HOH and then leaving it all laying around messy. Christmas says it's her room and she isn't as messy as Raven is.

      12:07ish we went to puppies (Not sure what they are doing unless they are going to do the veto ceremony today since tomorrow is a holiday.


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        HoH lockdown for Have Nots.

        Nobody will be a Have Not this week. Congratulations, Have Nots are over for the summer.


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          2:01 PM BBT

          I have been listening for a long time and there is no game talk....Paul has been teaching Christmas how to play chess for a very very long time.
          Raven, eating SEA SALT watched for awile
          Alex watched awhile
          Raven left and went swimming
          Alex and Jason in the kitchen
          Alex and Christmas and Paul talked about Raven and her many illnesses for awhile
          Josh and Raven joined the kitchen group
          SR is open
          and that is how exciting it's been since I turned on a few hrs ago


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            3:20 PM BBT

            Josh continues to try to talk to Christmas about how he feels about Paul using the veto .....

            Christmas tells Josh that it's the 3 of them working together .... and that doing what they are doing is only going to benefit all of them

            Josh walks away saying - I'm going to go nap

            Christmas- no ... Josh ... Josh

            Josh leaves....

            Christmas sighs...


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              3:26 PM BBT

              Christmas gets up and goes inside... Josh is at the door, she asks him what he's doing, he says "going to the bathroom" .. she motions for him to follow her

              Once in the bedroom ..

              Christmas- have a seat... 2 things... you ever pull a little **** boy move like that again and walk away from when we are in the middle of a conversations .. you say "**** you, Christmas" ....I am NOT one of these little ****ing club whores, that you can treat like that ... I'm a ****ing grown ass woman.... you will not treat me like that

              Josh- I was going to the bathroom.

              Christmas- do not interrupt me until I am done ... we can have conversations ... we can have discussions, we can have arguments... you walk away from me, not ****ing okay.

              Josh - okay deal ..

              Christmas- Do not ****ing do that again

              Raven comes in says what'd he do

              Christmas - he knows

              She leaves...

              Raven to Josh - what did you do?

              Josh - I'm over it ..


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                Josh sits there for a few minutes, then leaves... He meets up with Paul, they talk for a few, Paul telling him everything is good, "he's planted the seeds"

                Josh goes back outside ...

                Josh to Christmas- I'm sorry

                Christmas- do you know what you are sorry for?

                Josh - yes

                Christmas -what?

                Josh - I didn't want to continue the conversation, so I walked away.

                Christmas- Not acceptable behavior for a grown man

                ... you are more of a gentleman for that .. for any woman ..

                Josh - okay ... I really had to use the bathroom though.

                Christmas- No. You said you were going to take a nap

                Josh - I really am sorry though ...

                Christmas -thank you

                Christmas -, friends, relationshipts.... you respect what they have to say even when you don't want to hear it

                Josh- I just feel like it's the same convo over and over

                Christmas - it is and we keep having it .. you know why .. because you haven't accepted it ... or moved on ..

                Josh - he ( Paul ) told right now that he's planted the seed.. of ummmm...

                Christmas- Josh, I need you to listen.. we either make another ****ing plan that makes you more comfortable....

                Josh -you can think of something ..

                Christmas- No. I'm fine with the one that we have and the reason I'm fine with it .. do you want to hear the reason I'm fine with it? I'm fine with it because it does put blood on his (Paul's ) hands ... he is going to have to take HoH next week or you ... Alex is going to ****ing know that we duped her... do you think she's not going to go to jury and talk **** about all of over that ... at that point, we all have to show our cards...

                Josh- but look how it looks on me

                Christmas- Are you listening to me? ****ing listen to me.... You're not ****ing listening to me!


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                  Christmas - when you become fixated, you make mistakes cause you don't see beyond what is happening right now... and you know that you do that .. and that is why we make such a great team.. because I point that out when you do that ... when you become tunnel vision ... you get fixated... you become like a bull... a toro ... that's what I'm going to call you .. a toro ...

