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Live Feed Updates-September 9, 2017-Day 80

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 9, 2017-Day 80

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  • #2
    6:00 AM BBT

    All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


    • #3
      BB trying to wake everybody up. Christmas called to the DR. She goes to the DR, but everyone else rolls over and goes back to sleep.


      • #4
        10:38 AM BBt

        Paul and several others up and dressed ... I think they think a celebrity will be there for the POV comp .. Paul mentioned JAMES might come


        • #5
          looks like Kevin and Josh not budging to get up


          • #6
            Christmas actually went to the bathroom first to get ready. /she just made it to the DR. Paul and Alex are up now. Kevin and Josh still laying in bed, Looks like they are still sleeping.


            • #7
              all cameras on the two people sleeping! WHY?!
              have no idea where the actual walking around people are


              • #8
                Alex and Paul talking about what they like and don't like about various season .. Paul says over all he likes this season


                • #9
                  11:08 AM BBT

                  Josh and Christmas is up but there is still no game talk except what the POV might be.. talking about former contestants and their friends ... just killing time till the comp


                  • #10
                    3:00 PM BBT

                    We are on puppies for awhile and it probably means POV comp .. everyone is sure is is a version of the comic comp

                    Earlier we had another convo with Josh and the audience. He has decided he needs to get rid of Paul. He has been flipping the coin as to whether he should do it now (he doesn't want Alex to go to the end) or wait until final 3. He is so back on forth on this ... going head to head with Paul in the end of cutting him loose now. I think who wins the POV will control his choice. He has also convinced himself Christmas will not take him to the end because she won't come out and tell him she will so he isn't sure what to do about her either. He does not think he has the votes to get Paul out right now. Heavy thoughts heavy choices


                    • #11
                      5:16 PM BBT

                      Puppies for over 3 hrs


                      • #12
                        Paul won the POV


                        • #13
                          They're all in the kitchen talking about their comics and cooking.

                          Paul's comic was about him being potty mouthed. He asked does he really swear that much. They say yes.
                          Josh's was him as a meatball. He says BB didn't understand, Cody and Mark were the meatballs.
                          Elena's called her Helena. Not sure.

                          Josh asks if they get to keep their comics. Paul tells them yes. BB sends the comics to them after the show is over,


                          • #14
                            Alex to Paul - are we taking Kevin to the end?
                            Paul- **** no
                            Alex- who are we picking then?
                            Paul- I don't know

                            Alex- did he ( Kevin ) throw that for us?
                            Paul- He 100% threw it.... I don't know what his plan was...


                            • #15
                              7:22 PM BBT

                              Christmas to Paul - I'm so sorry.

                              Paul - I want to punch Kevin in the face.

                              Paul to Christmas- I don't know what to say to Alex, she just came in here and said.. "you're not going to **** me are you" ...

                              Paul- obviously I'm not going to use it


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