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Live Feed Updates-September 10, 2017-Day 81

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 10, 2017-Day 81

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    5:30 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      Just catching us up with a few conversations from after I signed off last night...

      Josh talks to the camera again .. he says that he 's not going to let things go the way that Paul wants...

      Josh - I'm going to talk to Alex and be straight up with her


      Josh did end up asking Kevin if he threw the PoV comp
      Kevin told him that he's colorblind .. couldn't see ....
      They bonded at little ...


      Paul talked with Kevin, told him that "he's fine"
      Kevin thanks him ...

      Kevin tells Paul that they ( he/Paul ) will be F2 ... of the F3 ...

      Kevin to Paul - that's it then... my word is bond

      Paul tells Kevin he wonders if he can get Christmas to throw the HoH ....
      Kevin tells Paul that he wants her to throw it to him ( Kevin ) ...
      Kevin- it's my turn ...

      Kevin tells Paul that he will do what he wants ( if he wins HoH )

      Kevin to Paul- we've done good... I haven't said a word... on Tuesday will be 15 straight days
      Paul- has it worked?
      Kevin- Absolutely
      Paul - when I say I know what I'm doing .. I know what I'm doing...

      Kevin told Paul that he was shocked that Alex was talking to him.. and that Josh is too.. that Josh was like " I love you" ( to Kevin

      Kevin- what the ****?

      Paul asks Kevin what Josh talked about ..
      Kevin tells him no game talk other than asking if he threw the PoV comp

      Paul tells Kevin that the mistake everyone the beginning is that no one took to him ( Kevin )

      Paul- the only one that took you was me.... they all wanted you out

      Kevin told Paul that if anyone asks him about Paul that he "won't say anything bad about him....

      Kevin - I will tell them .. he's the best player ...


      • breakingwave
        breakingwave commented
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        it was surprising to me to hear Kevin mention being contented with 150 K that Paul and he would split the prize money isn't that against the rules not a great player if Paul has to buy his players now we know why
        Kevin has done everything Paul asked convo happened at 12:16 last night after veto

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      Currently- 8:39 AM BBT

      They're still all sleeping ..

      ( I'm out for a bit today, have some family things I need to do )


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        10:28 AM BBT

        Kevin is up and getting dressed

        Josh is in the kitchen trying to make coffee (he doesn't know how) and he keeps humming and dancing

        Paul and Christmas still in bed and all cameras on them (probably because Josh won't stop humming and dancing)


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          Back to kitchen with Josh and a shot of the outside

          Kevin is outside and Josh just went to HOH room

          BB "The lights must remain on during the day"

          Josh back in bed and using the remote for the spy screen

          Now one camera on Kevin walking and Josh yawning (exciting stuff)


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            I'll be around if anything gets exciting but not going to write about walking and sleeping


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              11:17 AM BBT

              Nobody but Kevin and Josh have even roused themselves enough to get up (both went back to bed but Kevin is now up and walking again) BB has been on Kevin's butt constantly about putting his mic on and he ask WHY ... so I can have a conversation with myself? Everybody is still in bed.

              Then BB announces : HGs there is no napping during the day! 3 have never even been out of bed


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                BB -- "Houseguests must be up between 10 AM and 10 PM" SO FUNNY


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                  11:33 AM BBT

                  Paul, Josh and Christmas are in the kitchen ... BB yelling at Josh for singing AGAIN
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                    Christmas, Josh and Alex outside talking

                    Christmas tells Josh he will have women after him when he gets out, don't believe they are on birth control, don't believe they aren't fans and don't take them to your house; don't spend money on them and don't say you are interested if you aren't and don't say you love them if you don't; don't pick up tabs ... they will think he has money because he is famous. If you start dating make sure she is into you and not just into it for the fame and always always always wear a condom


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                      Kevin talking to Paul and told him that he is a good person and his parents raised a good boy. He said last night 5 of them were sitting outside and he sneezed and only one person said "bless you"
                      Paul says Who?
                      Kevin says You
                      Kevin says that isn't about the game of liking or not liking someone it is common courtesy
                      He says Alex never talks to him or anyone and suddenly she is best friends with everyone and talking about doing things outside the house
                      Paul says only a few more days

                      Then Paul goes out and tells everyone the food is ready go get some
                      Christmas and Alex go inside

                      Christmas takes her food outside with Paul
                      They are alone for a little while
                      Christmas asks if he is grumpy today
                      He says very grumpy and sore
                      He says he wants out of here but his nose is better

                      BB Please stop singing

                      Paul "I am going to f....... kill Josh
                      Christmas, he says he just can't stop
                      Paul .. I am a musician and if I can stop he can stop

                      Christmas ... this close to the end I can't help but think of home more

                      All Day I Think About Sex --- according to Kevin this is what Adidas means ???


                      • AmyBeth
                        AmyBeth commented
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                        Haha- supposed to be All Day I Think About Sports!

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                      11:53 AM BBT

                      Alex has joined Paul and Christmas
                      Christmas wants to work out awhile
                      Alex goes back inside

                      Paul "I wonder what the deal is with Sunday and Monday are they going to build something" (Paul thinks there will be an eviction Sunday)

                      Alex is back


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                        Josh has now joined them and everyone tells Paul how good breakfast is

                        Paul says 9 days and too many people are here

                        Josh - these f----- eggs are money

                        Paul -- thank you, nada mucho

                        Christmas ... guess no videos from home this year, at this point what is the point

                        Paul: Nine days and a f---- wake up

                        Now watching a plane that seems to be going faster and higher than normal and they are intrigued by this


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                          12:24 PM BBT

                          most of the time just talking about what they miss in the outside


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