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Big Brother Summer Season Renewed - Season 19 and 20

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  • Big Brother Summer Season Renewed - Season 19 and 20

    Big Brother has been renewed for two more summer seasons!

    Here's all the details - CBS Press Release ...

    Like what we do here?

    Want it to continue?

    A great way to help make sure that happens, is by making a donation via our PayPal account. It's a safe, secure, easy way to help support all that we do here all summer ( and now fall ) long.

    We'd love to bang it out with you .... but we can't do it without your help.

    Thanks for any support : )

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    From Julie Chen's Instagram...


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      We know you miss this, and we do too, but it\'s okay, Julie\'s coming back. Big Brother premieres Wednesday, June 28 at 8/7c. Only CBS


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        Lexie Donation made! I don't know why, but PayPal doesn't let us put notes on the payments anymore so we can't add our user name :/


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          Thanks for your donation, NicChick. Yeah, PayPal ditched the ''Notes'' section a while back. Just drop Lexie a line at [email protected] and she'll fix you up. Be sure to tell her the name and/or email address you use for PayPal and the amount of your donation.

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        Thanks so much NicChick.... we appreciate your support of BBU!!!


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