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Live Feed Updates-September 18, 2017-Day 89

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 18, 2017-Day 89

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    3:35 BBT

    All sleeping


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      Flashback to 12:29 AM today BBT ... I have been reading about this all day so thought I'd try to check it out and I finally figured out how the timing works in flashback now that it is almost over

      Christmas just got out of a long DR session
      Josh just going into DR and CHristmas tells him to take his costume
      Paul taking a shower
      Christmas heads outside to the hammock and has a talk with the viewers (I can't do word for word for the most part but can tell you the gist of what was said

      First she says that she is cold
      How many days are left
      Is this Sunday?
      This is worse than when the house was full of people

      I don't know what they are thinking about the final two. They both have a chance to win this but I don't because I failed. I failed miserably in the last comp
      I tried ... I really really tried but it wasn't good enough .. .I fell sooooooo short.
      This will be a successful failure though. I will learn from this.

      Just then Josh comes out the door and asks if she wants pop corn and she says no ... he asks what she is doing and she says she is in the hammock .. .he runs out and leans over the hammock and hugs her and then heads back to the house.


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        When he leaves she continues:
        She doesn't understand how she can be brokenhearted and happy at the same time
        She came into the house broken hearted and she is leaving brokenhearted
        People are going to be disappointed in her
        Yes she is having a pity party but she hasn't had one all season not even about her foot WHICH STILL HURTS so she deserves it

        She doesn't know if she should talk to Josh and Paul together or separate and tell them to take each other to final two and she will be happy with 3rd place
        She wonders if anyone else would have stayed with a broken foot
        will it look like she was brave and stuck it out or will it look like she was just carried throughout the game.

        She is really freaked out
        she doesn't know what will happen when she leaves here
        with her business, with friendship ...

        Josh comes out carrying popcorn and gives her some and lays down with her so conversation is over


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          5:30 ish .. BBT

          Paul practices his F2 Speech ...

          Here's one version.. he changes things here and there as he goes over it ... but this is the main jest of it all ...

          Paul- Houseguests, I know that at some point, each one of you either thought of, wanted to, or tried to get me out of this game. And, it wasn't necessarily because of something that I did... but it was because of who I was, that unleashed punishment upon the house, the only returning vet of the season and the most obvious target throughout the entire game. From the second that I walked through those doors, I was immediately placed at a disadvantage because I was the odd man out. And, instantly I was forced to play a completely different game than all of you. I knew that I had no time to waste, so I started playing immediately.

          First, I omitted certain people from the Friendship bracelets, because everyone knew how I played and who I was. So, I need certainly individuals to show their skills, capabilities and weaknesses. Of course, I didn't want the first HoH, I already had enough enemies in the house, so I needed someone else to take power, and start creating enemies for themselves, which is exactly what they did. sorry Cody.

          After that, my HoH win was seemingly perfect, I set the example of always having a house target, and having the numbers to set a goal, After that, everyone pretty much asked for my advice, which means that I pretty much controlled every single HoH from that point forward. The two HoH's that I didn't control, I controlled the outcome. I was the one that flipped the house to keep Christmas and I was the one to flip the house to keep Josh.

          After surviving the first double eviction, I knew that the pool for the house target, started to shrink. So, I needed to change up my strategy , and I did. I perfectly positioned myself between three pairs, Jalex, Joshmas and Maven. I knew, at that point, I didn't have to win anything. Instead, I had certain people win, and then all the pairs started to take shots at one another, instead of obviously taking a shot at me. So, I jumped from one side to one side, avoiding the fire, and getting myself to the top, with the final remaining pair, which was Josh and Christmas.

          From that point on, I knew I had to win myself to the end and I did. I won the most important HoH, which secured my spot in the Final 3 and I won the most important Veto, which secured who came to the Final 3 with me. And, then I won Part 1 and Part 3 of the Final HoH, which secured my spot right here.. and again it was me who chose who came with me.

          Tallying me up with 10 competition wins. And, every single time I won HoH, I also won the Veto that came with it, which means, when I was in Power, I was in FULL control of my week. I worked my ass off day after day in this game, not only as the biggest threat, not only as the most obvious target.

          I made a lot of decisions that no one wanted to make and I carried a whole lot of weight in this game. But, I still fought myself to this point right here, without even touching the block, one single time. And, that's not with luck, and that's not with Friendship, that's by playing the hell of Big Brother, which is exactly what I came back here to do.

          Thank You.

          Paul- guys, I think that is pretty dank, for sure Josh has no speech.

          Paul- hopefully, I don't run out of time and sound like a **** ass.

          Paul- guys, I guess I will just cry if I don't win, I don't know what else to do. I really hope I win man, I worked really hard this season, c'mon Paul, one more comp left.


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            New Article on the Home Page HERE

            Josh, Christmas and Paul ... Talk about their F2 Plans ...


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              7:02 PM BBT

              Paul tells Christmas and Josh that he still plans on designing a shirt to represent Raven and give her 100% of the sales ... for her pacemaker, or eggs, or whatever she needs it for ...


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                They are all outside on the hammock together .. so no game talk ... just chit chat about business, travel, etc.

                ( I"m actually out for the night, had a really hard night with my mom last night, too much to explain, but I'm wiped out .. if anyone wants to jump in, if any game talk happens, the help is always greatly appreciated ) ....


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