                  She goes on to tell Josh that they ( she/him/Paul ) make a great trio... because she can calm him down, like she did at the beginning of the season .... when the paranoia sets in...

                  He says he's not paranoid...


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                    Christmas- You are not seeing next week when Paul has to show his cards... he has too ... he has too...

                    Josh- He is going to have me win it

                    Christmas- did he tell you that?

                    Josh - mm hmmm

                    Christmas- then.. make a plan.. Josh, I'm at my wits end...

                    Josh- I'm good with the plan ...

                    Christmas - make another plan...

                    Josh- no,I'm down with the plan...

                    Paul walks by ...

                    Josh - he goes .. umm... he's like I've already planted the seed.... ( with Alex ) ..


                    • #11

                      Josh - I'm over it.

                      Christmas- You are not over it. It pisses me off that you are not over it. If you don't like this, and it makes you ****ing uncomfortable... let's pivot

                      Josh- You and him (Paul) are good with it. You are HoH.. and you feel great with the plan..

                      Christmas- That's not how this works.. you are not the house.. you are my ****ing teammate.. so that's not how this works right now ..

                      Josh - if you feel good with the plan and he feels great with the plan .. then I'm not going to **** it up ...

                      Christmas- but you feel bad with the plan?

                      Josh - yeah ... it's the way that it's going about...

                      Christmas- Have you had this conversation with him?

                      Josh- I had it. It's dismissed

                      Christmas - this whole woe is me thing...not a good look. you can't keep complaining without a solution

                      Josh- My solution is not use it. ( veto )

                      Christmas- That shows our cards... to Alex...

                      Josh- you don't think our cards are shown after the vote?

                      Christmas- Noooo...

                      Josh- Oh God... yes they are ...


                      • #12
                        Josh- you put him up, I voted to evict him...

                        Christmas - one person, one ****ing week .. you have a converstastion with Jason, saying that you are going to vote for him because he's a strong competitor... I've already put down my stance.. that he's a strong competitor ..that's game play ... and it makes Alex comfortable that at least she can throw the HoH .. she's not going to be gunning for it ...

                        Josh- you're right ...

                        Christmas - you are still in good with Alex. This has nothing to do with Alex.. right? It's Jason ... Jason is in the middle of Kevin and Alex.. Alex and Kevin hate each other .. they would never work together in a million years... she is going to think that she has all 3 of us .. she won't know that we've surrounded her...


                        • #13

                          Christmas- Paul will have to put her (Alex) up.

                          Josh- He goes "I would have to put up two pawns" he doesn't show his cards ( to Alex)

                          Christmas- We have to put her (Alex) up against Kevin. He (Paul) can't use pawns

                          Josh- Good luck convincing him

                          Christmas- I'll ****ing tell him ... I think it's going to be a double..

                          Josh -I think so too

                          Christmas- and then we don't ****ing care.. she ( Alex ) just can't win .. period.

                          Alex comes over ...

                          Talk turns to Kevin ...

                          Josh -he's feeling really safe...

                          Alex says she can't wait until tomorrow ...


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                            3:57 PM BBT

                            Paul to Josh - I got you to the end...

                            Paul to Josh- I need you confident.....I need you and her (Christmas) just as much as you guys need me....

                            Alex comes up so that convo ends...

                            Talk turns to how Kevin is saying that he's played a better social game than Jason ...

                            Paul- how has he played a good social game, if no one is talking to him?

                            Alex- I dunno ...

                            Paul- why is he so gumpy?


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                              4:53 PM BBT

                              Josh talks to Paul about not using the veto

                              Josh tells Paul that him using it exposes him ( Josh ) and Christmas.. instantly ..

                              Paul says no .. not not using it exposes Christmas ...

                              Josh continues to plead his case about not using the veto ...

                              Paul- who do you vote against?

                              Josh- I'm voting Jason out.

                              Paul- how does that protect all three of us?

                              Convo ends because Jason is there...


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