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Live Feed Updates-September 13, 2017-Day 84

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 13, 2017-Day 84

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    Feeds will return after the show airs on the west coast (12ET)


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      There have been leaks all over about who was evicted and who won HOH but I don't know if we put them here so I won't
      BUT we still have PUPPIES, KITTIES and BUNNIES


      • KennyERJ
        KennyERJ commented
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        No, those don't go here. They've already been posted in the LFD and elsewhere on the site.

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      If you missed tonight's show ... you can catch up HERE on Home Page - beware it does contain a possible spoiler for nominations ...


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        Live Feeds are back

        Rumor/Spoiler is that Kevin and Josh are on the block and that Paul won the Power of Veto ...


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          Paul, Christmas and Josh sleeping in the HoH room

          Downstairs... Kevin is roaming about the house


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            Kevin has eaten his ice cream, burped and now he's reading the bible....

            titillating stuff here eh?


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              BREAKING NEWS...

              Josh has used the bathroom...
              I repeat..
              Josh has used the bathroom....


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                Josh ditched Paul and Christmas ..

                He's on the couch now ...

                Kevin is still in his corner of the BB house ...


                • #10
                  BB calls Kevin to the DR

                  Kevin - I already went once...


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                    12:41 AM BBT

                    Paul's up now ...


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                      12:47 AM BBT

                      Paul in the APSR ....

                      Paul - well ladies and gentlmen, hello, hi. I made it. A few things, this season was super difficult, I enjoyed the fact that I had to, that I was forced to play a different game, it pushed me to .. I had to be stragetic, I couldn't play the same game I played last season, everyone knew my game, couldn't play a constant survival game...

                      I always had to be steps ahead, had people do my dirty work...

                      The past, pretty much everything that I wanted in the game happened, I took my time, did the social, stayed up talked with people,....

                      Paul - don't know how the jury feels.. but my plan is to take Josh all the way to the end.

                      I won the last HOH and I won the last veto.

                      Josh comes in ...


                      • #13
                        Paul told Josh that he couldn't find Kevin ...

                        Once Josh leaves...

                        Paul continues ...

                        Paul- I never touched the block..... I went the entire season as the only vet and the biggest target....and I never touched the block


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                          Paul- I will make it to the end of this season..and hopefully I win.... that'll be 191 days that I spent in the Big Brother house


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                            Paul- I'm in shock... I can't believe I made it this far... it's ****ing crazy. I thought it was impossible...


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