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Live Feed Updates-September 16, 2017-Day 87

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 16, 2017-Day 87

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    Going on now... (nothing). See the Feeds have a new look but they have the wrong time, ET, so it's actually about 6:30 AM BBT.


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      11:35am BBT

      Everyone is up and in the kitchen.


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        Josh - What day is this?

        Paul - Today is the 16th and the finality is the 20th.


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          Paul - Josea (BB18) was a trip; hilarious. He was the 2nd eviction.

          Comparing Josh crying with Big Meech - they both cried so much in there season.

          Josh - I was crying more out of anger and not because I was sad.

          Paul - Big Meech could crack you and cook you on a pan.

          Christmas - your (Josh) comic was very similar to Big Meech's comic last year.

          Now talking about jury house. There was so much fighting in the jury house last year.


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            1:12 PM BBT

            Paul alone in the APSR for just a second ( until Josh walks in ) says to the camera- I think I'm in Final 2.. .


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              We are two hours into the PET CAM .. as we wait for the 2nd part of the 3 part HoH competition to play out


              • #8
                4 1/2 hours...

                ( 2 people are competing ) ...


                • #9
                  5 hours ....

                  Josh - you take it
                  Christmas- no you take it
                  Josh - no... you take it
                  Christmas- no, really you take it

                  ( j/k) ...but seriously... 5 hours..


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                    Still waiting...

                    It's been 6 hours since the competition began


                    • #11
                      Josh won Part 2


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                        Christmas and Josh both telling Paul how frustrating the competition was ...

                        Paul tells them that he was losing his mind, because there was only 2 of them competing and it was taking sooooo long ...

                        Christmas tells Paul that the answers to the questions were easy ... however knocking down the right target.. wasn't ...

                        Christmas talks about how hard it was for her to knock Raven ( picture ) down ...

                        Josh talks about how he had trouble knocking Jillian ( picture ) down ...

                        He said he thought something must be holding it up ...

                        Josh- I timed out on round three...... I panicked. I'm like.... this **** is rigged...

                        Paul- I'm sure they love when you say this ****'s rigged

                        They both said they were crying ... complaining... how hard/frustrating it was...


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                          Paul- You mother****er..... you almost gave me a ****ing heart attack

                          Josh- me too...

                          Josh - I thought I lost ...

                          Paul -you ****

                          Josh - mind ****.. not even drugs would do that to you ...


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                              Paul to Josh - dude, we won...that's it.. it's done.. it doesn't matter what happens in the final comp

                              Paul- I am checked the **** out now

                              Josh- I need wine.. tell them to give us wine. I need wine. I'm requesting it


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