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Live Feed Updates-September 7, 2017-Day 78

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 7, 2017-Day 78

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    3:45 BBT All HGs sleeping

    Flashbacked to 12:40 BBT Josh whispers to Paul in the Rose bedroom. He's feeling bad about voting out Jason tomorrow and wants to talk to him, but he's not sure. Paul tells him that this is where the game gets tough because you like the people you have to vote out and enjoy their company, but that's the game. He tells Josh that Josh doesn't have to talk to him at all. They only talk for a few minutes and then Josh goes back to bed.


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      8:00 AM BBT

      Just checking in on double eviction day. All the HGs are sleeping ... even Josh who it surprised me to find out is a BB SUPER FAN .... who'd have thought? He has been really good about not letting the cat out of the bag, even to Christmas. Will keep an ear open as long as I am working

      Yesterday Josh was upset with Christmas and Paul and in his conversation with the viewers said he might just flip the vote. That would be Paul and and Raven (?) for Jason to leave and Alex and Josh for Kevin to leave ... Josh talked about not putting more blood on his and Christmas' hands ... wouldn't making her cast deciding vote do that too?
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        9:32 AM BBT

        The HGs are awake
        Paul in kitchen: There are ants all over my shirt right now

        Josh, Jason and Paul in the kitchen

        Christmas joined and told Josh he is so funny because he jumps in front of every camera

        Making coffee


        • #5
          Paul took off his shirt because he said it is covered in ants

          Josh says it is because he got near the sink
          He himself won't go near the counter / sink because he says they crawl up his pant legs to his balls
          He is wiping down the counter

          Christmas offering to make scrambled eggs

          Jason is making the coffee
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            Josh and Christmas just started talking in the Storage room but I didn't make it there fast enough
            9:38 AM BBT if anyone want to FB


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              9:38 AM

              Josh and Christmas meet in the SR. Christmas asks if Josh told Jason (about voting him out). Josh says no but he did have a dream last night that he told Jason and Jason charged him. Josh says he is even more scared to tell him and wants to know if someone could be there with him when he tells Jason. (he is kidding about the last part) Christmas says that Jason is not going to charge at him. She says that he thinks he has everyone else's vote. She tells Josh to just play it like Josh is the only vote to evict Jason and it's just a game move. Josh asks if he can do it now and Christmas wants him to wait until later in the day because they will be locked up in the HOH. They leave the SR.


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                No game talk going on with everyone in kitchen
                Josh showering in HOH
                Looks like Kevin still in bed
                Alex was in Living Room but has moved


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                  Reminder: This topic is for Live Feed Updates ONLY. No discussions and no personal opinions. Only what is actually being said/done in the house should be posted here. Any discussions and personal opinions should be posted in the Live Feed Discussion topic.



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                    1:16 PM BBT --- just got home and we are on PUPPIES ....


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                      1:40 PM BBT feed back ... everyone cleaning ... themselves or the house


                      • #12
                        Josh and Kevin trying to count the votes for each of them ... Kevin is sure Alex and Raven will vote him out. Paul neither are sure about and Josh they said has already been told what to do.

                        Kevin tells Jason to just keep quiet, he is golden and no sense in stirring things up


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                          Paul regaled everyone with his public potty phobia ... Josh says his mom has the same thing. This came up because Josh said he would clean the toilet and Paul said he cleans it everytime before he uses it


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                            again Josh and Christmas whispered for about 3 seconds but so low I couldn't hear it ... think they were just confirming voting Jason out


                            • #15
                              Raven announces she has FIRST day cramps
                              Paul rubs her neck
                              That doesn't help she just has to walk around ... but she is leaning on the counter


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