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anyone else like Cody?

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  • anyone else like Cody?

    Does anyone else like Cody besides me? I feel like him and alex are respectfully(sometimes) the most transparent players in the game and aren't two faced in the house. And does everyone in the world like Paul and I'm just missing something or do others see him as smug as well? I see polls that say people went Jody out more than anyone else but how is that the consensus? I feel like there is a fake news agenda and trying to push public opinion favorable to Paul. if it's not favorable to Paul then it's definitely trying to make it unfavorable to Jody. Unless they are total aholes and I'm an ahole too and can't see it.

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    I do not like Cody or Jessica. I did not like Cody from the first TV episode and have found him cold, dictatorial, arrogant, and more detestable the more I have seen him on the show and the live feeds. I find him to be someone I could never trust after he blindsided people who thought they were on his team - much too early to be doing that. I was indifferent toward Jessica at first but her main role has been to be Cody's bed tool. She's been pretty much useless as a player otherwise. My opinion of her is that she is a prima dona diva who expects to be awarded whatever she wants. It's not that I like Paul that much. I find him crass and overbearing most of the time. But, in comparison, give me Paul over the Jody duo.


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      ^^^ this...every word!

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    It is clear and unambiguous to EVERYBODY and myself that Paul is Prod’s favorite this year.

    Cody did EXACTLY what any superfan should have done…..go after the returnee’s. His desired outcome was spot on.
    Although his execution of the plan is being criticized that it could have been better (by keeping the couples in the loop), I believe I stand alone is saying it was perfect…and here is why –

    Fact – The real flaw on any HG’s part is they assume they are playing against 15 other HG’s. LOLOL, silly rookies. They forget that their biggest enemy is Prod/DR.
    Fact – Cody is a fan of Evel Dick. For those who are not a fan of ED, you have to know what ED did on his season to fight Prod interference. ED would wait til about less than an hour before the live show to reveal his true plan of who he wanted to save from eviction by making a deal with them (I keep you if you vote my way). He would also make 2 week deals with HG’s to insure the vote went his way. This gives Prod absolutely ZERO time to influence the HG’s to change their vote.
    Fact – Cody has made it perfectly clear that he hates Paul because he KNOWS that Paul made it to the end of the game and it had nothing to do with “friendship.”
    Fact – Cody knows BB 101…always get out the returnees when possible cuz a returnee almost always wins.

    Now, look at how Cody executed his plan
    1 – he kept the couples in the dark (preventing DR interference).
    2 – he threw the POV to Alex to build trust later.
    3 – he made deals with Jason and Alex just hours BEFORE the POV Ceremony (ED no DR interference plan).

    This should have been the best Blindside/Week 1 in BB history…but then enter the “PoP”

    Yes, I am an ED Fan and have subscribed to his recap show for the past several years. This is why what Cody did last week is so clear to me.

    No @haberger0n , you are not we are


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      I don't really like Cody, he's so cold and stoic. But I do find myself rooting for him because he's the underdog and I hate Paul. I love that he made a play for Paul / I really wish it would've worked. And I detest the part of this game that alliances work like a democracy and every decision has to be run past everyone and agreed on. I love when someone uses their HOH to do whatever they want and not just whatever their team expects from them. I hope he comes back in and wreaks havoc!


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        I definitely am for Cody over Paul. This season, Paul was on my very last nerve by the time he had been in the house one hour. And, I do like Jessica more than I thought I would.


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          Yes, I do like Cody. From what I understand he is stoic for a reason. What the real reason is, I have no idea. Most seem to say it comes from his time in the military. That makes a lot of sense to me. My cousin was a forward spotter for the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. When he returned from active duty he was a lot like Cody. It took a long time and a lot of therapy to return my cousin to the funny outgoing person he was before the war. And while most do not like Cody making decisions, he stated all his decisions were his own, that no others were involved. In doing that Cody did all he could to protect his team. If the team does not see that, everything is on them, not Cody. Cody lives with a different set of experiences than general society but general society could not do and be what he was in the Marine Corps. I really liked the Cody that interviewed with Julie, that person was intelligent and very fast to process given information. Now do I agree with everything he has done? No way.


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            I think now that Cody has learned the error of his arrogance he could become a half decent player. However the problem is that all of these people have been watching BB for so long they lie convincingly to your face and then go behind your back and stab you. I know it is part of the game but so far it has been all working in Paul's favour. Keeping Josh over Ramses was stupid. Ramses was a man without a country, why didn't they take out someone as arrogant as Josh and then work on incorporating Ramses into your alliance, because they don't think strategically and just wanted to hurt Jessica and Cody's game. With Jessica announcing that she has the power to keep Cody and herself safe that means Mark and Elena are on the block this week. So one of the four need to win POV this week and take one off the block. Paul would then have no course of action than to put up one of his alliance members. So that means that either Alex or Josh is going up. They could put up Kevin in the hopes that they would make sure that Mark and Elena are split up, but Kevin is just as likely to be going home so Paul probably won't take that chance.


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              I think Paul is going to put up Cody/Jessica to pull out the Hex. He thinks if they can not be nominated, he will do Mark/Elena. They can be nominated, can be on the block Thursday, but can not go home. There is no way one of the other side ends up on the block this week.

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