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Live Feed Updates-September 14, 2017-Day 85

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 14, 2017-Day 85

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    All HGs are sleeping.

    Paul is the HoH, Kevin and Josh are on the block, and Paul won the PoV.


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      Happy Live Eviction Day!!

      Lots of chit chat going on this morning. Josh practiced his speech with Christmas.

      Christmas is wearing a cutely weird outfit today.

      Kevin and Paul talk about if things don't go "their" way, they will see each other next week.


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        Paul and Kevin talk in the HOH about a business venture they want to start after BB. Sounds like a 40's mobster style club (?)

        Josh joins them and they all talk about Josh and his crying.

        Christmas joins them.

        They are ready for the HOH lockdown and music but BB is not. Haha!


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          It's officially HOH lockdown!!


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            Can't tell you the time because the BB clock is saying the same time as my local time and that is way off.
            Everyone is getting cleaned up
            Josh doing dishes and Kevin putting them away

            Kevin asked Paul what his chances are to stay tonight and Paul says about 80 %
            Kevin says that's better than 20
            Paul says if he does leave to please talk him up in jury
            and Kevin says of course ... do you think I'd vote for either of those two

            Not much else happening. Paul did say they'd be in HOH lock down in a couple hours .... (I think that already happened ??)
            Josh wants a hair cut and Paul asked for clippers but does't think they will get them. They said part of tonight is taped and their hair would be different for the live and taped parts

            Kevin and Paul talked a little about Paul's last season and why he took Nicole

            Other than that it's typical eviction day activities

            Paul brief chat with Josh .. told him he better win the mental comp because she will be all out for it
            She comes in and so does Kevin so game talk over


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              If you missed tonight's show ... you can catch up HERE on the Home Page ...


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                7:23 PM BBT

                Kevin on the Live Feed with his Q & A Session ..


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                  How are you feeling?

                  Kevin - I'm feeling pretty good.. I went 86 days... I thought it was a great time, there are a lot of emotions, up and down, I'm feeling great, I think this summer went well, I got along with everybody and I'm feeling pretty good ..

                  He looks over at someone and asks "next?" ...

                  He swipes the iPad and the question is- why do you think you are here right now ...

                  Kevin - I think I'm here right now because I was evicted.. #1 ... #2 is .. you know sometimes it's hard to communicate know they've been together in an alliance.. you know they had Paul, Josh and Christmas, and I think I went as far as I could, without winning any comps... because that's important.. a social game takes you to a certain level, and you have to win some comps, and I wasn't able to, so that's why I think I'm here


                  • #10
                    Who do you feel the most betrayed by?

                    Kevin- I really don't have that kind of animosity... I don't feel like anyone betrayed me, it's a game, everyone is there to try to win, I personally am not that type of person to feel like " oh, Paul betrayed me, Josh betrayed me, Christmas betrayed me" .. they want to win ... they don't want to go into the jury vote, with someone that every one gets along with ... in the jury .. so I feel like it was a good ove on their part... I don't feel any animosity or betrayed by anybody... not anybody at all.. maybe my physical skills.. that's who I'm mad at ....


                    • #11
                      What was your game plan going into the season?

                      Kevin- this is a good question, glad it was asked... my game plan was to come out here and show how physically fit I was... but I believe that was in 1986.. so I missed that one.. so then I had to change my game to a social game... so when I came into the house and met.. you know the other house guests.. 12 were 30 and under... so my age was a big deal.. so I had to work my social game the best I could .. to try to make them not notice me ...


                      • #12
                        Who was your strongest ally in the house

                        Kevin- Paul was my strongest ally in the house.. he helped me get to #4... and he is still my strongest ally and still my friend... all of them are my friends.. but Paul and me were definitely the strongest allies... definitely in my opinion .. and he has to do what he has to do to win ... and he doesn't want to carry me.. and he explained to me that he thinks that all the people in the jury like me.. so he doesn't want to go up.. me and Paul in the F2 .. and he doesn't even have a chance...


                        • #13
                          What will you take away from living in the Big Brother House?

                          Kevin- I will take away that I can't wait to live with my kids... I used to yell at them all the time.. not no more... I think I learned that living with so many people younger than you .. that initially you think that they are going to come in and that it's not going to be no fun... or that they would have attitudes.. but they are really good kids... most of them.. almost all of them were really good and we got along and you learn from them.. they learn from me and you learn that you have to be out there and that you have to be on your own and it gets difficult... you know and some of them are 23 and 21 years old.. so if it's hard for me.. you know that it really has to be difficult for them... you know they had to get along with me too . and I'm older than their parents... I think I learned that and I think I had a great summer


                          • #14
                            What will you do with the $25, 000 that you won?

                            Kevin- I don't think I have a choice in that ... I think Olivia already has that spent.. I would say when you have 6 daughters... I would say that the $25,000 would definitely go to my wife and kids and they will decide what they want to do with that, I don't think I have a choice in it .. I've been here for so long now, when I get home ... it's going to be.. they probably won't even stay... they will take the money and leave... they will be on vacation


                            • #15
                              What was the biggest move you made to get yourself to the F4 ?

                              Kevin- I think the biggest move I made was just being social and getting along with everybody and being quiet. Eventually being quiet .. I did have one little break down ... but we won't discuss that right now .. so I would say being quiet ... and aligning with Paul, he's an excellent player... probably the best player in the house


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