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Live Feed Updates-September 8, 2017-Day 79

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 8, 2017-Day 79

    3:30 BBT

    Kevin in bed in the dark just staring

    Paul in the DR

    Josh, Christmas, and Paul Alex in the HoH talking about Raven leaving mad at everybody, all her "illnesses" and saying she got her period on live eviction day and had horrible cramps after not having it all season.

    Paul gets out of DR and goes up to HoH. Tells them they will be calling for DRs. Tells Josh not to get rowdy. They get beers and make a toast and then shotgun them. Sounds like between Josh and Alex' baskets there are enough for 3 each and they are going to drink them all.

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      4:54 AM BBT

      Josh and Paul up talking and snacking .. sounds like Alex too ...

      Paul asks her what Jason is feeling now and she says mad at everyone
      No more love

      They are all (especially Josh) is really slurring his words ... guess they each had 3 beers and are still drinking

      Looks like Christmas is in bed


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        Josh says he is going to go downstairs to sleep because he doesn't want to sleep in the HOH room by himself

        ALex sayss JOSH a

        and Paul asks what he would do

        Paul says he is totally cooked right now

        They are talking about going on a trip together .. no matter what they will take the trip together (Florida?)

        BB tells Josh not to obstruct mike


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          Paul tells Alex to lets go and Josh says no
          Josh says I am going down too
          Paul takes the alcohol away so Josh can't drink anymore
          Paul keeps telling Josh he has to sober up
          ALex is in a pink something and silvery cape
          They think Christmas is in the DR

          Alex goes to restroom
          Paul and Josh play fight
          Josh heads to money room
          Alex in potty
          guys heading to back rooms

          Paul went to SR and gargled
          Christmas got out of DR and asks for beer
          ALex says they drank them all

          Christmas says the "bitches"


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            Guys in the bedroom and Alex waiting in bathroom for Christmas

            Christmas wants beer

            Alex says "they" got on them about drinking to much

            Guess Kevin is the one sleeping

            Christmas asks if she has a mike in her pants or is it a boner

            ALex pulled her stuff off her bed and went with Christmas

            Kevin alone now

            Alex has the extrematard

            Josh called to DR

            Alex and Christmas sleeping in rose bed room ... Alex says first time she sleeps in a real bed

            Paul in there with a sleep mask on and the girls are NOT being quiet


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              Christmas gets into the bed with Paul

              Alex: Please do not wake us up at 10 tomorrow

              Christmas tells Paul she needs 10 minutes to wind down

              Paul - Alex can u turn out the lights
              ALex - the lights are out

              Josh comes in and turns the lights back on and he is still wired

              Josh going around hugging everyone and saying he loves them

              Looks like Josh is going to HOH afterall

              and now they are all tucked in for now


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                The girls are still chatting off and on about the rose bed room and how cold and comfortable it is ... and Alex drifts off mid sentence


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                  5:26 AM BBT everyone is in bed with lights out


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                    5:53 AM BBT

                    Josh is back up and sitting looking at the memory wall


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                      He head back up to the HOH


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                        9:12 AM BBT

                        Paul just got up


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                          He is wearing flag underwear

                          rinsed glass
                          red juice
                          and he drinks it on the way to the bathroom

                          Did NOT take it into the WC with him (nice)

                          Now Alex is up and headed for the kitchen

                          got the yellow juice and drank right out of the bottle
                          pulling her unitard back on


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                            Alex climbing the stairs to the HOH

                            Josh has the door locked

                            so she heads back down

                            think it is a bathroom issue since Paul is in the one downstairs

                            Paul tells her he won't be long

                            she heads back up to HOH

                            she's knocking and Josh isn't answering

                            she is now calling for Josh ... not very loud

                            She is knocking and pushing the bell .. no camera on Josh so don't know why he isn't answering

                            (This is the excitement)


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                              Guess some people had too much beer last night


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