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Live Feed Updates-September 4, 2017-Day 75

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 4, 2017-Day 75

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    Paul and Christmas are up in the APSR talking about Kevin and how he was trying to stare Paul down and trying to be intimidating. They say he's probably used to intimidating people and he can't intimidate people in the house.

    Going back over Ramsees and Kevin's relationship. They hung out all the time, but hated each other. Paul didn't realize that.
    The first week, Paul telling Josh to just shut up and sleep. Don't get roped in to peoples stuff.
    Cody's nomination of Paul.
    Cody and Jessica disrespecting the game. Pseudo quitting the game. Laying around in bed and not making speeches and things like the game requires.
    Sending Cody and Elena to jury the same night.


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      Talked about Elena and her letting it all hang out, literally. She liked showing her butt. Christmas talks about Paul not really understanding how women use sexualization to get ahead.

      Now talking about Raven and all of her lies. Raven's Believe it or Not! Going through some of them. They're going to set her up tomorrow talking about the Guinness Book of World Records.

      They were laying so hard Christmas had to get up to go to the bathroom so she didn't pee herself.


      • BettyBoo
        BettyBoo commented
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        Know you meant "laughing" too hard, not "laying" unless you meant "lay" in the Biblical sense??

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      Paul says at this point he's just going to be throwing our scenarios to see if she will say anything.

      They say she's pathological.


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        They speculate on what could be going on. Christmas said they called her in to the DR at 5. The backyard has been locked down so something must be going on.

        They head to bed.


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          Puppies at 10:45 AM BBT

          Time for Veto Ceremony


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            We're back...

            11:36 AM BBT -
            Kevin alone in the Green Bedroom says - "it was shocking to me"

            Kevin walks in the storage room ....

            Kevin - he let that bitch go in front of me, man

            Lots of duck lips as he puts on lotion and grabs some M&M's

            Kevin out of the SR says- Jason you want to walk later?
            Jason - **** yeah we'll walk ..


            • #8
              Alex to Paul - he's wigging out already
              Paul - good


              • #9
                Raven to Paul - if you need me to throw the HoH competition I will


                • #10
                  BB calls for an inside lockdown


                  • #11
                    Raven alone says - Bye, cowboy make sure when you get to the jury house you give Matthew a big hug for me


                    • #12
                      Paul to Kevin - was it still ashy outside?
                      Kevin- no ...
                      Paul- I think that's why they locked us in yesterday
                      Kevin- it rained
                      Paul - it did?

                      Paul says he thinks it's time for an earthquake


                      • #13
                        Christmas to Raven- I'm going to shower, wash this guilt off of me...


                        • #14
                          Christmas telling Raven that she misses Matt...

                          Christmas - I know he wanted to get you far ...


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                            BB announces lock down is over


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