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1st Spoiler, and BB hasn't even aired yet!!

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  • 1st Spoiler, and BB hasn't even aired yet!!

    Looks like someone is gonna take a temptation during the premier. Then, on Thursday, someone is gonna get Glenned out of the house.

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    I hate it when someone gets evicted before we get to see them.


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      Ditto and we know it will be the Daddy again. 😡. Oh, Kevin, we hardly knew ye!

      Counting the beds shown, weren't quite enough for everyone though I know they've use Have Not room for initial over flow.

      Wonder what the Have Not room will be. Guessing no bumper cars or trampolines.


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        BettyBoo Maybe their beds will be something like this in the have-not room minus the head and foot boards (and just like pictured, no mattress, of course)! LOL

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          Yeah Natalie and Paulie could hide in there and after giggling, she could accuse him of improper advances. (Yeah, Nat stills bugs me)
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        You know... not that I'd ever go on the show... but if I did.. that would be my luck - off before I'm actually on.


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          #same Lexie LOL


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            When you're Glenn or expected BB19 pre-castoff, you become like Richie and Joanie Cunningham 's older brother, Chuck. Gone after the initial first show to live in exile with Mike from My Three Sons. But hey, Exile occasionally adds a child to the cast, like Sondra on Cosby Show (there were only 4 kids in first episode). The TV gods giveth and taketh away.


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              This cast should be grateful the entire house was redone after the pigs of 18. Remember all the "stuff" BBOTT were finding in their season? Eew, eew, eew. I lived in dorms with dozens of gurls using the same bathroom and it wasn't that nasty.


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                So My Sunday 7/2 listing says-

                "Viewers vote on which houseguest they would like to send in to the Den of Temptation to be enticed by a potentially game-changing offer."

                Den of Temptation?

                ETA-Ah Yes, I see now it was in the press release. I am still getting caught up.
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