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Live Feed Updates-September 11, 2017-Day 82

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 11, 2017-Day 82

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    3:40 BBT

    All HGs sleeping
    Josh in HoH
    Kevin in front bedroom
    Paul and Christmas in the Rose bedroom
    Alex in the Have not room


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      9:40 AM BBT

      Josh and Paul outside talking. They both talk about how much they have cried in the house. Josh is feeling bad about Alex because they are all such nice people (meaning Josh, Paul and Christmas). He says he is going to call Kevin out and say he is old, fat, and everyone carried him to f-5. Paul tells him he doesn't have to call names. Josh says he doesn't give a ****. Josh complains about Kevin and how Kevin just sits in a corner doing nothing but talking **** about everyone and now here he sits in final 5. Josh thinks Kevin could slip through and win because all he has done in this house is make friends. (oy!) Josh doesn't respect Kevin's game.

      Josh wonders if Alex is going to be bitter? Paul says yes, but he hopes not. Josh tells Paul how grateful he is to have had Christmas and Paul as teammates and having Josh's back this season. Josh tells Paul that (P) has been getting some hard cuddles in with Christmas. Paul says that her cuddles don't matter to him. Josh keeps chuckling giving Paul a hard time but Paul is pretty stone-faced about it (and in general this morning). Paul says it's more for her than it is for him. P says you can tell that she misses companionship.

      Josh talks about Paul having someone in the house (Christmas) that he can count on, have a moment with and from and knows that they have each other's backs.

      Paul says he is just thinking about his girl, his friends and family. Josh tells him he can't go there right now. Paul says where else is he supposed to go? Josh says he just can't go there mentally. Paul says what if they are portraying him as some ****.

      Josh gives Paul a pep talk about how Paul had no choice but to go ham this season and that Paul has been preaching to Josh all season that who cares how BB is portraying any of them. They did what they had to do this season and that Paul is going to take it all. Paul says the jury house hates him so no way will Paul win. Josh says they hate Paul in a game way but they hate Josh on a personal level. Paul says "but they called me potty mouth".

      Josh asks why that bothers him so much? He says every other sentence from Paul has cuss words. They go round and round and Josh says he is going to tell (jury?) that he wouldn't have made it to the end if it weren't for Paul.


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        10:06 AM BBT

        Paul tells Josh that his (Paul's) girl is going to **** him up. Josh tells him that he has to forget about that for now. Paul says he can't because he has been thinking about her all summer. Josh says Paul is either going to get out and go see her and they will build something, or she will have moved on. Josh says there are millions of other girls out there. Josh tells him that all girls if not every girl in this house has wanted something with him. Paul says those girls don't matter. Cam switches me to Alex in bed reading the Bible.

        Pound Puppies, bunnies and kittens! Veto ceremony is on.


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          11:07 AM BBT

          Feeds are back and Alex is alone praying (Hail Marys)

          Josh and Paul and Kevin in HOH, haven't seen Christmas

          Paul tells them everyone will get their suitcases pretty soon so everyone will be ready

          Kevin told to put on mic

          No game talk .. if they had veto so far nothing has been said


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            Paul is trying to talk to Alex and she says she has heard it and doesn't want to hear anything ,.... she starts saying hail Marys

            He tries again and she says again she doesn't want to hear anymore

            He says ok I will respect that and leaves


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              Paul went back to HOH and didn't tell Josh about talking to Alex

              Jason said when Paul left Kevin said that they were all his friend and won't say anything bad about anyone. He is just going to say that he is 30 years older than everyone else and he made it to final 4 and that will be enough

              They are upset with him saying anything because he has been dragged along with them


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                A recap sort of

                Kevin told Josh that he has fought to get where he is all season. He is older than everyone else and he made it to final 4 and that is what he will tell everyone without saying anything negative about his 'friends' ...

