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Nick Uhas on this season of AGT

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  • Nick Uhas on this season of AGT

    Kenny, check your email for a link to the AGT commercial and a pic.

    Have you seen this? A promo for the new season of America's Got Talent featuring my BB15 F4 pick, Nick Uhas.
    Looks like something along the lines of his "Nickopedia" stuff.
    Man, I sure thought he had the makings to go all the way that season, but the MC was doomed from the start.

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    Personally, I have seen the promo and I watch AGT every season. Watched the premiere and it was great. Nick hasn't been on yet. Honestly, when I saw the promo a couple weeks back, I was like, "that guy looks so familiar" but didn't realize it was Nick until you mentioned it.

    Here is the AGT promo that you sent me the link to...


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      Nick's performance on America's Got Talent aired last night and here it is...


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        I was actually watching AGT last night for just a bit and when he ( Nick ) came on.... I was like I know that guy... but it wasn't until they actually said his name that I was like.... OH ... that's how I know that guy. What he did was interesting from a science point of view, but I don't think he'll get to the end and the million. But it was cool watching.


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          I agree, Lexie. No way he'll win the $1 million with all the other great talent on that show this year! Did you see that little girl singing?!!! OMGoodness! When she opened her mouth I couldn't believe that was coming out of her little 9 y/o body!!

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