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Live Feed Updates-September 5, 2017-Day 76

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 5, 2017-Day 76

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    All HGs sleeping now.


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      9:47 AM BBT

      Still sleeping


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        We had fish and most everyone stumbled to the SR and changed their battery packs. Everyone went back to bed except Jason. He headed outside to the hammock.


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          11:20 AM BBT

          Jason and Kevin have been outside talking. Jason admits to Kevin that the reason he (Jason) is on the block and maybe going home is because he didn't put Kevin up next to Matt. He says even though Matt was the target all along, it exposed everyone else's game that they had lied to Raven and Matt all week. Jason says he is tired of the game. He realizes that Paul and Alex have been working for jury votes all along and Jason hasn't. Jason says he can't talk with ****ing intelligence anymore. He says maybe he never has.

          Kevin hates that no one talks to him. He hates how people are ostracized here. He doesn't understand why Matt thinks he deserves to be in the house more than Kevin. Kevin says he has come closer to winning comps than Matt, he didn't hide and talk to one girl the whole time, he has talked to everyone in the house. Kevin hates the way the others still talk bad about Cody. Kevin says he wasn't really friends with Cody, but the guy is gone so why does anyone need to trash him?


          • helenb
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            I admire this honest talk...

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          11:33 AM

          Jason says that the rest of the people left in the house know the game while Kevin and Jason are clueless. Kevin says he didn't even know who Zingbott was. He says he has heard of Zingbott but had no idea that he comes in the house and says awful things about everyone.

          Jason says he could actually just climb the wall and run away from here.



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            Back and they are pretty much going over what they have already talked about. Kevin says it's hard in here because people try to bait you into an argument. He says Jason did a good job with Matt at ignoring his baiting.

            They talk about Josh and how he gets into fights with people and then two seconds later, he is crying.

            They start playing corn hole and BB keeps trying to wake up the others.


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              12:24 PM BBT

              Paul came out and played a round of corn hole. He goes inside and Kevin and Jason talk about how now that Paul is up, everyone will get up (they are). Kevin says no one wants stuff being said about them. (lol) Kevin can't stand how trashy the house is because no one picks their messes up.

              Kevin talks about how he probably can't win any comps because he has become discouraged. Alex and Christmas come out to play corn hole.


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                12:43 PM

                Paul touches base with Raven and tells her if she or he doesn't win HOH they are in probably going up on the block. Talk turns to the heart pillow as if it were really Matt.


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                  2:07 PM BBT

                  Saw a photo of the fires ... they are only a few miles from the studio where BB is being filmed

                  Anyway unless something happened earlier they are ALL outside listening to more of Raven's 'stupid' medical information .. if she got breast cancer they can't remove them or well yeah but it would be difficult because she has cysts and by the way her mom is a breast cancer survivor but only has a part of her breast removed ...

                  and that is the excitement since I tuned in a few minutes ago. they are playing their new games too


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                    I'll catch us up ...

                    I'm adding one convo that I caught that is just typical of this season ...


                    11:59 AM BBT

                    Kevin to Jason - is she ( Alex ) going to be in the top two you think?
                    Jason- I don't know how you can beat her

                    Kevin- there's another person that cant be beat.
                    Jason- Paul
                    Kevin- yeah ...

                    Jason to Kevin- the only way to beat those two (Alex/Paul) is to get rid of one of them..... and I mean I ... . I have no interest in that

                    Kevin - let me just ask you one question, okay? Say I'm gone and you win HoH.. who are you going to put up? Be honest...I'm not going to tell noone...

                    Jason- Raven for sure. Raven and probably Josh or Christmas

                    Kevin- yeah .. right .. that's what I was thinking too.. damn I got to see her for ( Raven ) 2 weeks... damn ...

                    Kevin - I don't know what to say when I get home... why didn't you win anything? .... . I'll be like why didn't I win anything .. **** I'm lucky to I got where I got..


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                      Kevin tells Jason that people like Alex and Paul know Big Brother ... even though they were 5 and 9 for Season 1 ... they know the game... they know how to bait someone... they know the game...


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                        Jason - if for some reason ... my due diligence gets me to the ****ing end...
                        Kevin - you'll win
                        Jason - I hope I do ...


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                          There hasn't been much more game talk going on ...

                          Christmas questioned Raven about how she said she runs marathons

                          Christmas asked her what her time was...

                          Raven doesn't answer that question but adds... that in Arkansas every year there's a marathon for breast cancer and she came in 7th place for women ..

                          Raven tells Christmas that her mom had breast cancer...

                          Christmas asks Raven what her "mile time" is ...

                          Raven says "like 6:20" ...

                          Christmas asks Raven what her 5K time is ...

                          Raven- I think my best was like 18-19 minutes


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                            Just a bit later.. Paul talks to Christmas and Alex ...

                            Paul says he ran track in high school and his mile then was like 7:40... and that would get him 4th places...

                            Paul- no way you ( Raven ) run a mile in 6:20


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