                They had veto and Paul did not use the Veto. Alex made a speech tearing Paul a new one .... she also upset Christmas and Josh
                Christmas spent time by herself after

                Alex stays by herself praying and saying how terrible everyone else is and that she played the best game and is going to lose ... Paul is the most counterfeit and used her the whole game. He didn't win any HOHs except those thrown to him .. she could beat him hands down in the end

                In HOH EVERYONE is so upset with Kevin and his ego and the fact he does nothing ... Josh is going to go off on him but not till after eviction .. unless he can't stop himself. Christmas wants to go off on him right now ... she is tired of him

                Christmas is now also very mad at Alex for her speech ... having the nerve to say she is the one who deserves to win like nobody else played the game .. .Ales made bad moves and bad choices that are her fault .. if she chose to do what Paul asked that is on her not Paul ... everyone left in the house (except Kevin) have played the game and deserve to go to the end just as much if not more than Alex and it offends her (C) that Alex doesn't see anyone worthy but herself.

                They go over all this stuff over and over

                now Josh is grilling Paul on dates

                12:33 PM BBT
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                  About 1:36 PM BBT
                  Paul is called to the DR and as soon as the door shuts Josh says something like "I can't stand him"
                  and Christmas says Imagine how I feel he's been telling a married man all season I am after him and that both he and Jason can bang me in the jury house"

                  She stopped the subject immediately after saying both Alex and Jason told her he said that on separate occasions .. it sounds like this is about Paul but having listened twice I am not sure so if someone wants to go check it out maybe you can figure it out

                  It is confusing because she has been laying with her head in Pauls lap ... ????


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                    I have read somewhere else that Christmas' comment was directed at Kevin but I am not sure that makes sense ... anyway I hope someone else listens to what was said .. they didn't mention a name that I could hear (About 1:36 PM BBT ... as soon as Paul leaves and closes the door)******************


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                      2:40 PM BBt

                      nothing going on ..sounds like Christmas is going to have her foot checked; they studied; talked about other house guests and not much more

                      Alex staying away


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                        OK another conversation with Josh and Christmas briefly in the bedroom ... they have been talking about KEVIN not Paul .... so it was a conversation between Kevin and Jason they were talking about earlier and Kevin saying Christmas was after him (sexually) and then later Alex told her Kevin said that to Jason and then Jason told her the same thing plus the fact either of them could have sex with her in jury ... that was the rushed conversation that didn't make sense when it sounded like they were talking about Paul but now makes total sense that it was about Kevin


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                          As expected Paul did not use the Power of Veto ...

                          Alex and Kevin remain on the block.


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                              There's seriously nothing going on ....

                              But .. here's a look at what's coming up ...

                              The feeds will most likely go down tomorrow, as the house guests will be surprised with an early eviction... that we don't get to see .... as it will be taped for the Wednesday night show ...

                              Once down, the feeds will remain down until after the show airs on the west coast on Wednesday night.

                              Wednesday nights show, is a Live-to-Tape show ... It will feature the PoV Competition, Veto Ceremony and the "live to tape" (Tuesday ) eviction..... which will bring us down to the Final 4 ...

                              Thursday night @ 9 PM ET ... the show once again "Live" ... with another eviction ... and the 3 part HoH competitions begin ... hopefully we'll get to see Part 1 on the live feeds ...

                              * if nothing else, we'll get back to the live feeds and be able to determine who the winner is ... and who is moving on to compete in the next 2 comps ...

                              *** winner of Part 1 .. advances to Part 3...
                              *** losers compete in Part 2 ... winner of Part 2 .. faces off with the winner of part 1... in Part 3 ... that winner gets to pick which HG to take or not take to the F2 ... ( I know you followed that .. lol )

                              There is a special Friday show this week.... @ 8 PM ET ... it will most likely be another "trip down memory lane" show ...

                              * there is no Sunday show

                              That will bring us to the Wednesday 2 Hour Season Finale Night ... @ 8 PM ET... with the 3 part HoH's ... the BB19 winner announced ... along with AFP


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