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Live Feed Updates-September 6, 2017-Day 77

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 6, 2017-Day 77

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    3:30 BBT

    Josh is out in the backyard talking to the camera about his game.


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      10:28 AM BBT

      Fish! Lights! Still sleeping!


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        11:07 AM BBT

        Josh is in the green apple lounge talking to the cams. He is telling his familia that he is doing great in the house and never wants to leave. He hopes hi family is proud of him. He hopes he gets a family video while in the house and he begs his family not to mention that he is a BB super fan or that he is living out his biggest dream. He says if they mention it, that will **** up his game. He tells them he has so much on his mind that he can't sleep. He thinks he got about three hours last night. Josh says he is going to keep his eye on the prize and just be himself.

        He says everyone i still sleeping and he doesn't think anyone wants to get out of bed. He says he is going to get some breakfast and coffee and just chill today.

        He blows kisses to the cam and says he is done talking.


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          12:07 PM BBT

          Paul making a fresh pot of coffee after Jason said the pot Josh made tastes sour for some reason
          Paul adds a scoop of coffee, sprinkles with sugar, a scoop of coffee, sprinkle with sugar, scoop of coffee with sprinkle of sugar, scoop of coffee with a sprinkle of sugar about 6 times ... this coffee is going to have them all climbing the walls.
          Paul wants Jason to talk like the Amish near him and Jason says he will work on it (not a good job of it)
          haven't seen any of the females
          Kevin, Jason and Paul in the kitchen and Josh reading the Bible in blue wave room whoops Josh shows up in the kitchen


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            Here's a few convos from throughout today ...

            Kevin and Jason

            Kevin tells Jason that he ( Kevin ) is going to go out there ( with Julie ) and say " I had a good time"

            Kevin is worried about the others "bad mouthing" him after he's gone ...

            Kevin told Jason that there are probably people in the game that want to further in the game ...

            Kevin - they know that Paul is a bigger player...

            Kevin to Jason- they're not ever going to question anything he (Paul) says... they're going to roll with it

            Kevin tells Jason that "bottom line .. Paul wants to win" ...

            Kevin - if he ( Paul ) has the chance to put someone out...

            Jason- that's a smart move

            ( ironic right? )


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              More of Kevin and Jason

              Kevin tells Jason he wishes it was already tomorrow and they could "just get this **** over with" ...

              Jason agrees, saying he's "tired of waiting to find out"

              Kevin- I don't think I'm going to miss this that much.


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                Jason tells Kevin that when he was in his 20's ... he sent a video in for Survivor and that he went to an open call for The Amazing Race, and that he went to Minneapolis for American Idol...

                Kevin - you're a singer?

                Jason -no ... but I did it anyway ..

                Jason also told Kevin that he filled out an application for Fear Factor

                Kevin tells Jason that he thinks he ( Jason ) could win AFP

                Jason says no ... it will be either Kevin or Paul .... or Raven if she's telling the truth ( about herself )


                • #9
                  Kevin- she (Raven) has got to be the healthiest terminally ill person....


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                    Paul talks to Josh about Alex...

                    Paul tells Josh that if Alex wins HoH .. she will "feel alone" and that he ( Paul ) can "tie in with her"

                    He also tells Josh that Alex thinks the he ( Josh ) and Christmas suck...

                    Paul- she ( Alex ) underestimates you ... ( Josh/Christmas )


                    • #11
                      Josh to Paul - the betrayal they (Alex/Jason) are going to feel ... is going to be awful ( Josh talking about how they will feel about him )

                      Paul- no... it's a game

                      Paul points out to Josh that he ( Josh ) didn't give Alex and/or Jason loyalty from the beginning so why would they feel betrayed by him ( Josh )


                      • #12
                        Paul tells Josh that Alex will listen to him ( Paul ) and that he can get her to not put up Josh and Christmas


                        • #13
                          Josh and Paul talk about how dangerous Alex is and how they have to get her out next...


                          • #14
                            Paul tell Josh that he ( Josh ) needs to talk with Raven ...

                            Paul to Josh - say.... we 100% have to vote out Jason.... if you **** up, it's obvious....


                            • #15
                              Josh tells Paul that he really wished they had gone a different way ..

                              Josh - it would have been easier on me ...

                              Josh asked Paul if should talk to Jason tonight or tomorrow

                              Paul tells him to wait until tomorrow ...

                              Josh says he will talk to Jason right before the vote


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